Swaying to the motion of the ocean

As my wife Cristty and I left the yacht club after a small cocktail party to let my Aussie friends meet her left her grinning and much more at ease than I ever imagined. Laughing, she sighed and admitted her relief are standards were remarkably similar and now was looking forward to our time there. I asked what the dress code was for cruising the West Coast of Australia and was told by several couples said hopefully SPG-30 and deck sandals. No tan lines for us. once you get your sealegs and it gets choppy everyone meets our new guests. They said you are lots of fun and enjoyably kinky, and were happy Cristty seemed adventurous.I said that they aroused you, and at ease with the sexy ,cocktail talk. What did you add to the mix, feed their fire with our wild side? Told her my close friends asked to stop in later. Cris admitted that the ocean and humidity always made her incredibly horny, just like now. We both changed into more comfortable attire and planned on having fun. Maya and Larry knocked first and were glad to be first. David and I brought a preview of regular festivities to enjoy, and fun gear to rock their cocks off! Cristty asked if what she was wearing would be suitable, as she opened her shawl providing a hint of cameltoe delight. I\’m looking forward to your company, and cock I added! Before coming down here the three of us fantasized about you both. His ex said you fucked your way thru Thailand, and we enjoy similar delights! David added our wife\’s had tall slim body\’s and tenderly stroked her inner thigh and asked us to follow. Maya said many locals had night vision gear to watch at night and enjoy helping them getoff, and those your going to meet now have never met you both, and you\’ll catch on. All were blindfolded and eargear to allow no sound and restrained for our welcome gift. Only later will they view them videos of the nights delights!