My Second Woman

As I described in ‘My First Time’ my very first fuck was with Elizabeth our maid. She got me to put my erect penis into her vagina and I had my very first fuck.

Elizabeth was a very willing fuck and I was sorry when she left us some two months later.

I only managed to enter Elizabeth’s vagina once after the first time.

She was in a relationship with another man who she told me had a big cock and only allowed me into her vagina once more after I had pleaded with her for along time.

While I was suddenly aware of how nice it was to fuck I became aware that my step half sister June was giving me signs that she was interested in me sexually.

June was married and she and her husband John had a daughter Anne. Anne was some three years old at that time.

June was a red head and she was a full time mother. She was quite tall and had nice breasts although the clothes that she wore hid their outline most of the time. She was very fond of baggy tops and skirts so the actual breast shape was hidden a lot of the time.

John her husband worked in a business in town and was away all day every day including Saturday mornings.

John’s father had a small holding some distance from town and John would visit him from time to time. As the small-holding was some 60 kilometers away it was always a fairly lengthy trip for him out to the plot. The family had money and they wanted June and John to have a son.

There was always lots of reference to the right time for conception and so on and I noticed June giving me some sexy looks from time to time.

I was asked occasionally to stay with June as she was worried about being alone, with her small daughter and as I didn’t have a job at that time it was quite nice to be out of the centre of town for a day or two.

One evening John was away at his fathers plot and as I was going to leave June kissed me good-bye more intently than she usually did.
I felt her press her vagina against my cock. She was definitely pushing her pussy against me and I slipped my hand into her blouse and cupped her right breast.

June said to me that I should be careful about feeling girls breasts as some girls would slap my face for feeling their breasts.
I was confused as she had made it clear to me that I should make some sexual advance towards her but as June kept her vagina pressed against my stiffening cock I just kissed her again, and continued to fondle her breast.

As you know from ‘My First Time’ I had lost my virginity to Elizabeth and I was really hoping that I would now get to fuck June.

It had been about a month since my final fuck with Elizabeth and although I masturbated frequently there is nothing like a wet vagina for a stiff penis.

As I was playing with her breast and letting my fingers brush over her panties so as to be able to feel June’s vagina the telephone rang and we had to stop. It was John saying that he would be home in about an hour.

As I still had to get home I had to leave and I rode home with a my cock stiff and thinking about June’s breasts and her vagina, which had been pressed against my cock shortly before.

Two days later just after lunch I was with June and her daughter when June took Ann and put her down for an afternoon nap.
She then came to me and said that if I wanted a first time now was the time.

June was unaware that I had lost my virginity to Elizabeth our maid some three months before and that I had shot my sperm into a woman once before.

We went into the spare bedroom and June lay down on her back and I lay down next to her. I unbuttoned her blouse and she undid my trousers. I looked at her breasts which were encased in a white bra and asked her if I could suck her nipples.

At that moment she was fondling my semi erect penis and she said ‘Yes please do suck my nipples’.

I released one of her breasts out of its bra cup and took the stiff nipple into my eager mouth.

I heard June gasp and as I sucked on her breasts she was trying to get a full erection on my cock by pumping my still soft penis with her hand.
I was so nervous with June that I could not get a full erection that day and even though I sucked on her breasts I just could not get a full cock stand.
After awhile we stopped and June put her breasts back into her bra and we got up.

June laughed and told me that she had nearly cum herself just having my mouth on her breast and that the next time we would get it completely right and she would let me fuck her properly.

I was amazed that this woman who was some 14 years older than me would actually want to have sex with me.

She and John had been married for about 5 years and I thought that they most likely had sex every day or two.

John was quite a big man and I had seen his penis once or twice. It was definitely thicker and longer than mine. I had never seen his cock erect but I had seen it when it was urinating one day when we were out at a movie and had used the toilet there.

John was circumcised where I was not.

His penis had a thick vein down the one side and I wondered how big it would be when he was erect and about to fuck June.

The very next time that I was at the house I knew that this was to be the day when I would fuck June.

June had on a blouse and underneath a thin bra. I could see, when she bent forward, the swell of her breast through the gap between the two sides of her blouse.

June put Anne down for a sleep and we went into the main bedroom.

June turned towards me standing next to the double bed and dropped her skirt and I saw that she had removed her panties at some time.

