neighbors erotic stories, part two

As soon as their conversation and stories took an erotic connotation, five pairs of eyes rested on Lindsay.

“What?..alright alright, I’ll share one of my erotic stories with you.” She crossed her legs Indian style, took a long sip of her drink and lit up a cigarette. She began her story.

“This happened three weeks ago actually. It was a Saturday night and the club was jammed when suddenly a professional football player and his entourage walked in. He..”

“What’s his name?” Alex interrupted.

Lindsay shot him a look, “Kevin..something! I’m not sure, all I know is that he was big and tall.”

“Oh well, that certainly narrows it down.” Mike retorted.

“Do you want me to tell the story, or what?”

“Guys shut up, who cares about his name. Go on Lindsay.” Karen came to her aid.

“One of the four guys with him was his body guard and he all full of you Alex.’ She said, pointing her cigarette at Alex. “The other three were big guys too, but Kevin was by far the tallest. One of his friends, a regular at the club asked for a champagne room. The manager showed them the way upstairs, he pointed at me and four other girls, waving at us to follow. ” Lindsay took another long sip of her drink, “The champagne room had a couch, a love seat and two armchairs. Kevin plopped his body on the couch and spread his arms on the back rest. He was so big; there was no more room for anyone else on that couch. Three waitresses arrived with four champagne bottles and on the way down were asked to bring another four in half an hour.”

“How much money did these guys spend?” She was asked.

“It was close to five thousand I heard, in addition to the two thousand they spent on us. The girls knew he was the one with the money and buzzed around him, but he politely asked them to dance for his buddies and somehow I was the only one left not dancing. His eyes told me he wanted me to dance for him, but he seemed shy. As on cue, a song began and I moved closer to him and began to dance. I found his shyness attractive and right away, I felt that the attraction was mutual. He began to run his hands on the side of my body and I remember thinking how gentle his touch felt, despite his huge hands. I took his touching as a go-ahead sign and straddled him. His caresses increased, so did my gyrating and the grinding. We were so into each other, he had the same green colored eyes a s mine and my hands flew to his light curly hair. We hardly noticed the other girls alternating between the other four guys. Suddenly, the song by twenty gota lick it..boomed through the speakers. I took that as another sign and began licking his neck. I started at the bottom of his neck and worked all the way up to his ear lob. He was manipulating my butt as if it was a football. I could feel both his hardness and my wetness.”

Lindsay looked around; her captivated audience edged her on. “I was topless but still wearing my thongs, when I snuck my hand between our bodies, I felt how soaked they were. I fondled with his zipper but his pants were engulfed and I couldn’t manage. I reached with my other hand and tried to pull it out, but I saw an uncomfortable look on his face. His eyes darted right and left toward his buddies. Apparently they were busy themselves, because he stared back at me with lust in his eyes and wiggled his butt to allow me full access.”

“I was shocked by his players don’t only have tight buns!” Lindsay said looking at Karen and Tony then resumed. “I held on to that monster and looked around furtively, when I saw the coast was clear, I leaned into him, yanked my drenched thongs to one side and guided him inside of me, just as the group La Bouche belted the my lover. He leaned his head back and once again looked around holding my butt firm, preventing me from moving. I thought someone was watching us, but he inched his face close to mine and whispered in my ears,’don’t move your hips, use your muscles instead.’ I stared into those emerald green eyes as I contracted my muscles around his hardness and I felt him pulsate inside of me. This went on as we fought to remain motionless; the world around us was fading, it was only he and I. Suddenly, a tremor erupted in me forcing me to shut my eyes, I buried my head in his neck to prevent myself from screaming. He must have felt my passion, because I instantly felt him convulse inside of me, which caused an even more forceful eruption within my body.”

Lindsay reached out for a cigarette exhausted from simply recounting the experience.

Next time we’ll hear what Alex has to say..