My night in Heaven

My heart beats faster and faster, the bathroom light goes off and the door opens.;

I know tonight is going to be unusual. My wife has never been much for surprising me, but things are different now. She is different now. Sexy and Hot…in touch with her inner bad girl. Am I going to get the full bad girl treatment tonight? I don’t know but can only hope.

I am at work with instructions to not go home after I am done, but to await further instructions. Intrigue has taken me. I have conversations with many people throughout the day, but really can only think of her and what she is up to. I have about an hour’s worth of work still to be done when I get my instructions. “You don’t need to be anywhere until a little after 6. Go home, relax, eat some dinner and await further instructions.” This one threw me for a loop. We are meeting somewhere around 6pm, but it is not for dinner. Will I see her before 6pm, what should I wear.;.what could she possibly be doing for the next 3hrs? I ask for clarification.;no I will not be seeing her and she has picked out a shirt for me to wear.;that is it.

My mind is jumping from place to place trying to figure this out.;but I know that is not going to happen. She just has not given me enough clues. It could be anything. My open house slows down and nobody comes by during my final 30 minutes. Good thing as I am not sure I could have a normal conversation with anyone anyway.

I arrive home around 4:30.;.90 minutes to wait. Eat dinner? I don’t think so, the butterflies in my stomach will not allow it. I go back to the bedroom, lay down and turn on the TV. I am hoping for a distraction.;anything that will make the hour and a half go by more quickly. My phone buzzes.;it’s another text. I hope it is from her. I reach for my phone and drop it on the floor. I hadn’t even noticed my hands getting sweaty. “6:15 come to the Good Nite Inn. Text me when you park and I’ll help you find the room.” My heart begins to race.;what is she doing for the next 90 minutes.;what am I going to do. I need a cocktail. I pour myself a rum and coke and lay back in bed. I have to adjust myself as my cock strains to be released. 90 more minutes.;really!!! I open up the laptop and decide to watch a little porn. The combination of porn, alcohol and anticipation actually have the opposite effect you think it would. I become completely soft. What is going on, I am going to have to be at the top of my game and my partner is not playing along. I continue to watch, but all I can think about is her and all these other women are just poor substitutes and are actually bringing me down. I close my computer and go back to watching TV. Olympic Cross country.;now that is exciting. Each minute seems like 30 as I roll around taking turns staring at the clocks on either side of my bed.

Finally it is 5:45 and I can at least start to get ready. I throw on my clothes.;the shirt she picked out and a nice pair of black slacks and my black leather jacket. I fix myself a second cocktail and sit on the bed. It is 5:50. What!!! That only took 5 minutes? Ugh. The hotel is only 10 minutes from my house, which means I have another 15 minutes before I can leave. I down my second cocktail and pour a third, each minute now seeming like an hour. My cock is still not playing nice even as my mind races. I am not taking any chances and run to the bathroom to take a little blue pill. I have about 10 left and only use them on special occasions when I really want to make sure the night lasts and lasts. I pop it in my mouth and down it with the last sip of my drink. This was definitely one of those nights.

Finally it is time to go. I rush out the door and jump in my car. I make the short trip to the hotel in record time. Thank god I did not get pulled over as I had to be going 85 mph.;and after a few drinks as well. I am pretty sure even if I did get pulled over, I could get out of a ticket just by telling the officer where I was going.;and it being Valentine’s Day and all.

I arrive a few minutes early. It is kind of a seedy hotel next to the freeway. There are young people hanging around the parking lot talking to what seemed like random people in random cars. I wonder if there are drug deals going on. It is that kind of place. I get out of the car, take a few deep breaths and text her that I am here. “Do you see the two palm trees right next to each other?” . ;”Yes”.;” There is a staircase to the right. Go upstairs and down the hall to room 226.” I proceed up the stairs, pass a poorly dressed dirty man smoking a cigarette, and head down the hallway. Half the hallway bulbs are out but I can still see the chipped paint on the walls and stains on the carpet. This is a dirty place…where dirty things happen. My mind continues to race…wondering what exactly is in store for me.

I am confused and go down the wrong hallway…”SHIT!” I make my way back and through another set of hallway doors. There it is…room 226 is on my left, just a few more yards down the hall. The door is slightly ajar and there is a note taped to it with my name on it. I peel it from the door and open it. “Come in and sit down. Do not say a word”

I open the door.;…

Part 2

The room, lit only by candles has a dark and smoldering feel. The sounds of Kings of Leon fill the room. What was once a standard boring low rent room had been transformed. A red satin sheet adorns the bed and beautiful white fabric has been laid across the coffee table. My excitement rises with each step into this den of desire created just for me. A single chair has been placed in the middle of the room and a note has been placed on it. “Your drink is in the refrigerator. Sit down. No talking. No touching!”

