Neighbors erotic stories, part one

This story is about the journey of six neighbors who quickly became close friends. They live in a three story building in sunny Miami.

Allow me to introduce the six neighbors.

First there is Karen who is twenty-two years of age and is a licensed massage therapist. A slim blond with blue eyes, Karen is a vivacious woman with an outgoing personality.

Then there is Lindsay. She is twenty-five and works at a showgirls’ club in south beach. Her mother had enrolled her in dance classes since she was seven years old, but showgirl dancing was not what her mom had envisioned for her. A redhead with fair skin, Lindsay has sparkling green eyes, which went unnoticed due to her other special featurestwelve inch lower.

The third girl in the group is Tony, short for Antoinette. Tony, the oldest of the girls at twenty-seven, is a typical Italian with dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is slightly curvy, but it went unnoticed because of her above average height. Tony is constantly absent due to her job as an airline stewardess.

The first male friend is Mike. A strapping man with light hair cropped short, Mike works in the police force. He is twenty-eight and when in uniform, needless to say, all women fawn over him.

Rico is the most reserved out of all the friends. Of Hispanic descent, Rico is lean and had long black hair always kept in a pony. He is in his mid twenties and works for a limousine company. Rico spends most of his evenings chauffeuring rich people.

Then there is Alex. He is the youngest of the guys at twenty-three. A trainer at a downtown gym, Alex has a fitness trainer degree. He often moonlights to the rich and famous of the Sunshine state.

Their friendship began one day when they were by the pool. It was Thanksgiving Day and they all had time out from their hectic schedule. With most of the other residents celebrating with their families, the pool was empty when one by one they all came in. Alex had arrived with an air floating mattress and Lindsay asked if she can lay on it. This caused a ‘hey I want to lay on it too’ reaction from the other girls. The guys meanwhile began spinning Lindsay around and soon they were all screaming and laughing.

An evident chemistry quickly developed between them and they began chitchatting like old friends, elbows resting on the floating mattress.

Later on, they felt hungry and decided to have a BBQ. Since all the supermarkets were closed, they each went to their respective apartment and raided their fridges. Alex and Mike brought down the beer and soda. Lindsay, who didn’t have time to shop, grabbed some chips and her boom box. Karen got some burger patties and hot dogs. Rico had a tray of frozen chicken breast, while Tony, whose fridge was empty, contributed paper plates, cups and cutlery. They used the BBQ on the side of the pool and soon had a full blown party going on.

Later in the evening, almost in the dark and still in their bathing suits, the six new found friends sat in a circle exchanging personal stories. By now beer was replaced by Vodka and lime, and their stories suddenly took an erotic twist.

I will be posting a new sexcapade every two to three days, so stay tuned for our friends erotic adventures…