Never Fuck a Stalker

A few years ago I met this lady by accident and we exchanged cell phone numbers. A few days later we started talking about different things we had in common. We talked about songwriting, playwriting, screen plays and singing. We made a date to watch a football game at her place and she told me she would do the cooking if I got the whiskey. On Sunday the game was on and she was busy cooking while I took care of the drinks.

Everything was going fine and finally after the game she told me that she hadn’t been with a man in 12 years, and if I would like to have sex with her. She told me she had a box full of rubbers and it would just be a thing we were doing nothing personal. So what the hell I was feeling no pain and wasn’t having the best sex life to talk about.
So we got in bed and went through the motions, which wasn’t that great.

When we finished I knew this wasn’t going to be a repeat performance but I played if off not wanting to hurt her feelings, but it was the pits.

I came back over a few more times watching the games but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t want to have sex and tried to change the subject.

I told her that she was cool but not my kind of woman and felt that was good enough; but it wasn’t. She told me that No One Kicks Her To The Curb
and that’s when the nightmare started. She had some how took down all my cell phone numbers and got my address from my wallet. She was a wonder..
She told me that she was going to call all my friends and tell them that I raped her…

Now believe it or not that was 6 years ago and we are still friends but she calls me 100 a week and leaves sexy messages one day and kiss my ass the next. I feel sorry for her because I am sure some guy down the road would make her a perfect sex partner. She likes to fuck, suck and get down. But some people just to grove together and that’s the bottom line.
So be careful who you give your phone number to…it might be a stalker.

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