Seducing Mamony

Mamoni is a distant sis in law from my wife’s side. She is a virtuous woman in her late thirties, few years senior to me. But the most attractive part of her is her lovely tone which could give the effect of endearing everybody even if she never meant that while speaking. And her body is a masterpiece of eternal beauty from her head to her toes. A realistic description of her ethereal beauty can be best described in the following way: She had a round face and a pointed nose in perfect curvature as if she was the most innocent creature in this world. Her lustrous black hairs flowed straight as if she was an untouched virgin. Her lips rested on each other as if they were moist with honey. Her complexion was dusky but in good light she seemed to be wheatish.Down her neck it was a fusion of art & colour. She had the finest boobs with berry coloured nipples. In fact the proportion of her boobs with her body size was simply symmetric to the last digit perfection. Further down she seem to have a perfect torso carrying a hot leaf shape pussy (as I have not explored that until now).But it must be true from some of the sexy indications I could see from her toe nails. The toe nails are an indication of the sexiness of a woman and Mamoni’s toe nails indicate that she had a hot horny engine inside her.
From the first day I saw her she ignited my seductive fascination for her. Secretly at heart I am her carnal fan. I put her as the beauty queen of this world in a secret part of heart. A burning desire to explore her from mind and body was the only secret ambition I had in my life. In fact I sometimes get so restless that I feel like misleading her to a secluded room and violate her in the most brutal way. But to do that to the most beautiful thing in this world will be the most foolish act on my part in this sweet life of mine. In fact it could be a once in a lifetime experience to seduce her with her sweet permission, acceptance and cooperation.
It is said the fruits of patience are always sweet. And that’s why one day I got my easiest, safest and most innocent opportunity to put my mischievous hand on her beautiful body. Mamoni was admitted to a hospital for her treatment for her back pain problem. She was advised to stay complete bed rest. She was even told to urinate and defecate in her bed using bed pans. And one day I was requested by her hubby to stay with her as her attendant in her hospital room. I readily agreed.
Every time Mamoni had to urinate the female ward girl had to be called in to her urinate in the bed pan. That evening after dinner Mamoni pushed the calling bell beside her bed to call the ward girl. But the ward girl seemed to be somehow away and was not responding to her call. Mamoni told me to go out of the room and call her. I went outside and didn’t find her too. I came back and told Mamoni to wait for sometime more. But Mamoni was restless and feeling uncomfortable with her urge to urinate. Then an idea struck my mind in lightning speed. I swung off in haste and offered a good Samaritans hand to do the ward girl’s job of assisting Mamoni urinate in the bed pan. Mamoni was taken aback by my swift move and postured as if she refused the offer. I told her to take it in the medical sense as she was a patient and I her attended. At this she got composed & agreed to my help proposal with a blank smile swiftly swung into action and put may arm around her to help her mount the bed pan. She felt obliged at this. Now she grappled with her grown to position herself to urinate. At this I grabbed her gown and pulled it up to position her torso in to the pan. And in the process ended up pulling Mamoni half naked with her torso completely exposed before me. I could clearly see her ebony black pussy exposed. Mamoni was feeling embarrassed at this but she had no other way. Now I just took another bold step and told her “you seem to have a lovely body”.Mamoni this time gave a naughty smile. I knew the wall of inhibition between her & me had vanished by now.
Next day in the evening Mamoni said she was having a mild migrane.I stepped forward to massage her head in order to bring relief to her. It seemed now Mamoni had no inhibition on my touching her body without taking her permission. I took this as an opportunity to massager her further down her neck and then her earlobes. She seemed to enjoy this as there was no resistance to my voluntary action on her with a mischievous intention. Embolden by this passive permission from her, i now took another bold step to straightway suck her earlobes. This perhaps sent a shockwave through her body as she curled her body and uttered a shrill moan. Next I grabbed her boobs and started sucking her nipples. This excited her and she began moaning in ecstatic pain. After few minutes I glided my head to her torso and forked my tongue in to her hot pussy.The climax of foreplay seemed to have been accomplished by now. Mamoni was jerking and pleaded me “oh…dear…..fuck me harder…please!!!!” And with this I had no option but to push my hard dick into her hot wet pussy.Mamoni’s “ahs” & “uhs” were enough proof that she was enjoying while i kept fucking her. And it took no time for me to realise that she was heavily Cumming inside her pusssy.To end to this carnal tsunami i cummed heavily inside her pussy.Thus ended my mission “Seduce Mamoni”