New York Escorts Have Favourite Clients

It’s true that we do have our favourites! Although we like to meet new people all the time and we’re usually game for pretty much anything, we do have those select few who do something to us that the others may try to do, but simply don’t accomplish very often. New York escorts get to travel around a lot and see many different sights, eat in loads of restaurants and party all night long most the time, but sometimes we like to be pampered too.

Usually it’s the job of the New York escort to do all the pampering, and to make sure that her client is well looked after and doesn’t want for anything she can provide; but just occasionally you get the odd client who likes to turn the tables a little and do a little pampering themselves. This doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, it can even be something as simply as a foot massage and a mug of hot chocolate and a comfortable chair!

By far the best, most pampering evening I’ve ever had as a New York escort wasn’t long after I’d just started. I was really enjoying myself, and I’d had loads of fun doing the usual stuff, when I went to a client in South Kensington hotel room who had other ideas about how the night was going to go. He decided to take me out first of all; this came as a slight surprise because many of my initial clients never took me further than their hotel room! Not that I was complaining about it, that’s why I became a New York escort.

Anyway, you may or may not be familiar with Kensington. If you’re not, it’s a place that Kensington escorts like myself love to be around. There are so many beautiful places to visit and the restaurants are truly wonderful. My client took me to a fine place, bought me great food and wine, and then took me back to the hotel. He asked me if I’d like a have a drink in the bar. I accepted and I’d almost forgotten that this guy was a client of mine and that I should perhaps be making an effort to ensure he was happy. When we got back to the hotel room and I was going to begin to make him feel very good indeed, in a way that only the best New York escorts can do, but again, he had other ideas. He sat me down in a chair, took off my shoes and massaged my feet until I was nearly sleeping.

However, I was so entranced with this guy and so very appreciative that sleeping was the furthest thing from my mind. Now completely relaxed, I stood and pushed him back into the chair where I had risen and stripped all my clothes off in front of him. He looked at me as though all his Christmases has arrived at once. This was one guy who was going to learn how New York escorts treat their favourite clients. For the rest of that evening and then a little more, I made this guy happy in ways he only imagined were possible; and when we’d finally finished I made sure I got a promise from him to contact me again the next time he thought about hiring a New York escort.