My Second Woman Part 2

Later that morning after some wonderful sex in different positions we were lying naked together on my bed….

As we lay on the bed together and I played with June’s soft milky breasts and stroked her belly and of course moved my hand down towards her vagina, she slowly masturbated my penis with her hand and we started to talk.

I started to ask June about her sex life with John I wanted to know details of how married people fucked, how often, in what position and so on.
As I had just cum in her vagina and my sperm was still in her, and as she had her hips raised up to prevent any of my sperm running out from her vagina, I was sure she would discuss John and her sex life with him.

June told me that John was not the first man to fuck her but her boss, Ian, at the chemist shop where she had worked had been the man to take her virginity.
June was 18 at the time that she was first penetrated and she told me that Ian had seduced her in the shop one evening when they were stock taking. She told me that she was a 34 B cup bra at that time and Ian had made it clear that he wanted her.
She said that Ian had the largest penis she had ever seen or had in her, it was a good 8 inches in length and very thick

June said that her first time with Ian had he had been very gentle with his cock. He had lubricated June’s vagina lips with baby oil and her vagina with plenty of KY jelly. He had then finger fucked her with one, then two and then, three fingers, without breaking through her hymen.
He had played with June’s clitoris and slowly aroused her so that the entrance of his huge penis into her virginal vagina would be a satisfying experience and sexually fulfilling experience for her. June said that he was a master at breast play and her nipples had erected to the largest she had ever seen.
After about half an hour of breast play and lubricating her vagina and arousing her clitoris Ian had slowly let her guide the head of his huge penis into her swollen and ripe vagina until she could feel his penis head against her hymen.

He had stopped with his penis head against her hymen and then kissed her and with his tongue deep in her mouth had pushed his penis through her hymen and taken her virginity.
June told me that as he broke through her hymen he had another 3 inches of penis still to push deep into her vagina and although there was some short pain as he broke the hymen the feeling of having his cock in her was wonderful.
She told me that she actually had an orgasm on her very first vaginal penetration.
Ian was not circumcised and June told me that her vagina got to know his penis very very well.
He would fuck June every evening until she came. She began to need and want the sexual stimulation every day. As Ian had a lot of sex experience he taught June all the erotic tricks and positions for fucking and how to orgasm properly.
As it was a chemist Ian had access to all the birth control and sex stimulation drugs so June never had to worry about pregnancy and he always had a hard stiff cock.

Ian had taught June a lot about sex and had made sure that June was ready and able to please her boyfriends when she wanted some different penis in her.
June learned how to take oral and anal sex with Ian. She said that Ian’s penis was a bit too thick for her for pleasant anal sex unless she was very aroused but that my more modest 7 inches would be just about perfect.
She said that she really liked sex in doggy style and we would practice that a lot. I had never had it that way before and it was and is a wonderful fuck style.

When June was 21 she met John. At about the same the same time Ian had taken on a new assistant as well as June. June told me that Ian was a fanatically obsessed breast man and June was only a 34 B cup at that time.
Ian had told her that he loved and was obsessed with big breasts.(Just like I am)

His new blonde assistant, Cynthia, who was 19 at the time had 36 DD breasts and June knew that soon Ian would soon be fucking Cynthia.

June decided to leave the chemist and started to work in one of the banks.
She could not bear to watch as Ian seduced Cynthia and finally took Cynthia’s virginity. She had seen Cynthia naked once, her breasts were magnificent and her vagina was totally shaven and pouted as though inviting a penis to enter. June said she realized that Ian and his huge penis were lost to her for the time being.

Shortly after starting in the bank June got engaged to John and they started to have some sex in their lives.

June told me that John had taken quite along time before he started to want to fuck her. Before John, but after Ian had broken her virginity, she had had a couple of other boy friends who she fucked once or twice but John had only first penetrated her vagina with a finger once they were engaged. June only had full complete penis penetration of her vagina by John after they had been engaged for some four months, and June was very frustrated with the situation. John had never cum in June’s vagina until they were on honeymoon.
She could not get John to fuck her doggy style or with him sitting on a chair while she lowered her vagina on to his erect penis.
He just liked to fuck her in the missionary position quickly cum in her cunt not worry about her having an orgasm and pull out of her and then go to sleep. June had not realized that John penis was really not very effective and never very hard and she tried to arouse him by wearing low cut dresses and very sexy bras and no panties but he did not seem very interested.

She told me that John’s cock was circumcised. At full erection it was just on 6 inches long but quite thick.
She had tried to give him oral sex but he did not enjoy it. He would not suck her pussy or push his tongue around on her clitoris. He didn’t really like to suck her tits either. I could not imagine a stupider man, with Junes sexy body available all the time.

She said Ian and his large thick cock had spoiled her for small cocks and unless properly used small cocks did not get her to orgasm, she had always enjoyed big thick stiff cocks and lots of sperm and oral sex.

June also told me that John was not very often sexually active. He usually would fuck her about once a week when she made it clear that she needed a fuck badly but that was not enough for a sexually active and very randy hot woman like June. Even on the honeymoon June only got fucked four times in two weeks.

June told me that while she was pregnant with Ann she needed sex very frequently, her vagina was constantly wet and she had masturbated every day during her pregnancy. She had a dildo but she liked a stiff naked and raw penis rather than plastic or rubber cocks in her cunt.
She also started to produce breast milk very early in her pregnancy and wanted John to suckle on her ripening breasts. She had gone from a 34B to a 36DD but John did not want to suckle on her breasts and drink her breast milk.
John was even more reluctant to fuck her while she was pregnant, he didn’t seem to like to see what his sperm was making in her belly.

She had managed to see Ian once when she was about 6 months pregnant and her breasts were then 36DD and very full of milk. She said his 8 inch penis had saved her sanity she was so desperate for a real fuck, rather than a dildo or her fingers, but it had been a very quick fuck, there was no time for lots of sex play.
Ian was married to Cynthia by then and she, Cynthia, was 7 months pregnant with twins.
Ian told June that Cynthia’s breasts had enlarged to a 42DD and that she had milk and he drank from her breasts every night. He also told June that they fucked doggy style nearly every night and Cynthia could not get enough of his cock in her swollen vagina She like to see Ian’s sperm on her breasts and swollen belly and liked to rub his semen into her pubic mound.

June said that John knew he had to get June pregnant again to keep his father happy and keep his position in the family business.
He also knew that June wanted very badly to be pregnant again and she need that to fulfill her sexual desires. So John fucked her but not the way she liked her sex.

A little later after some more masturbation and breast sucking June had to get up and woke Ann up as they had to go for afternoon tea at her friend’s house.

Mickey, her friend was three months pregnant at the time with her third child in four years. I had noticed Mickey’s breasts on the few occasions that I had met her but had not realized that she was pregnant. June told me that Mickey had told her that she enjoyed sex with her husband and had never fucked another man ever.
June also told me that James, Mickey’s husband, had fondled her breasts one night at a party and that although she had never seen his penis it had felt about the same size as Ian’s or even bigger when she had gripped his penis while he was feeling her breasts. June said that she was sure that James would fuck her if he could.

As we left the house, me to go home and June to the tea party I said to June “Thank you for having me’ and she said to me ‘you MUST cum (in me) again.”