Road Trip Part One

I had another business trip scheduled but this time it was in LA. I mentioned it to my wife and thought it would be a good idea to her to tag along since I was planning to drive there. She agreed and said it was a long time since we went for a long drive. It is about a few hour drive from Vegas and better if you have company along the way. Later that night our neighbors stopped by Alice and Jay and we asked them to watch the house while we were gone. They told us that they would rather go with us and take in some sights with my wife while I was working. So it was decided, road trip with the neighbors.

We left on a Saturday morning so we could get to LA early enough to do some things over the weekend. The weather was still hot and it was a beautiful Saturday. My wife talked us into taking the convertible since it was hot and sunny. She said she could get some sun while I drove. Jay and I dressed comfortably in tee-shirts and shorts as did the women but they had on a bikini top. The top was up until we got out of town but as soon as we hit highway 15, down it went.

We were on the road for about an hour and it was getting hot. Even the breeze was hot. I looked over at my wife and she had the seat reclined catching the rays. The top of her tits were glistening with the sun tan oil as were her legs. It was turning me on.

I then told her that since we were out in the middle of nowhere, she should take off her top and work on her tan lines.

She said, are you kidding me? What if someone drives by us?

I asked her what her point was. After all we fucked, sucked and did everything else almost in public, what was the problem.

What the hell she said and lost the top.

Jay was sitting behind me and said, why don’t we all get topless? LOL So we did.

Minutes later my wife noticed that she was not getting enough sun on her tits. She said, I need to turn around and face the sun.

I quickly remedied that and told her to put the pillow on the console between the seats and face the back of the car and put her legs next to the head rests. That way she could get sun on her tits and legs. She repositioned and was all set.

Alice after a couple of minutes commented what a pretty sight it was looking at my wife’s legs and ass. Jay added that he was enjoying looking at the crack of my wife’s pussy.

Alice turned to her husband and said, here honey, look at my pussy. She dropped her shorts and was now totally naked in my back seat. Not only did he look at it, he turned her towards him and buried his face in it. He was eating her pussy like it was his last meal.

It was getting very hard for me to drive and listen to Alice and Jay moaning in the back and seeing Alice’s tits going up and down with every thrust of Jay’s face deep in her. Alice then reached up and slid her finger into my wife’s shorts probing for her pussy. She found it and started finger fucking her. I reached over and unsnapped her shorts and pushed down the zipper. Without saying a word, she reached up and pulled them off.

Jay and Alice were pretty much out of sight in the back seat but my wife was up there for any car, truck or SUV to see. Of course she could not see if anyone was driving close to us or not and I really think she did not care at this point.

Alice continued to finger my wife and she was also licking her lips in lust. I could tell she wanted to taste that pussy. Jay came up for air and told Alice he wanted to fuck her. He was now naked and starting to mount Alice.

She pushed him back and told him to fuck her from behind. She pulled him over to the middle of the seat between my wife’s legs. Alice mounted his cock and at the same time buried her face in my wife’s pussy. Jay had Alice by her tits, Alice had my wife by her ass and I was all over my wife’s tits.

I managed to get my shorts off and now we were all naked driving on 15 West. I noticed an eighteen wheeler coming our way and knew that if he was going slower, he would get a really good look at two hot naked women, one getting fucked, the other getting her pussy eaten and the driver, me getting a hand job. I really wanted him or her, to get as good a look as possible so I started flashing my lights. I figured he/she might slow down thinking there was a cop ahead and possibly go slow enough to get the view. I too slowed down to help the cause and with my left hand, pointed to the inside of my car. It worked.

The driver slowed way down as did I and as we passed, he leaned out his cab and got a great look. It was such a rush to get seen in public totally naked that I shot my load. My wife noticed and Jay noticed the truck driver and what I was doing and they too shared that it was a rush.

I drove about ten more miles and then Alice and my wife switched places. Jay was now fucking my wife like he did Alice and loving it and I was enjoying Alice stroke my cock. I then noticed something that was about to happen and did not know what to do.

Evidently the truck driver that passed us and got a look at what we were doing, got on the radio and told all the trucks coming our way to look out for us. No lie, there had to be at least 10 to twelve trucks bumper to bumper going really slow if not stopped waiting for us to pass. I looked in my rear view mirror at Jay but my wife was up and had her pussy in Jay’s face. So, Jay did not see what was ahead, my did not see since she was licking Alice’s cunt and Alice couldn’t see anything but my cock. I flashed my lights again, reclined my seat a little to improve the view and slowed down to about 45 mph.

As I got closer to the line of trucks, my heart was beating so fast with excitement that I considered stopping and putting on a real show for all of them. I thought better of that since I knew it would be a gang bang of my wife and Alice and that was something I would not subject them to. Jay, Alice and my wife quickly found out what was going on when all the truck drivers started cheering for us and they realized how slow I was going. They didn’t stop and we all got another great rush and orgasm from the experience.

Before I pulled over for all of us to get dressed again, Alice gave me a blow job and my wife sucked Jay off. The wives switched seats again and both leaned over to kiss us respectively. The surprise was that they held the cum in their mouth and shared it with Jay and I. Jay got a taste of my cum and I his. It was a long, hot, cum filled kiss. I am sure my upcoming business trip with our neighbors is going to generate another sexual experience since we will all be in the same hotel suite for a week.