My shy wife transformed

We had been married for just over two years…everyone told me how lucky I was to have such a outstandingly beautiful and charming wife. They didnt have to do that as I was only too aware of the fact.
She attended church regularly, popular in the small town we live in and and altough she always had a ready smile was shy and quiet but has a laugh that is loud and infectious.
We were and still are so much in love.
Then one day we were out in antique market when a seller and her were talking and laughing for quite a while,so when she moved onto join me at the next stall I could see she was flushed but thought no more of it.
That evening after sharing a bottle of wine I started playing around with her and found she was wet through, horny and turned on so in no time she was on her back with me nestling inside her snug pussy.
However when I started to move she held me,whispering to keep still. Then she put her lips to my ear and with her breath warm and tickling she told me how the man at the antique market had been trying to get a date with her,how when she pointed me out as her husband he laughed,told her he could see that but it made no difference.
It made me harden even more and I couldnt help myself starting to fuck her,grunting as I thrust with hard thrusts. She responded really letting go and as it grew more wild I started to talk about the man,she pantingly asked me if it turned me on…that resulted in me teling her it did. That led on to her groaning so much I gave her a detailed description of how I would like to share her with him.
Well after a wild session we both fell asleep…the morning came and it was on my mind so much,the memory of last night but no one brought the matter up..BUT…that night in bed we were at it like rabbits when she asked me if I really meant what I said last night. I halted in mid stroke,my mind jumping and cautiously asked her if it upset her. She didnt reply,just giggled,tightened her pussy around me and bucked her hips.
After that it became part of our love making and took over my thoughts so much I found every time we had sex it was a constant part of the act until one day my wife told me it is a nice fantasy but best kept as just that.
For nearly a month I managed to not talk about it at all until one night I reverted to my old ways..whispering how I would love to see her taking a thick cock…she went crazy and when I asked her if she wanted another man she was silent until at my insistent urging to reply she told me \’\’YES\’\’
Well after that months went by until she shyly agreed to me putting a ad in a local papers personal section for a man friend for a attractive couple.
Nothing happened for a couple of weeks then a large brown envelope arrived with over forty letters inside all from men replying to my ad.
She didnt appear to be very interested to share looking through them but I noticed when I came home from word they had been looked at,later in bed when I had her aroused she admitted to looking through them and after more pressing admitted to rubbing herself off.
The outcome was we met a man half hours drive,had a drink in a pub and when he asked us back to his place my wife just shrugged saying to me\’\’It\’s up to you\’\’
We ended up at his house with my wife so quiet when she used the bathroom he asked me if she was all right with all this…So far sex hadnt even been talked about,or the reason we had met up. I told him this was just to see if we liked each other,not to push the sex thing.
Well,after a while we were all slightly worse for wear with the drinks going down easily,I was thinking I had drunk too much and worried about driving but kept quiet.
Somehow we after he got another bottle of wine we ended up with my wife sitting between us on a large couch,she was quite drunk and every now and then that infectious laugh of hers had us all grinning too. The atmosphere in the room relaxed and happy. then suddenly the cd finished and conversation petered out,there was a awareness,a tension in the silence. I put my hand on my wifes leg,massaging her knee before pushing her skirt up a few inches. At once she put her hand on mine stopping me…I waited for a split second before gently pushing against her restraining hand.
Suddenly she took her hand away…my heart leaped as I knew she was sending me a silent message.
I slowly worked her skirt up enough to expose the black lacy stocking tops…our friend was sat the other side of her staring down at her legs…as my wife led back with her eyes closed I motioned to him it was all right and nodded to her legs.
I felt my wifes arm snake around my neck,I put my lips on her and her tounge was filling my we kissed I undid her silk blouse exposing her small,firm breasts.
As we kissed I fondled her breasts,tugging on her stiff nipples. She started groaning in my mouth and out teeth clashed as she mouthed against me.
I left her tits to have a feel on her pussy…what felt like a electric shock passed through me..I found he had been busy. My wifes skirt was pulled up and he had his hand inside her panties playing with her cunt..
For what seemed forever we shared playing with her,at times both our fingers inside her alongside,wriggling and sliding. My wife was panting then on her own accord parted her legs throwing one leg over mine and the other over our new friends so she was wide open to our caresses.
Gradually we stripped her naked rapidly getting our own clothes off too.
He stood up and looking down at her wanked himself until he was rock hard…he was about the same length as me but unusually thick,his cock jerked and bobbed as he looked at her.I took one of her hands and placed it on his throbbing cock. She didnt need any more encouragement. She rubbed,fondled and wanked him until he knelt down in between her legs.then he licked,sucked and after a while moved over for me to do the wife had her eyes shut as she had cum after cum.

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