Road Trip Part 2

Well the first afternoon and evening after our drive to LA was uneventful. I did however, notice that the room we were in was perfect for my favorite thing to do at a hotel and that was jerk off in front of the window and look for someone watching. I returned to the hotel room after my first day on the gig and found an empty room.

It was still daylight and I figured, why not. I got naked and headed for the balcony sliding doors. I pulled back the curtains, got comfortable in one of the chairs and began stroking my cock. I continued to stroke while looking for onlookers. It didnt take long before I noticed two women watching me from behind their balcony curtains. They werent too far away but close enough to see everything. I was now getting really hard and enjoying soaking up the experience. I suddenly heard the room door open and turned to see Jay walking in by himself. Great, I thought. The last thing Jay wants to watch is me jerking off on the balcony.

Sure enough, Jay came out and asked me whats up. I told him what I was up to. He casually looked across the courtyard and noticed the women too. He just stood there looking at me and couldnt believe what I was doing. I told him it was a turn on and he should try it. He said no and told me he was going to go find the wives. Two minutes later, Jay showed up again but this time naked and rubbing his cock. He didnt sit; he just stroked away standing next to me looking out.

After about ten minutes of this, Jay said, this isnt working for me. Im not getting hard or hot. Fuck it he said and grabbed me by the back of my neck and shoved his cock in my mouth. Suck it bitch, suck my cock right here on this balcony. He shoved his dick deeper, harder and faster with every thrust. He then took my head in both hands, turned it towards him and started fucking my mouth. I was getting face fucked by my friend. I kept stroking my cock and didnt resist Jay. From my angle I could now see two more people on the balcony watching us; the two women and a couple. I guess I was putting on a good show for all. Jay started talking shit again.

“You like to suck cock bitch?”

“Does it taste good?” “Ill bet you cant wait to eat my cum.” Keep sucking it and dont stop bitch. Here we go, get ready for the mother load. Jay pumped faster and faster and I could feel his cock get rock hard in my mouth.

Seconds later, he shot a massive load of hot cum in me. I couldnt keep it all in my mouth or swallow it fast enough; it was dripping down my chin and onto my leg. We then heard someone say, holy shit, he just took his cum. I dont know how long they were standing there, but Alice, my wife and another man and women were standing in our room watching and listening. The strange woman was the one not believing what she just witnessed. Alice asked us what was going on.

Jay explained that we were jerking off and he needed to get off and he wanted a blow job. I guess they were there for some time because my wife asked me how it felt to get fucked in the mouth. I got up and now Jay and I were standing naked in front of two people weve never seen or met before. Jay with a cum dripping limp cock and me still with a hard on and pre-cum leaking out.

Alice said hey Jay why dont you lick that pre-cum off of his cock, its the least you can do after he sucked you. He turned toward me and before he can get to my cock, the woman who I havent met yet bent over and licked it off. By the way my wife said, this is an old school buddy of mine and I ran into her and her husband shopping. She wanted to meet you and was wondering what we were doing. I guess she now knows what you two were doing. This is Jenna and Bob. I tried to excuse myself to go get cleaned up and dressed but Jenna looked at me and my wife and said, it appears to me that someones cock needs attention. I would love to take that big beautiful hunk of meat in my mouth;if you let me. Bob jumped out there and said, hey the ice is broken, lets all get naked and have some fun. I for one would love to fuck both of your wives.

Jenna wasnt bad looking; she had big tits and a tiny waste. I couldnt tell but I was betting that she had a tight ass and pussy. Alice didnt need anyone to say it twice; she lost her clothes and did everyone else. Jenna guided me to the bed, pushed my down, spread my legs and went down on my cock. Bob grabbed Alice and was working his way towards fucking her doggie style. Jay was with my wife on the other bed and was eating her pussy. Six naked people sucking and fucking with the sliding doors and curtains wide open for all to see. It got even more interesting after the knock on the door. Look for the continuation of this “Road Trip” soon.