Her vagina was there exposed naked to me, and my rapidly stiffening penis.

She had a little pussy hair growing around the lips of her vagina. I could see that the vagina’s lips were slightly parted and the lips were slightly damp with pre cum.

June put out her hand and felt my nearly erect penis through my trousers.

She undid my belt and pushed my trousers down my legs. My cock was straining against my underpants and the head of my cock was damp with pre-cum.

June slipped her hands into my underpants and ripped them down my legs. This released my penis from its restraining underpants and it sprang forward. My erect penis was six and half inches long and quite thick. Not as thick as John’s cock but with my foreskin pushed back partly over my penis head it was still thick enough to spread a woman’s vagina lips wide open.

June put her hand on my cock shaft and lay back on the bed.
She opened her legs and lifted her knees so that her cunt was spread wide for my cock.

She guided my cock into her vagina and thrust her pussy lips up against my erect cock. I started to pump in her cunt and she whispered in my ear, ‘Slowly Martin Slowly we have lots of fucking to do’

I managed to slow my pumping stokes down and lengthened them and got into rhythm with June’s thrusting vagina.

June still had her blouse and bra on and I was so keen of fucking her that I didn’t even feel her breasts at that time.
June was quite a talkative fuck and she was whispering to me to ‘Fuck me Martin Oh Fuck me’. I was nearly cumming and I remembered from my two fucks with Elizabeth that women like to orgasm at the same time as men. I softly said to June ‘ Can I cum in you please?’ June whispered back ‘Give me all your spunk Martin, I want your baby’
This was the most erotic thing a woman had ever said to me and I drew my cock back and with a mighty thrust forward shot my entire load of sperm into June’s womb. My cock was buried as deep into her as I could get in that position and I felt June’s vagina grip my cock and buck against me.

June’ hips thrust up against me and she gasped out ‘I’ve come I’ve come’ and she then fell back and her legs went down onto the bed.

My penis was starting to go soft and as I started to withdraw June grasped me and said to me ‘Stay in me as long as you can Martin, I don’t want your spunk to run out of me.’

After a few minutes June lifted her vagina against my now almost soft cock and as I slipped out of her cunt she lifted her hips high up.

She told me that a doctor had told her to do this after sex so as to improve her chances of falling pregnant as the sperm would stay in her vagina longer if she kept her hips higher up..
She also told me that the doctor had suggested that he stay in the lounge while John fucked her and as soon as John had come into her vagina he would go in and bind her vagina lips closed so that she didn’t loose any spunk .

June told me that she thought the doctor really wanted to fuck her and she had wanted to fuck him as well but John wouldn’t let the doctor wait while they fucked in the bedroom.

I asked her how good John was at fucking and she said that John wasn’t a very keen on fucking, he had a large and thick penis but he was not often keen to fuck.

She told me that she had not yet, that month, fucked John but would do so either that night or the next day just in case my sperm had made her pregnant.

> June then took my limp penis in her hand and started to slowly play with my penis head. I wanted to fondle and suck on her breasts and I lent forward and unbuttoned her blouse.

Her breasts I discovered were 34 B cup and she had large nipples which stood up as soon as I touched them. June had breast fed Anne as a baby.

I asked June if she would breast feed me if she fell pregnant and she told me that she had always wanted John to drink from her breasts but he didn’t want to suck on her breasts.

She also told me that her breasts got very large when she was pregnant. She had gone up to a 36 DD and even then her bras were tight when she was pregnant. June said that she had lots of milk and she wanted a man to suck her breasts when she was pregnant.

My cock was starting to stiffen up with June playing with my penis head and I started to move so that I could reenter her vagina. June however stopped me and told me to wait until the next day.

I was staying over that night and I wondered if I would be able to hear John fucking June that night if June could get him to want to fuck her.

As it turned out June realized that I wanted to hear them fucking and she arranged to leave the main bedroom door open a enough so that I could listen to them as they fucked.

June was making quite a lot of noise while they were fucking and I masturbated at the bedroom door thinking about John’s big cock thrusting into June’s vagina.

My stiff cock had been there a few hours before and I knew that the next morning I would be back in her cunt.

Sure enough the next morning John was hardly out of the front door when a naked June climbed into bed with me and we had a long hard fuck.

To Be continued..

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