The best Gift for Poli

Poli was a young girl of our village. She used to come often to my home as she was very friendly with my wife. I knew she had a special liking for me which was often looked upon with suspicion by my wife. But I swear I never tried to touch her beautiful sexy slim body as i never wanted to get into any untoward incident at my home which may stop her entry to my home by my wife. But it was also true that I never failed to fanaticise about Poli with me in bed enacting the hottest fleshy acts.
A few months later Poli was married off to somebody few miles away from our village. A year passed but Poli had no issue. It was a great concern for her as it embarrassed her in her hubby’s family. One day she called me up just to enquire about my wellbeing. I too asked her how it was feeling to be at her new home. She seemed to be not so happy with her hubby. I somehow dared to ask her about having a child. She gave a long shy and told me that hubby was not a capable person to make her bear a child. I told her not to worry. In fact i told her that now days there are lots of medical solutions to childlessness. There was this test tube baby way but it was rather costly for Poli. The other was artificial insemination using donor sperm. This one was rather affordable for Poli. But she expressed her aspersion on how she could take an unknown persons sperm in to her womb to bear a child. I told her a sperm is a sperm it is same as anyone be it her hubby’s, mine or somebody else. She told me that her doctor has suggested her that it will be better if she took the sperm of someone she know well or a relative’s. At this Poli was confused. I told her not to be nervous. Some days passed like this, as Poli stood undecided. One day i received a SMS from Poli. It read like this- “Can you donate me your sperm”. This SMS simply took me by surprise. I consented to her request. She told me that she will call me when the doctor will call for the insemination purpose.
One day she happened to come to my house when i was all alone. I was in a nice mood; the weather was cool.Poli was dressed in sexy cream attire. She came and set beside me on the sofa. She seemed little bit embarrassed to make eye contact with me after that “sperm request”. To break the ice i cracked few jokes. Soon i realised that it was time for me to act & grab my long awaited opportunity. I just grabbed her & put a hot smooch on her sexy lips. Poli could not react to this. I whispered in to her ears “how about donating my sperm naturally, avoid cost, get pregnant, enjoy and forget. After all once you bear a baby out of my sperm i happen to be your partner in the process” She nodded & said a soft “yes”. Emboldened by her tacit consent i took her to the bed, slowly strip her while i continued to smooch her hot lips. As soon as she lay complete naked i pounced upon her pussy and started licking it. I put my hands on her nipple to gently fondle them. As i licked her hot wet pussy she coiled & curved as if she was begging me to give her the bliss of carnal pleasure. Soon i realised that her pussy was too wet & she was digging her nails on my scalp as if she was getting wild. I knew the time has come for me to play the role of a perfect bull.
I simply mounted over her in the missionary position. I drew out my stiff shaft by dragging back the fore skin. I slowly inserted my hard cock into her little pussy which was dripping in cum. Soon i was having poli as if a tiger was pounching it’s pray. Poli was too excited as she moaned “oh dear fuck me hard, i am a whore,fuck me as much as u like, you are a perfect man,i am born for you”. Soon we reached the climax. A rush of semen zipped out of me in to her pussy canal. It was a great pleasure to donate that ultimate piece of seed into her fertile womb. Poli gave me a sweet kiss & we fell off on the bed stark naked & wet. This is how i donated my sperm to Poli in the best & sweetest way.
And when a boy was born after nine months i realised that it was the best gift i have ever gifted to somebody in my life.