My Wife Ada Cole no.1

The adventures of Ada are all true, this is the first. Sitting in the car park we noticed men comming close to our car and looking in. I thought we would put on a show so i asked Ada to open her legs and show her panties, she was all for it, 24yrs old at the time, blond with small soft tits and pale white skin. She loved sex and never said no. We often talked about having sex with strangers and tonight she was all for it. Some work was being done to the car park surface and one man was so busy looking in to the car he fell over a pile of gravel which was heaped in front of our car, she loved the attention and was looking intently into the darkness.
A car pulled up along side us and the driver was close to Ada’s side of the car. She reacted shyly and wouldn’t look, I told her he was good looking and that he was looking at her so she glanced over and let out a little sigh, i could tell she was getting excited so i started stroking her upper thigh and rubbing her through her panties.
The driver was about 40 yrs old and thick set fairly short with dark wavy hair. He got out of his car and pretended to have a piss just to show Ada his cock.
He was well endowed and it just increased in size as he stroked it while looking at ada. I decided to get things going by getting out the car and having a fag. I looked over at the stranger and offered him one, well this broke the ice and he put his cock away and we chatted for a while. I explained that Ada was shy but she was all for it b ut to be gentle and not too pushy with her.
I invited him into the back seat of the car and persuaded Ada to get in with him. He chatted to her for a while and i adjusted my seat to give them more room while glancing in my rear view mirror. he diddn’t take long to get to know her and was kissing her gently while playing with her pussy. I saw him put her hand on his cock
and she responded.
He laid her down on the seat with her legs up and took off her panties then went down on her with his tongue. Ada was gasping with pleasure. He then went to her mouth with his tongue closly followed by his now huge rigid cock which she licked and then sucked while slightly choking because of it’s thick size. I readjusted my mirror and undone my jeans and wanked while watching.
He turned her round on her knees and moved his cock up and down on her pussy just parting her pussy lips then very slowly entered her. My cock was throbbing while watching and Ada was groaning with pleasure. He gradually fucked her until he worked the full legnth in. After about 10 minutes of firm even fucking he pulled her back gently by her hair while lifting her head up then pumped his cum into her with short bu
t firm jerks. By this time i was on the verge of comming myself.
Afterwards the stranger left so i moved the car to the corner of the car park and got into the back with Ada, i just could’nt wait and laid her down on her back with her legs open and put my cock strait into her pussy which was fullof hot cum. I exploded into her within seconds. His cum was all over my cock and balls. Later that night we decided we would go out again next Sat night.

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