The hotel room

It had been a long trip. He looked forward to some sleep. It didn’t matter that it was a hotel somewhere off the highway. Sleep is all that he wanted.

After checking in he decides a night cap wouldn’t be so bad. It might even help me get to sleep a little faster he thinks to himself.

He finds a nice quiet table in the back. Sitting there drinking his drink, caught up in his own thoughts he doesn’t pay too much attention to her watching him from across the bar.

She watches intently. The way he rubs his finger up and down his glass. The way his hair lays across his forehead. The casual clothes that he has on. He must be traveling. She has not seen him before. She knows the regulars who stop in to hang out before heading home. She goes to work in an hour. The night shift, someday she will be able to leave this shift, this place. Waiting on everyone who comes through here looking for sleep or a few hours of fun with someone they have paid to pay attention to them.

Caught up in his own thoughts he hardly notices the waitress as she approaches. Would you like another? She asks. Sure why not. He replies.

Not really looking forward to going home tomorrow, he tries to drown his thoughts and feelings. Why not what could it hurt, it sure can’t make things any worse.

Home. Why am I going back? Some many reasons to start over. Under appreciated, disrespected, lonely.


The waitress returns with his drink but refuses his money. This is from the lady across the bar. She says. She thought you looked like you needed it. He sees her and raises his drink in thanks.

Thinking no more about it or the lady who sent him a drink, he finishes off two more before going up to his room two hours later.

Before undressing for a quick shower he calls room service to come up and turn down his bed and to leave a wakeup call for in the morning.

As he is getting out of the shower and grabbing his towel he hears a knock at the door. With his towel hugging his hips he walks toward the bed and says Come in.

The door opens and not paying too much attention to the women who has just entered to turn down his bed, he continues with getting ready to sleep, all the while dreading his trip home tomorrow.

As he turns around he notices long legs leading up to a plump round bottom peeking out from underneath a short black skirt. He stands there just watching her as she turns down his bed and fluffs his pillows getting everything just right so that he will have a good night sleep.

The way her hips move, the way she bends over just slightly letting her bottom teases his eyes. She stands up, turns around and sees him looking at her. Sorry sir. I didn’t see you there. No don’t stop continue your work.

As she turns around to finish up she realizes that he is the man from the bar. She doesn’t say anything hoping he doesn’t recognize her as the one who sent him the drink.

But he does.

She walks toward the bathroom to clean up a bit, not yet ready to leave. He slowly climbs into bed dropping the towel to the floor. She enters again and asks if he needs anything else. Yes could you please help me set the alarm clock? I am not sure I got it right he says. She walks to the night stand and sets the alarm. She can feel his eyes on her. Then suddenly she feels a slight touch running up her leg and ending just at the bottom of her lace trimmed skirt.

She wipes down the table while she is there not letting on that she notices his touch.

Will that be all sir? Well if you have time could you stay a little longer? I don’t think I can go to sleep just yet. Sure she says.

The heat has been rising in his body. Hopefully the blanket is enough to cover it up he thinks to himself. She heads toward the chair to have a seat and he grabs her hands and motions for her to sit on the side of the bed.

You were in the bar tonight? He asks. Yes I was, I didn’t think you seen me. She replies. Yes I did. You sent me a drink. He states. You looked as if you needed it. She says. I was going to go over and talk to you but by the time I got the courage up you were gone. Now I know why. He says.

He just cannot contain this feeling any longer. She has a matching black, lace trimmed top, white apron and maids hat. Her big breast peaking out over the top of the perfect half circle that makes up the low cut dip of her top. His hand strokes her leg, up her thigh, and just under her skirt. The softness of her skin sends shivers through his body.

I have never been with anyone like this before. She thinks to herself. We are not supposed to play around with the paying customers. It is company policy. She continues to think to herself. I can’t help it. I like the touch of his hands on my skin. So soft yet strong. She is so caught up in her thoughts she doesn’t even hear him talking.

He has forgotten all about sleep. He is so caught up in what is in front of him. The touch of her soft silky skin. The way her breast and plumb bottom peak out from her uniform to tease him.

Have you ever been with a customer of the hotel before? He asks. No I haven’t. She says. Would you like to be? He asks. I just might like that, she replies.