I take my seat and take a deep breath. As the music continues to play I take in my surroundings, noticing two chocolate covered strawberries on the table. A small sliver of light sneaks out under the bathroom door. My real valentines present surely lies behind that door. The song ends.

My heart beats faster and faster, the bathroom light goes off and the door opens.

I take in another deep breath and out steps a vision of pure passion and sin. She was simply breathtaking. My eyes are immediately drawn to hers and hers to mine. She slowly walks towards me. I try to keep eye contact, but I can’t. My eyes scan down her entire body and back up again. An untucked white button down dress shirt and red tie lay softly across her chest. A black skintight miniskirt hugs her ass. Her long legs are partially concealed by an incredibly sexy pair of white fishnet thigh highs. A HOT pair of 5 inch platform pumps complete the outfit.

My breathing gets deeper and deeper. She takes a few steps and pauses so my eyes can examine every inch of her…and I do. Am I dreaming? Is this a mirage? She stares seductively at me and I notice my cock has become rock hard. I cannot stop smiling as she begins to move closer and closer. Her hips sways back and forth with every step. She stops about 6 inches in front of me. My arms at my sides, my palms sweaty, I grip the side of the chair so hard it hurts. I don’t want to make eye contact. I am under strict instructions and am feeling very subservient. I feel her eyes boring through me with intense desire as I scan her body.

Her hand touches my chest and moves over my right shoulder as she walks behind me. I grip the chair even tighter as her chest rubs against the back of my head. Her body begins to move to the rhythm of the music….her fingers moving through my hair as she pulls my head into her bulging breasts. Moving back in front of me she sits on my lap and starts to grind. Her ass moving forward and backward against me. I am so hard I could fuck her right through my pants. She turns and squats in front of me. I tilt my head back as she starts kissing my bulging member and rubbing her hands on my chest. Slowly, she begins unbuttoning my shirt as she continues do dance. After 3 or 4 she stops and moves away. It is her turn to take something off. As the tie slips over her head, she moves to the corner of the bed. Her legs open and reveal her moist panties. As she puts one end of the tie in her mouth, she takes the other end and begins stroking her wet pussy. My heart and mind move into another dimension. I need to taste her juices and am dying to get up, but I can’t…won’t. She moves onto all fours and continues to rub while hiking up her skirt. Her ass stares me in the face and her fingers move up and down her pussy. Oh my god this woman is fucking HOT!!!

I take a sip of my cocktail as she stands up and comes back over to me. She unbuttons and removes the rest of my shirt revealing my erect nipples…her tongue flicking them as my shirt falls to the floor. I am so ready to take this woman, I just can’t stand it. She backs away again and begins unbuttoning her shirt. Her amazing 36C breasts are now only slightly covered by a sexy white corset. The skirt hits the floor at about the same time as my chin. Dressing in all white with a pair of clear fuck me pumps. My cock is ready to jump out of my pants. She straddles my legs, her breasts at eye level. She teases me momentarily and then pushed my face into her. My lips touch her milky skin for the first time. I exhale a long breath bury my head into her. I kiss every inch and run my tongue between her exposed breasts. She moves down between my legs and unzips my pants. No sooner has my cock bounced out that she engulfs it with her mouth. Again, I grip the chair with force and throw my head back as my she slowly moves up and down on my member. Thank god I have had a few drinks or I would have already blown my load down her throat.

She gets up and moves over to the couch and crawls up on her knees. She bends over again exposing her now soaking wet panties. She starts rubbing them with her fingers, slowly pulling her panties to the side to show me her lips. As i sit there stroking myself her fingers slip inside. Moving slowly at first I match her rhythm with my own. Faster and faster she goes, alternating between finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit. I can see the juices running down her leg. I really can’t stand this much longer. She come over and puts her fingers in my mouth and I lick the sweet nectar. Her tongue enters my mouth as she wants to taste to. She kisses me long and hard. Sick of the rules I reach around and grab her ass and pull her on top of me. Her juices now dripping down my cock. She rubs herself against me as our kiss seems to last forever.

She grabs my hand and leads me towards the bed…

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