The Art of Seduction and Foreplay

Every woman wants to be seduced and experience sensual foreplay before sex.

The art of seducing a woman is teasing her suductively peaking her curiosity to want more. Start with opening doors for her engaging her in interesting conversation.
Leaving her sensual messages or sending her sensual text messages peaking her to want to see you.Wining and dining her showing her a great time. Walking her to the door after a date and giving her sensual light kiss on her neck.

Gently lean her aganist the wall lightly kissing her neck and throat. Lightly fondling her breasts and her body. Slowly expose her breasts fondling each and teasing the nipple with your tongue. She is moaning as you undress her. Feather kissing her tummy area as your hand caresses her inner thigh. Her moans become louder as you caress her pussy slowly sliding your finger in and out.

Laying her down parting her thighs teasing her clit with your tongue. Finger fuck her as you tease
her clit. She is withering and begging you to fuck her.
Continue teasing her clit then flick your tongue over her
wet pussy. She is writhing and screaming for you to fuck her.

Slowly slide the tip of your cock in and out teasing her.
Then slide your cock into her wet pussy thrusting into her
slow. Slowly thrusting into her building to faster deeper
thrusts. Her screams are louder as she wriths uncontrollably. Fucking like a pile driver until she is
shuddering from orgasms.