He takes her hand and gently kisses it. Up her arm, across her shoulder and to her neck. The touch of his lips on her skin leaves chills. Her hand moves the blanket back and rubs his chest. Pushing the blanket the rest of the way off he pulls her down to him motioning her to lie beside him.

Laying there he cannot keep his hands from feeling every inch of her. Rubbing her back. Cupping her bottom, and slowly moving up her side and around to her breast. Pulling them out from her low cut top. He massages them, kisses them.

Her hands stroking his body up and down his chest and stomach. She ventures down to his hips and his legs not daring to go where she really wants to go.

His hand has found its way down to her hips and has found a small patch of soft hair just under the short skirt she is wearing. As he plays with it he notices that she is moving her hips slightly as if she to is enjoying his touch.

Lifting her skirt, his hand finds her clit and gently begins to rub it, making it hard and making her wet. His finger finds her hot, wet pussy. Rubbing it and slowly entering her. Pulling in and out. You are so hot, so wet he relies. I like the way your finger feels inside of me she states. Tell me what you want he says. Anything at all. I want you to finger fuck me. A little harder, deeper, faster. He does as she wishes; only wanting to please her.

She has found the courage to go to that place she was looking for, his cock. So big and hard. It is hot and throbbing wanting to be touched. She lightly stokes it with her fingertips, teasing him. She likes the way his cock feels on the tips of her fingers. It is so soft. Can I taste it? She asks. Of course. If that is what you want. He says. Do you want me to taste it? She asks. Yes I do. I want to feel your mouth wrapped around my dick.

She wraps her hand around his cock and begins to stroke it up and down while kissing the head of his dick. Licking the shaft. Suddenly it is in her hot steamy mouth. Moving up and down. His hips moving with her. His hand has found the long hair of her head and runs through it guiding her head, letting her know what he wants. Sucking harder, faster she loves the way his dick feels in her mouth. The way her tongue moves around it, cupping in, stroking it. It is a perfect fit.

She is enjoys sucking his dick so much that she cannot help herself, her free hand finds her hot wet pussy and she begins rubbing her clit. You taste so good. She says. I like the way your finger moves around your pussy. I like to watch you pleasure yourself. He says.

I want you to pleasure yourself. She says. Show me how you like it. I want to see you enjoy it. As she continues to play with her pussy. He slowly pulls his cock out of her mouth and lays her head on his stomach. He grabs his big, hard cock with his hand and slowly begins to stroke it up and down. Running it from top to bottom. She moans with pleasure. As she enjoys watching him stroke his own cock, the way his hand moves, the way his hips match the movement of not only his hand but also hers as she continues to play with her pussy.

I want to taste your pussy he says. I would like that she replies. He stops stroking his dick, pulls off her skirt and moves down so that he can get a face full of her pussy. He watches as she rubs her clit. His finger gently touches her wet pussy and slowly slides in. Feeling all the hot wet juices she has created. Kissing the inside of her thigh. He moves in. His tongue lightly touches her pussy. Sending chills through her body. Oh you liked that he says. Yes I did. She replies. He continues to slowly, gently lick her pussy not wanting to move to fast. Her hand rubbing her clit intensifying the feel of what he is doing.

Then suddenly his tongue is shoved in her pussy. In and out. Next his finger, in and out. While he continues he licks his way around her pussy. Hips moving with pleasure telling him that she likes what he is doing.

He leans back watching how his fingers are enjoying this new play ground and how her hand plays with its toy. Tell me what you want says. I want you to continue what you are doing, but I want you to also put a finger in my ass. She says. Are you sure he asks. Yes I am. Slowly he inserts a free finger in to her ass and moves it in and out. Matching the movement of the finger in her pussy. Oh that feels good. She says. Her hips moving up and down shoving his fingers farther into her body.

I need to be in you he says. I want you in me she replies. Slowly he pulls his fingers away from her hot steamy areas. Her hand removed from her clit. He rolls over onto his back and motions for her to get on top.

She straddles him and easily slides his dick into her pussy. In slow motions she moves up and down teasing him with her pussy. He has found her breasts and filled his mouth with them. Rubbing, stroking, kissing, and sucking them.

