You are in our garden next to the pool and the sun is beating down on your smooth tanned wet body. You are wearing a tiny white bikini, which is slightly see-through because you’ve just come out of the pool. You put on your I-pod and sunglasses and lye back on the sun bed, letting the sun dry your body and hair. You close your eyes and you slowly start to doze off and you start dreaming about your fantasies and your past sexual encounters. As you dose, your hand slips down in between your legs. Your clitoris is already hard and the juices have already started flowing. You feel yourself getting hornier. You know you are alone and that the pool is not over looked. You open your legs a little wider and slide your hand in to your bikini bottoms. You are really wet! Your touch feels so nice, that you don’t want to stop; a rarity for you. Suddenly, you feel a shadow pass over your body and realise that you are not alone!

You quickly move your hand away, but you know you have been seen. You lift up your sun glasses and you see the pool boy. He pretends not to look at you and continues sweeping the pool, but you can tell that he has seen you, as he has a big erection in his shorts. You call him over.

Begrudgingly he comes over. You ask him if he was watching you. The boy, fearing he might loose his job, says no, and says he was just cleaning the pool. Whilst pointing at his shorts, you ask him if he wasn’t watching you, then why does he have hard-on. He says nothing and shrugs his shoulders. You ask how old he is. He said he is 20.

You’re feeling naughty so, you grab breast and say “Were you looking at these?” Again he shrugs his shoulders.
“Do you think I have a nice pair of boobs?” Again he shrugges his shoulders.
“May be you need to see them properly?” With that you pull your bikini top and pull it down.

His eyes nearly pop out of his head. Seeing you have got his interest, you ask if could rub some sun lotion on your back. You take off your top completely and pass him the bottle. He can’t take his eyes off your tits. You roll over and pass him the bottle of lotion. Nothing happens for a second or two and then you feel the boy sitting on the edge of the sun bed. You feel the cold lotion drop on your back and his hands slowly rubbing the lotion over your body in circular motions. You have always loved have lotion rubbed on your back and thought of this young buck with a big erection, makes you feel very horny.

You ask him to do the backs of your legs. As he massages you know where he is looking. As moves up to the back of your thighs, you open your legs wider. He needs no invite. He puts a little more cream on his hands and slow caresses your inner thighs. You can feel the nervousness in his hands as he moves closer and closer to your crutch. He accidentally brushes your labia with one of his fingers. You let out a little yelp of pleasure. He mistakes this as if he has been inappropriate and he immediately stops and apologises. You turn to him over your shoulder (noticing his massive erection again) and tell him that he shouldn’t apologise, in fact he should ensure that he should pay special attention to that area and your bum as you don’t want it to burn. With that, you pull your bikini bottoms in between your crack.

The boy changes position. He stands over you, each leg either side of the sun bed, and drops cream on each cheek then he slowly puts the bottle down. He puts a hand on each cheek and you feel the lotion slowly warm with his touch. He commences massaging each cheek with large circular motion, one hand clock ways the other anti-clock ways. As the lotion is absorbed in to your skin, with each circular motion, the friction pulls your cheeks apart and pushes them together.
The circular rhythm slows. You know that at the point where your cheeks are spread, he is stopping and taking a good look. The thought turns you really on and you can feel yourself are getting wetter.

You slip your hand underneath yourself and pull your bikini to the side so that your vaginal lips are exposed, enabling the by to see inside your pink hole each time your cheeks are spread apart. This time however, when your cheeks are at their furthest apart the boy stops and holds the position so that all your femininity is exposed and can see deep in to you. You push down so that your Fu-fu and bum is full open, hoping that will give the boy the invitation to touch it.

You feel the boy lift his right hand off your cheek and gently you feel him touching your lips. His middle finger slides from top of your wet clitoris to your anus and on the way back you will your slip separate as he slides it in. As he does so, you push back against his hand and clench your cheeks.

