My night with a New York escort

If you like me live in the London you may believe that we have the best escorts. I felt the same until I had the pleasure to visit the Big Apple. I found that New York escorts are very willing to please, I find the accent and how open minded they are a real big turn on and like many American’s they just can’t do enough to help you.

On my recent visit I stayed at the The Four Seasons Hotel an ideal location to meet Manhattan escorts, I booked an out call to my hotel and was most pleased when the New York escort arrived at my room. To describe her as being hot, might be an understatement, this lady was super hot and was I pleased that I was in New York, You bet I was! What hit me first I noticed about her was her body. This was as near perfect as you can get it. She was class all the way, this babe was a true New York escort who only see to the finest, most discerning of international clients. Her ass was so so tight and firm, we talking a real fit babe here, and yet her boobs were so big I actually thought she might fall over by being so off balance. Dressed in a skin tight black skirt that showed her amazing tanned legs with a black low cut top which displayed her boobs perfectly. Her body was superb and when it come to her face, she was even more beautiful than the New York escort agencies Site that I had booked her from; I don�t know how this was possible, but she was! Her make up highlighted her fine cheekbones to give a really sexy glow. When she smiled her mouth widened and her blue eyes sparkled with a mischief that I couldn�t quite put my finger on; until later in the evening that is!

The night started with us talking about the sights I had seen so far in New York, while sharing a glass or two of bubble, she then started asking me about what I like to do with a woman. When I told her I liked to watch stripping, she stood in front of me and dropped the front of her dress in an instant to show me her huge boobs! They looked superb, firm and large, what more can a man ask for… It took her only a few more minutes to get out of her dress and take me to bed. I was by now certainly very horny and from her body language she was too, Maybe even more so than me! What a super night it was and maybe one of the best ever. They say they New York City never sleeps and as they say when in New York do as the New Yorkers do. If you ever get the chance please do try and visit New York, it’s a fantastic city and with some super hot escorts.

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