My Husband’s Friends and I

My husband has a number of friends, but he is very thick with two of them. Their names are Mohit and Harish. Both are tall and handsome. We three families keep visiting one another. Sometimes Harish and Mohit visit us and stay till late in the night, drinking, playing cards and just chatting. Whenever they play cards, I am invited to join them in order to make it two pairs of players. On each my husband insists on my wearing one my sexy night suits. And when I play cards, although I concentrate on the cards, I am always aware of the gazes of Mohit and Harish which are keep returning to my bosom largely visibly from my low neck line and through the flimsy nightie. I always enjoy their peering down at my bust.

Once my husband had to go to another city on his official tour and he would not come back for a week. It was the second evening of his absence from home when the door bell rang. I opened the door and found both Harish and Mohit standing there. I told them that my husband, Sudhir was out of station. They told me that they knew it and came in and sat on the sofas in the sitting room. I sat on the sofa opposite theirs. At that time I was wearing a pink sari with a blouse having a plunging neck line. As I sat opposite them I saw that they were staring at my bosom unabashedly. I blushed a little but did nothing to avoid their gaze and let the upper end of my sari slip from shoulders, revealing more of me.

Suddenly, Mohit said, “Bhabhiji, your breasts are beautiful”. I thanked him and got up saying that I would prepare tea for them. But Harish caught me by the arm and dragged me on the sofa and made me sit between them. Mohit kissed me on the cheeks and Harish started pressing my boobs. I struggled to get up, but they pushed me back. Now Mohit turned my face towards him and kissed me deep on the lips. At the same time, Harish started unbuttoning my blouse. My heard was palpitating and I once again tried to push both of them away. While doing so my hand accidentally touched Mohit’s fly and I felt his cock to have been aroused. By this time, by blouse had been removed and now Mohit took the lead and rid me of my bra. My milky white boobs were free and both of them started pressing them. Then Mohit again started kissing me while Harish was sucking my boobs. By now I had stopped protesting and was stroking their cocks. Seeing that I had been aroused, they caught me by the hands, made me stand and loosened my Sari, letting it fall on the floor. Then they undid my petticoat and finally my underwear. Then they came out of their clothes and we three were completely naked. Now it was my turn to stare at them. Both of them had huge and thick cocks. They embraced me, Harish from the front and Mohit from the back. I felt their hard cocks pressing against my love triangle and my ass. Now I was no longer diffident and was kissing them passionately.

Now both of them lifted me in their arms and took me to the bed room. They laid me on the bed and lay on either side of me, kissing me, sucking my boobs and playing with pussy. At the same time I had one cock in each hand and was squeezing them. Then Mohit got up, came in front of me, spread my legs and inserted his huge cock into my waiting pussy. And Harish put his cock into my hand and also played with breasts. Mohit started making vigorous thrusts and I was in the seventh heaven with pleasure.

After Mohit had fucked me for some time, he took out his cock and Harish rode me. He too fucked me with gusto, make me scream with joy. To my surprise I found myself saying loudly, “Fuck me, oh fuck me hard. Oh, your cock is much longer and harder than my husband’s thing.”

Then Harish took out his cock and we lay in sixty-nine position, with he sucking my pussy and I sucking his rod and Mohit sucking my boobs. Then Harish briefly sucked my vagina. After that he lay on his back I straddled his cock. Next they made me sit on my knees and Mohit entered me from behind while Harish put his cock into mouth. Then Harish said to Mohit, “Let us fuck her together.” Now Mohit again lay on his back and asked me to ride his rod. While I did this, Harish reached behind me and entered his cock in my ass. Now I had two cocks inside me. They fucked me for half an hour in that pose.

After that they stopped fucking me that position. Now Harish sat on an armless chair and I sat in his lap with his cock deed inside me. This act was repeated by Mohit. They kept me fucking for more than two hours and I was fucked in positions I had not even dreamed of.

My husband came home after a week. But during his absence, Mohit and Harish visited me every night and fucked me for the whole nights. My husband came but now fucking by him no longer gave me any pleasure. These days, whenever my husband is out of the city, his two faithful friends come and fuck me.

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