My ex calls the shots

It had been about a year since I had broken up with my ex, and I hadn ‘t been able to sleep with another woman since then. My fantasies of her became stronger every night. She was aggressive in bed, willing to experiment with different things, and loved being slapped and called a slut while we were intimate. She had been the best I had ever had, and I couldn ‘t stand not having her sexually anymore. Finally, it became too much, and I had decided to text her, a simple “Hey, how are you?” A couple of minutes later, my phone began to ring. It was her. She seemed a lot colder than usual, but I told myself it was due to not speaking to each other for a year. We made some small talk, and I suggested we meet up. She asked where, and I suggested we meet at her place. She paused for a bit, and then agreed. I told her I ‘d be there in 30 minutes and hung up.

On my way there, I thought about our past relationship. I hadn ‘t slept with another woman since I had broken up with her, but I prepared myself for the fact that she had probably had another partner. She was a sex addict, and I doubted she had waited a year for me to come back. I arrived at her place and knocked on the door. She opened it, looking better than the visions of her I had been jacking off to for a year. She invited me in, and we caught up with each other ‘s lives for a bit. When that was done, I told her how I felt, how I wanted her back. She remained quiet the whole time I was talking, and even after I finished. To break the silence, I got up and kissed her. Taking a chance, I grabbed her hand and started leading her to her bedroom. Thankfully, she followed me.

Once we were in her room and the door was closed, I was kissing her, taking off her clothes and pulling off mines. I lay on the bed, letting her climb on top of me, enjoying the feeling of her naked body, of me entering her. I held her hips to control the speed she was riding me, preferring to take it slow. Her kisses seemed less passionate than before, more reserved, but I told myself that would pass as we got closer with time. Still letting me control her speed with my hands on her hips, she asked me if I really hadn ‘t slept with anyone since her. I nodded. She grinned as she started riding me harder and said, “I have.”

The words hurt, but I was finding it harder to think with her riding me so aggressively. I decided to just enjoy the feeling of her on top of me, and moved my hands up to her breasts, thinking maybe she would let me finish all over her chest. She started riding me even harder, and I moved my hands from her breasts to firmly grip her ass. While she was still on top of me, I sat up to kiss her and whisper in her ear how good it felt having her fuck me and how tight she was, but before I could kiss her she pushed me so I was still lying with my back on the bed. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “I want to start fucking my ex-boyfriend.”

That floored me. In our relationship, we had a few troubles over her ex-boyfriends. About a week or two after we started dating, we had a fight and broke up. I had gone clubbing, and she had decided to get back at me by fucking her ex. We had gotten back together eventually, but around Christmas time she had confessed to me that she was talking to another of her exes online. I had always made her feel guilty over these incidents, could I know let her sleep with one of them?

We had also spoken about a dream I had once, of having her fuck other guys. We had even started talking about making it a reality, but one of the rules was she could never sleep with one of her exes. The talk had never resulted in anything happening, but I had been willing to let her do it. This was different, though; I hated her exes, and I wasn ‘t about to agree to let her fuck one of them. My ex-girlfriend could clearly see I was ready to shoot her down. “No? Then fine,” she said, starting to climb off of me.

“Wait, I ‘ll let you do it.” I was broken. I couldn ‘t refuse, not if it meant not having her body anymore. I was an addict, and if it meant letting her fuck her exes to have her, I ‘d do it. She smiled as she climbed back on top of me, clearly happy with my decision. I was blocking out the thoughts of what she would be doing with her former loves by losing myself in the mind-numbing pleasure of having her bounce up and down on my cock, until she said, “Well, since only I ‘m allowed to fuck other people, when I ‘m busy fucking around, you ‘ll just have to jack off when you ‘re horny and wait until I ‘m done with them.” I had used almost those exact words to sell her on the idea of sleeping with others, telling her I ‘d jack off whenever she was busy with others, knowing full well how much it had turned her on when she knew I was masturbating. How ironic now she was using my words to make fun of me now that she had me in the palm of her hand.

I was trying so hard to contain my load, I couldn ‘t even answer her. Finally, I moaned and shot deep inside of her. It felt so good after one year, I knew I had made the right choice. Without a word, my ex sat up, grabbed a towel and stepped into the washroom and took a shower. When she got out, I got to enjoy watching her naked body as she dried herself off , and tried to make some small talk. My ex wasn ‘t interested, though. She said she was tired, and wanted to take a nap. The key to let myself out was on the table, she told me, in case I got bored of waiting for her to wake up. I took the hint, took a shower by myself, and headed home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about how our relationship was going to be from now on. It seemed the message was loud and clear: she could do whatever she pleased, and if I didn ‘t like it, I should keep it to myself. I decided to let her sleep, and call her at night. When I did call, she took a while to pick up her phone. “Hello?”

“Hey babe, how are you?” I asked. “Get good sleep?” “Wait,” she said, and I could her tell someone else she was going to the bathroom and she would be right back. A few seconds later she asked, “What do you want?”

“Just to talk,” I answered. “What are you up to?” She answered rudely, “I ‘m at the movies with my ex, we just finished watching and I ‘m going back to his place now.”

I was shocked. I wanted to ask if she was seriously going to sleep with him, but the tone of her voice told me all I needed to know. All I could bring myself to ask was, “Which ex?”

“None of your business,” came the reply, and she hung up. I tried calling her back, but she had turned off her cell. I didn ‘t bother leaving her voicemail. I had dug myself into this hole by leaving her, and I had to deal with the consequences. I had been horny too, and had hoped she was up for some phone sex. Apparently, she had been up for a whole lot more than phone sex. I sighed, thinking to myself, I ‘ve been jacking off for a year, one more night shouldn ‘t kill me.

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