As he fingers you, you move in to the doggie positions so that he has better access. His left had reaches round and grabs your tit. You feel his know rubbing against your thigh. You turn round and you can see he’s really enjoying himself. So you decide to play with him a little.

You turn round and sit on the sun bed, automatically his fingers slip out.

“You’ve seen mine, now let me see yours”. The boy doesn’t move, so you close your legs. “If you don’t show me yours, I won’t let you see mine”. The boy, not wanting to miss the opportunity, starts to tug at his shorts and shows the top of his Willy. So you open your legs again and pull your lips apart with your fingers. You start to stroke your pussy. He stands up in front of you and pulls his shorts down to the ground and shows you his fully erect dick. He is circumcised, around 11cm long and very thick. His black public hair is neatly trimmed and his ball sack is big and dangly.

You stretch your hand to touch it and he moves away. You say to him, “You’ve touched mine, now I want to touch yours”. He moves closer and you gently take hold of it. It’s so thick that your hand doesn’t fit all the way round. You start to wank him with your right hand and hold his balls with your left hand. You look up at him. He has his eyes are closed and has a huge smile on his face.

You move closer to take him in your mouth. You work your tongue around his helmet and then you kiss and lick down his shaft. As you get back to the top, you notice a little drop of sperm form in the eye of his dick. You know what he wants. You purse your lips and put them on the end of his dick, near his hole. Slowly you let his cock push through your lips until you have taken him fully. His dick is so thick that you have to open your mouth really wide to let him in. It tastes amazing. He’s so hard, you can’t wait to get him inside you. As he stretches your mouth you start to think how he will stretch your Fufu.

He holds your head and he starts to fuck your mouth really hard. Your jaw starts to ache, so you stand up and kiss him. His tongue is really powerful and you can’t wait until he returns the favour and gives you a blow job. It seems as if he is reading your mind. He sits you down and kneels in front of you and slips off your bikini bottoms. He pushes your knees apart buries his head in between your legs. You lift your legs up and wrap them around his neck. You pull his head towards you and guide his tongue away from your clitoris to the entrance of your vagina. He expertly pushes his tongue inside you and starts licking you furiously. It’s so strong that it feels like you are being fucked by a little dick. You don’t usually come like this, but you feel your orgasm building up. You pull him closer and he pushes his tongue higher exploring every part of your Fu-fu. You can’t hold back any longer. You feel your body quake as your orgasm builds from deep within you. As you come he reaches round a grabs your boob. You push down and as you scream “can you feel it” lots of liquid gushes out of your body. You feel his tongue working hard to lap up and drink all your come. “Wow!.. that hasn’t happened for a long while!”.

You relax and he lifts he’s head. His face is completely wet, as is the sun bed and your towel. He says cheekily, “I’ve made you come; now it’s my turn”.

You rollover and go into the doggie style. As he moves in behind you, you turn to him and say, “Go slowly as you are very big”. He lines ups the head of his cock in between your lips, but you are so wet that it keeps slipping around. You put your hand in between your legs and place the tip of his cock in the entrance of your of your Fu-fu. You keep your hand there so you can control his initial thrust. You need not have worried, however. You feel your Fu-fu lips stretch, but there’s not pain, only pleasure. You are so wet and so turned on, that your vagina easily stretches to accommodate him.

You feel his ball sack touch the back of your hand and you know he is all the way in. You feel him grab your hips and he pushes deep inside you. You feel the top of his cock touch your cervix. You push back to and you feel his cock grow inside you. He rocks you forward and pushes inside you again. Again you feel him stiffen. He pushes inside you one more time and as he does so he nearly lifts you up. He screams and you feel him come inside you. He holds you still, but you can feel the undulations of his cock as more and more salty cream is splashed against your inner walls of your Fu-fu and cervix.

You turn to him and say, next time you will have to take a bit longer to clean the pool. I think it will need another clean this afternoon.

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