My husband, My Bitch!

I guess I was a bit wild when I was younger but I thought I had it all out of my system when I met my husband. I was 25, he was 30. He had a nice job, he really worshiped me and he was very stable. He didn’t pressure me for sex until about two months after we started dating and after the first time I could see why, he wasn’t very well endowed! He tried hard but when you don’t have the equipment you just don’t have it. He was perfect in every other sense so I thought I could learn to be satisfied.

It didn’t take long after we got married that I found out I just missed having a nice big cock in me and six months after we our wedding night I ran into an old boyfriend while my husband was out of town and went back to his apartment. It was so wonderfull, he was huge and very aggressive, two things my husband was not. I spent the night with him and I could hardly walk for two days afterward.

When my husband came home he was horny so I let him have sex with me but I could hardly feel him inside. He came but I wasn’t nearly satisfied so I told him to go down on me, this he was always good at but it still wasn’t good enough. I made him get a toy out that I liked and between his mouth and it I finally came. Later I admitted to him that while I loved him, I just needed more than he could offer. I could tell he was crushed but he asked what was I going to do. I told him that I had slept with an old boyfriend and I planned on seeing him again.

A few days went by and my husband finally got up the courage to talk to me about what I had told him. He said he forgave me for having sex with the old boyfriend and begged me not to do it again. I told him that I was going out with the guy that night and if he didn’t like it I would move out. He started crying and said he didn’t want to lose me. I don’t know why that turned me on so much but as I sat there I started playing with myself, him on his knees begging an crying. I pulled off my panties and pulled his head to my pussy, his tear drenched face buried between my legs I told him about how I was going to go out and fuck tonight and if he wanted me to stay with him he would wait at home for me. I came harder than I had ever done in my life!

I dressed and went out, leaving my husband standing at the door with a beaten, wounded puppy look on his face. I met Larry at a bar and we drank and danced untill closing. We didn’t even make it back to his house! We got into his car in the parking lot and I pulled his big cock out and sucked it as we drove, I was drunk and tired and told him to drop me off at my house. We pulled into our garage and closed the door, I was on top of him before it hit the bottom feeling his massive cock enter my pussy I came immediatly! He went at me hard, lifting me up and down until he emptied himself into me. I looked up and saw my husband watching, I smiled at him and picked up my clothes. Larry left and I walked into the house naked, feeling Larry’s cum dripping down my legs.

My husband, John, followed me inside picking my clothes up as I dropped them on the floor. I sat on the couch and he stood in front of me. Eat me bitch! Lick my pussy clean or call me a cab! He stood there shocked, frozen, not moving a muscle. But you just had sex with another man! Do it now I commanded and opened my legs exposing my cum soaked pussy. He started crying again but got on his knees and put his face close to my pussy lips. I could tell he was revolted by the thought of having to do this but I didn’t care, I pulled his head between my legs and he started working on me, gagging a little at first but he didn’t stop. I must have passed out soon after and awoke the next morning with John asleep on the floor next to me. I pulle down his pants and used him, letting him cum inside of me. Strangely his cock felt bigger and I enjoyed it.

I have many lovers now and John had accepted his role as my bitch. Sometimes I bring the guys over and let John watch or eat me while their cocks are going in and out and sometimes I leave for the night or weekend with them and leave John home. We always have great sex after one of my encounters, something about screwing hung guys makes me enjoy my husbands small cock, for a little while anyway.

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