Naughty Mother in Law

My mother in law has her own business selling beads and findings on the internet. She and her business partner are not very computer literate so I am often called upon to give them some support, which I am only too glad to do as it gives me an opportunity to be close to my sexy mother in law.

She is in her early 50s and very sexy. I have been to the beech with her and the family a few times and she fills a bikini incredibly well. She is not a shy woman and is an object of fantasy. Whilst at the beech recently I was surprised at how sexy she looked in her little bikini and couldn’t help but stare at her great tits and pussy, so much so that I am pretty sure she she caught me perving at her.

Well it was some time later after our beech trip theat she calls me up when I am at home saying that she is in desparate need of some help in the shop. Assuming she needs some IT support I make my way there fantasising how I would love to fuck her mature pussy.

As I arrive she is very please to see me and closes the shop and leads the way to the computer upstairs. On the way up I can’t help but see the perfect sound shape of her sexy ass in her skirt. At the top of the stairs is a mirror and my mother in law notices me staring at her sexy ass. She asks if I like what I see. Taken back I pass over her comments only for her to pursue me saying that she is flattered that I find her sexy.

I ask her what she means and she says that she has noticed me perving at her a few times and is flattered that I would find an old woman sexy.

I tell her that she is still a very sexy woman and that my father in law is a lucky man. With that she leads me to the computer and explains the fault. She sits on the chair as I am on my knees investigating the fault. As I look around she has hitched her skirt up and is rubbing her pussy through her thong.

I am quickly distracted by her actions and ask if she needs a hand. With that she pulls my head into her nicely trimmer pussy and lets out a loud moan as I explore my mother in laws wet pussy. It is not long before I hear her moaning and whimpering with pleasure as I suck her sweet pussy.

I seize the moment and slide 2 fingers into her pussy as my tongue beats a steady and forceful rhythm on her sensitive clit.

She lets out a louder moan telling me to finger fuck her hard. In no time at all she is cuming on my face and hand and begging for me to thrust my stiff cock into her pussy.

She pushes me to the floor and pulls my trousers down before sucking my cock. After a few minutes of my mother in law sucking my throbbing cock she mounts me, sliding her tight pussy over my stiff cock. She rides me hard for five minutes exposing her sexy 34B tits . As I pound my cock into her from below her tits are bouncing with every thrust.

A short while later she pulls off me getting onto all fours and demands I fuck her doggy stle as it has been years since she has felt a cock slam into her from behind. With that I position myself behind her and fuck her hard, with every stroke she is panting ahd moaning giving me all of the encouragement I need. As I look down watching my stiff cock pound my mother in law’s pussy I see her perfect little ass hole and cannot resist. I get my fingers nice and wetwith the pussy juice that is leaking out of her sobbing pussy and slide my thumb into her ass.

She lets out a moan of pleasure and within 30 seconds telss me to fuck her like a whore. With my cock pounding her hole and my thumb in her ass she comes violently over my cock before collapsing onto the floor in a heap with my cock springing out of her wet pussy. She then looks up at me and continues to give me a blow job allowing me to cum on her sexy tits.

We clean ourselves up and she leaves me with a passioate kiss telling me that this is the first of many. I leave shortly after fixing her computer as she tends to her customers.

As I leave she is serving a customer, she looks at me and says thank you for sorting me out and that I am a life saver.

That was the first of many times my mother in law and I got together.

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