Romantic Sexy Love Story

“On the road again,” I sighed. Golden Ray’s of sunshine danced on the windows as the car travel along the motorway. “London here we come”.

When the car finally pulled up, I peered out the windows at the new surroundings. The street was ancient, defiantly home to Victorian houses ranging from 150 years old. However they were extremely beautiful and had well preserved, neat gardens, each to their own. Hardly any children where in sight, except from a toddler walking along side his mother.
“This is our new start Cassie, what do you think?” smiled my mother.
“Yeah, it’s alright” I replied. This was the second time we’d moved in the space of a year and all because of men. I told my mum that men we’re false and unfaithful, but of course she didn’t listen. I hauled my heavy suitcase out of the boot, the wheels of it rattled loudly on the stone cobbles. Our house looked massive, even though it was just had three bedrooms. Red and white roses stood proudly in the garden, joined by tall conifers that nearly reached the second level of our house. I made my way to the front door. It was made out of thick, heavy oak and painted red. The house was modernized inside and included a 50inch television. In all honesty this didn’t excite me as much as it would too many others because I’d rather concentrate on creating a piece of artwork then sit and stare at a black screen. Another thing, all you ever see is men and women happy, all in love. They hardly mention lesbians, or show lesbian story lines and when they do my mum goes into a usual rant, that I should basically find the right man. I wish she would just understand that my mind is set on girls, and that it always will be.

Bright lights burst through my window, lighting up the entire room.
“Wake up! You need to go to your induction day at your new college!”
I placed my hands over my eyes and slowly peeked through my fingers.
“Mum, close the curtains, are you trying to blind me!?” I complained as I snuggled underneath my pillow to block out the light. I couldn’t be bothered with another college, plus this was no ordinary one. Mum thought it would be beneficial if I attended a college that allows you to stay over night. More like she wanted to go clubbing and bring men back. After 20 minutes of planning what I was going to wear, eat and look like for the day, I climbed out of bed and realized it would be better if I actually did it for real.

I stumbled over to the mirror and pulled a confused face in the mirror. All my eyeliner had smudged around my eyes. Never really liked my appearance, but everyone else seemed to think I was attractive. I have long blonde hair, big-ish brown eyes and tall, curvy body. I work out sometimes, so my stomach is nicely toned. I have my own style; I hate to blend in with the crowd. After getting ready for college I hurried downstairs to grab some breakfast.
“Your wearing that!?” snapped my mother as she poured milk into her coffee.
I was wearing a long white vest, black denim hot pants, red converse shoes and an American baseball jacket, which was also red.
“What’s wrong with it?” I asked looking down at my outfit. Mum shook her head and rolled her eyes at me sarcastically.
“Those shorts are far too short! There’s nobody to ‘impress’ you know. It’s an all girls college” she said and handed me a plate of toast.
“Exactly, it’s full of girls and anyway, it’s sunny outside, everyone’s wearing shorts”. I replied and ate my breakfast.

My iPod gleamed in the sun whilst I listened to my music. Excitement, mixed with nerves, ran through my veins as I listened to Paramore on full blast. I’m not worried about them knowing that I am into girls. It’s not really obvious that I am because I don’t dress like one, and I love wearing make-up. I suppose you could call me a Lipstick lesbian?. I felt so claustrophobic because the bus was packed with people. The only free seat left was the one facing me that I had my feet upon. I casually stared down at my iPod and took my feet down off the seat without looking at the person who had just boarded the bus. They smelt really nice, and I noticed bright blue converse shoes gently brush against mine as they sat down in front. I slowly looked up at the person. It was a girl around my age, with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. She had no make-up on and was wearing: a blue jacket with white draw strings, a white t-shirt with a band name on in black, and dark grey skinny jeans. At a glance you would think she was a boy. I was fascinated how stylish her hair was, her fringe swiped to the side like a Justin Beiber style. Her skin was perfect, not a spot in sight and her eyes; I couldn’t look away from them. They we’re amazing, big and bright, sparkling in the sun beams. The girl turned her head to face me so I quickly pretended that I was looking out of the window. She smiled at me and looked back down and her mobile to text. I looked down too at my iPod and pretended I was choosing a song but really I was dying to look up at her beautiful face. She must be a lesbian, I mean; she’s wearing boy’s clothes. Maybe she had come back from her boyfriends and that’s who she was texting now?. Then suddenly I got that feeling you get when you know somebody’s looking at you. I could feel my cheeks began to burn up, and I slowly looked up. The girl quickly moved her head and looked down out of the window but couldn’t help smile. Her teeth we’re perfect, all straight and shiny. In the distance I could see BrigWood Boarding College so I quickly got up and pressed the bell. Seconds later I heard foot steps behind me. It was the girl. A tingling sensation ran through my body and my pussy began to feel slightly wet. I could feel her body pressing against me from behind as she held onto the bars in front.