Returning Favours

I was in a brand new club called “Always Women”. My friends were all outside dancing. I was in the bathroom, cooling myself. A women walked into the bathroom and asked me if i needed help. I said i was fine but she helped me anyway. She got her hand and cupped the cold water and gently splashed with it.

She looked at me and did it once more.

“Thank you”

“Your welcome, so i’ve never seen you in here before, are you new?”

“Errm i guess you could say that”

As i went to pick up my purse, I tripped and fell onto her chest. I got up straight away.

“Oh. Im terribly sorry, i slipped”
As i started to babble on she got her finger and placed it open my lips. I suddenly stopped. Her hand moveed away. She looked at me. Her hand raised up and at first i didn’t know what she was doing. Her hand cupped over over my brreat. I started to get wet badly. She un-buttoned my shirt and then un-did my bra and pushed me against the wall. Her mouth started to move down and she started to suck on my breast. As i got more wet. She pulled off my skirt and pulled down my pants.

She started to kiss my legs, moving her lips more towards the hole. I was so wet and it was dripping down my leg. She started to lick it off. She followed all the way up and her tongue fount my hole. I was so wet and her tongue just got stuck in. I opened my legs wide, fell to floor and let her carry on. Her tongue got in so deep i felt an organism coming along. I could fell it building up and i just exploded. She started to go in deeper. I moaned so much and she just giggled and carried on. After about twenty minutes of her licking me. She got up. Took off her skirt off and her pants. She sat on my face.

My tongue just automatically kicked in and kept going deeper. She tasted so nice. I carried on. She moaned loud and she orangismed. Mmm, she tasted so nice. I carried on. She finally got off me. We were just laid on the floor. Shocked. She gently got something out her bag and gave it to me. It was her phone number. As she got her clothes on and walked off, I got mine on and went out like nothing happened.

The next day i rang her. We went on a few dates, and now were a couple. I love her, she loves me. That’s the way it’s always going to be.

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