Naughty Mother in Law 2

Since the first time my mother in law and I crossed the boundary she has been insatiable. At every opportunity she has made sure that she is able to feel my cock in her pussy. So much so that my wife has started to notice a dip in the frequency of our love making. I can’t complain however as she is far kinkier than my wife currently is.

The second time my mother in law called upon my services, as she now puts it, was 2 days after our first sex session. She called me from her house and told me that she had the morning off and that my father in law was at work.

Upon my arrival at her house I was greeted with a note telling me to come upstairs. On my way up the stairs I collected various pieces of sexy underwear that she had left as a trail to where she was waiting.

At the top of the stairs I heard the soft moaning of a woman clearly enjoying herself. As I entered her bedroom I was greeted by the amazing sight of my mature mother in law clearly pleasuring herself whilst watching a porno.

On seeing this my cock grew even stiffer and I wasted no time at all in getting undressed. As my cock sprung free from my boxers my mother in law grabbed my stiff cock and started to give me a blow job as she pleasured herself. Within minutes she had me weak at the knees and I was ready to explode in her mouth. She sensed this and pulled away, releasing my cock from her mouth with a loud pop.

She then rolled over and reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a paddle. She handed it to me and asked me to spank her.

She positioned herself on all fours, her perfect ass in my face. As I spanked her ass I told her she was a naughty mother in law that needed some stiff punishment by her son in law. This drove her over the edge and she started to moan excitedly with each spank. I then lined my cock up with her tight pussy and as I slid my cock into her I spanked her a bit harder. As I did this I felt her pussy tighten. I asked if she liked that and she just moaned louder.

As I continued to spank her I reached around to her sexy tits and pinched her nipples (my mother in law has very sensitive nipples). As I slammed my cock into her and pinched her nipples I could feel her pussy spasm around my throbbing cock.

As I watched my stiff cock disappear into her tight pussy I could see her ass pouting at me. With that I picked up her vibrator and licked it until it was nice and wet and pushed it into her ass. As I did this my horny mother in law told me that since I had played with her ass in her shop she had pleasured herself and teased her ass. She had never had her ass teased and she said it felt amazing.

Within minutes of teasing her ass as my cock filled her pussy her moans got louder and louder. So loud I thought that her neighbours might hear her screams of pleasure. As her pussy convulsed on my cock she pulled off and pushed me onto my back so she could ride me.

The sight of my mature mother in law riding my stiff cock and her sexy tits bouncing up as we fucked in her bed was too much for me. As my cock began to twitch in her pussy she looked me in the eyes and said ‘thats it fill your mother in laws pussy with your hot cum, give it all to me.’

As she squeezed the last drops of cum out of my softening cock she got off and headed over to the shower to clean herself up before she was due to start work in her shop.

I gave her a lift to the shop and told her I could still smell that she had just had sex. With that she rubbed my cock as she kissed me and got out of my car to go to work with the promise to call me later.