Her hips begin to move faster, harder up and down his big cock. Both moaning with pleasure. You feel so good inside of me. I love the way your dick fills my pussy up. She says.

Both hot and sweaty. Moving in rhythm with each other.

She pulls herself off of him and says let’s try something different. I want you to come in behind me and fuck my pussy. She gets on her knees and he goes in behind her on his knees. Dick in hand he rubs it on her plumb ass enjoying how it feels on her skin. Then he finds her hot pussy waiting for him to enter. He glides his dick in to her, hands on her hips. As she pushes back, his hands pull in farther into her. Stroke after stroke, slamming into each other. His hands grabbing her ass, rubbing it. His hands can’t get enough of her ass in them. He leans forward slightly making sure that all of his big cock goes in while taking a hand and wrapping it around her waist looking for the hard clit he enjoyed watching her play with before. Rubbing it in tune with the movement of his hips slamming in to her ass shoving his cock into her pussy.


Wrapped up in how good it feels his free hand has found a handful of hair laying down her back. He grabs it and pulls it gently. Harder, she says. Pull my hair harder. He does as requested. Hearing moans of pleasure being released from her.

The feeling is so intense. They both are getting to the point of no return. I want you to fuck my ass she says. Surprised by the request, he continues to do as he is asked.

Releasing her hair, bringing back his hand that was pleasuring her clit; he takes his dick slowly out of her hot wet pussy and takes it in his hand. Slowly he finds her ass and gently begins to push it into her ass as she pushes back to help guide him. It is so tight, wrapped around his cock he releases a sound of sure pleasure. Slowly moving in and out.

Now put your fingers in my pussy. She says. Pumping her ass and finger fucking her pussy. Hips moving, bodies slamming into each other. Sure pleasure.

I can’t take it anymore. I can’t hold back any longer he says. I have to cum. He says. I want you to cum in my ass, she says. Harder, faster in and out. They both are on the edge. With a last long release of pleasure escaping from their mouths she releases her juices as he fills her ass with his.

Slowly he pulls his cock out of her ass, both falling to the bed with exhaustion.

I need to get back to my shift. She says. How much more do you have to do he asks. Nothing really. You were my last room with a request. She replies. I am not ready for you to go, he says. I have to have a shower before I get back to work. Can I use your shower she asks? Sure everything you will need is in there.

She gets up off the bed and heads to the bathroom. Starting the water she thinks about what she has just done. I could lose my job. I need my job. But I couldn’t help myself. I enjoyed it so much.

Sitting on the side of the bed. He replays everything that just happened in his mind. I have never felt such pleasure, given so much pleasure. A one night stand. Have I thrown it all away? No! It was already gone. If it wasn’t I would have hurried home instead of stopping for sleep and a drink. Listening to the water run he notices the door is not completely shut. He can see her reflection in the mirror. Soaping up her hair and rinsing it out. He can see her lathering up her body. Rubbing her hands over the areas he was just enjoying. The heat in his body rising again.

He stands up and walks to the bathroom door. He stands there a minute wondering if he should go in. Well I do need a shower also.

He walks in, stands there watching her for a moment longer, his cock has grown so big again.

Stepping in to the shower, he grabs a sponge and begins lathering up her back. I was hoping you would join me she says. Let me lather you up she says. She takes the sponge from his hands and begins to rub down his chest, shoulders and arms. Watching the water run over him. The steam is so thick. Is it from the shower or from their bodies?

He loves the feel of her touching him. He loves the feel of touching her. His hand slides down and finds that special spot between her legs and his finger finds its warm hiding spot. Moving in and out. Her hands have found his big cock and begin to lather it up. Each enjoying what the other is doing. Turn around he says. I want to put my dick in your hot pussy. She does as she is told. She puts her hands on the wall and he moves in behind her. His dick finds her hot wet pussy waiting for him to enter her. Moving in and out. Water rushing over their skin. The bathroom full of hot steam. Their hearts racing in their chests. Bodies slamming into each other. They have found the ecstasy they had found before.

I must really get back to work she says. I must really get to sleep I have to drive home in the morning he says. After exiting the shower she puts her uniform back on, tucks him in to bed and leaves the room. He lies in bed and while thinking of her he doses off to sleep.