Seduced by Rosie my mates wife

This is a factual story 100% true. All names changed though.


About a month ago my wife Trudi and i were invited round my mates for a nice meal and some good wine, it was just the four of us and we had an excellent night and chatted away into the small hours, before we caught a taxi home. During the evening my mate Pauls gorgeous wife Rosie told us all about her new job as a rep for a lingerie company which meant she travelled about the country quite a bit and ended up staying in hotels and motels wherever her business took her.

I as a lorry driver am also away most nights of the week in different parts of the country so it was quite a surprise when Paul announced that he had given Rosie my mobile number and that she should contact me when she was away to see if i was staying near to her and that we should get together for dinner so we both had some company, i looked my wife Trudi and she acknowledged that it sounded a great idea as i spend up to four nights away each week and get quite lonely apart from my laptop. Rosie and i often flirt but the thought of seeing her on her own gave me a real erection which i had to hide with a cushion, on top of that she gave me a real sexy wink when Paul made the suggestion.

I speak to Paul most days on the phone and about ten days after our dinner date we were chatting one evening when i told him i was parked up a certain lorry park in the north east of the country, he seemed very surprised as Rosie was also in the same area staying in a travel lodge on the same site as the lorry park.

I quickly showered and changed and hoped that i would hear from Rosie time ticked on and by nine thirty i turned off my lights and jumped into bed as i had an early start in the morning, i was just dozing when i heard a tap on the passenger door, i ignored it as i know toms work in the area and i was not interested, the knock came again but louder and this time i heard a voice say “Are you going to let me in then”

i recognised Rosie and dressed only in my tight white boxer briefs i jumped out of bed and opened the passenger door and without being asked Rosie climbed the steps and jumped in closing the door and curtain behind her. Rosie apologised for being late but said she had only just finished work and showered and as she knew my lorry thought she would surprise me, surprise me she did as i sat on my bed she stood up in the cab and slipped off her long Mac type coat to reveal beneath a St Trinnians type outfit, white blouse with lots of cleavage on display, short black skirt with stocking tops clearly visible, black g string and black heels. I gasped and my cock stirred and she said something like “You like”

i said “I do ”

Without any further conversation she knelt down in front of me pulled my boxers down and took my cock in her hand gave it one or two quick strokes and lowered her mouth round it and started to deep throat me, i slipped my hands round her nice large tits and gave them a tweak as she expertly sucked on my now very hard cock, she looked up at me winked and within five minutes she was emptying my balls and swallowing every drop.

When she finally came up she said “i have wanted to do that for ages especially after Trudi said you were well hung. She then said “This place is too cramped come to my room in ten minutes and i will be ready for you” she gave me a spare key having booked a double room and kissed me before leaving.

I quickly dressed and walked over to the hotel and entered unchallenged and went straight to her second floor room, i knocked lightly before letting myself in with the key, there on the bed lay Rosie still in her outfit but minus the g string and with a large black vibrator sliding in and out of her neatly trimmed pussy. Rosie looked in ecstasy and beckoned me over i slipped off my clothes and dived between her legs and started licking her pussy as she used the vibrator, in seconds she came and moaned loudly she slipped the vibrator out and i took over burying my face deep into her soaking pussy licking her juices and biting her pussy lips, i was desperate to get my cock in her and was now erect again and ready to make love to her.

I sat up and removed her blouse to reveal the best tits i have ever seen and gave each nipple a quick suck and bite before i lowered her skirt leaving her in just her stockings and heels and looking sooooo sexy. I went back to sucking her tits as she reached down and wanked on my solid hard cock, she moaned and wanted me inside her so i duly obliged we made love in so many positions before i knew i was getting close and she asked me to cum up her arse, my wife wont let me do this to her so i was in heaven and with the use of some lub i oiled her little arse hole slipped one finger in then two then replaced my fingers with my cock, i took it slowly and gently and once i had my length in i started to fuck her building up the speed until we both came together and collapsed in a heap, she quickly manoeuvred and took my dripping cock in her mouth and sucked off our juices as my cock started to loose its erection. When i was dry she stopped and we just lay side by side kissing and exploring each others bodies.

After about an hour i returned to my lorry well pleased with my evening and looking forward to seeing Rosie again, i did not have to wait as long as i expected as about 4.30am just as i was about to get up and start my day there was a knock on the door, yes it was Rosie naked except her raincoat and heels, she climbed in and we had a long cuddle and kissed for ages before she dropped down and gave me another blowjob, once again i came in minutes, this did not bother her at all i was embarrassed but she said i would soon get used to her technique and would last longer.

Rosie left and i set off we spoke during the day and have arranged to meet up real soon, she has promised new outfits for our next session, i cant wait.

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