The Library

It had been just a normal day at school, boring and repetitive. Oh how things can change. Tash and I were in the library, working on coursework towards our final grade. We’d been there for almost 2 hours, and the library was all but dead. The only other person around was the librarian, but we were tucked away in a corner, in the furthest point away from the main desk.

Now, before we get any further, let me tell you a little about Tash. She was taller than me at about 6 foot 2, a point she rarely let me forget, but she wasn’t gangly. She was very attractive, curvy in the perfect places, with wavy brunette hair and gorgeous big brown eyes. Wrap all that up in a school uniform and it’s a good thing I sit behind a desk most of the day…

Anyway, as she got up to do some photocopying, I couldn’t help but gaze longingly at those legs which seemed to go on forever in those tight trousers…

“Hey, I think the librarian has gone out somewhere. We’re all alone, spooky….”

It took me a good few seconds to realise Tash had come back, and was talking to me. I was lost in my thoughts, all of them graphic.

2 hours sat next to each other was beginning to take its toll, and soon any productive lines of thought were lost, and discussions of work turned into general conversation, with subtle, then not so subtle flirting occurring, from both sides. An innuendo here, a light touch on the arm or leg there… Eventually, with the accumulation of my thoughts and the pretty much open and direct flirting, I just thought to myself “What the hell, go for it”.

So I did. One second I was thinking about kissing her, the next, I WAS kissing her, her surprise quickly turning to eagerness, her soft lips opening up to mine. She then wasted no time, exploring my mouth with her tongue, as I hers with mine, as I slammed her against the nearest bookcase, textbooks raining down around us. Not that we cared, or even noticed.

After a few minutes, although to us it felt like forever, I broke the kiss and carried her, with her legs wrapped firmly around my waist by now, and sat her down on the table. I then proceeded to undo her blouse, one button a time, slowly, teasingly… It slid off her shoulders, although leaving her tie still around her neck. I undid her bra, and threw that to one side too, then paused to admire her sheer beauty, sat there, half naked, school tie nestled snugly between her soft, perfectly sculpted breasts. This drove me wild with desire and primal urges, and I began kissing her neck, up to her ear, then down.

When I reached the tie, I hesitated for a second, then with a sly grin, began to undo it with my teeth, deliberately kissing her skin at the same time. Pulling and tugging it lightly, the knot worked loose, and as it did, I kissed wider, across to her nipples, biting gently on them through the fabric of the tie, listening to the gasps and small moans of pleasure escaping her lips.

Soon the tie joined the growing pile of clothes, and I started to kiss lower still. Heading south over her toned stomach, pausing only to undo her trousers and let them fall off of her feet. As soon as they were off I noticed her juices starting to leak through her panties, so I slowly pulled them down with my teeth to her knees. Then I kissed up the inside of one thigh, so very close, but stopping just short, then back down the inside of the other thigh. This teasing continued for a while, each pass getting just a fraction closer, close enough to feel the heat radiating… I couldn’t take it anymore, animal instinct took over and I dove in.

My tongue poked and probed at her, pushing deep inside her, then flicking around as much at it could whilst still buried in her soaking pussy.

“Ohhhhhh God, mmmm, Aaron that’s so meeeeeeeeeeean…….”

That only urged me on more; I slid 2 fingers hard and deep into her sex as I started kissing, sucking and licking her clit. Soon I added a 3rd, then a 4th finger, and as soon as I did I felt her start to tense up, her breathing increase.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, Oh god! Aaron, mmmmmmmm.. ah, ah, AH, I’m gonna cuuuuum”

With that she arched her back and tensed so tight, her moans and screams echoing off the high ceilings. Her pussy flooded my mouth with the sweetest thing I had ever tasted, like honey.

My cock was throbbing so hard now, I was worried it’d tear out of my trousers. After Tash came down from the pleasurable high of her orgasm, she noticed the conspicuous bulge, and set about sorting it out. We switched places, I was leaning against the table as she wasted no time tearing off my clothes.

Now I’m not one to brag, but when she pulled down my boxers and found the 7 inches of solid penis standing to full attention, the way her eyes lit up made me very thankful for what the big guy upstairs had given me.

She hadn’t forgotten all the teasing I had put her through though, and I knew she’d make me pay. She did alright, kissing the head very lightly, then kissing all the way down the shaft and back up, before leaning away, still gripping it tight and looking at me with those huge brown eyes and a devilish grin on her face. She then licked down and back up the full length, before gently kissing the head, before taking it in her mouth and running her tongue in circles around it. God this girl was getting me close, and she knew it. Every time she knew when I was getting close, so she’d stop and go back to light kisses, still looking up at me with those teasing eyes. Eventually the instincts must’ve taken her over as they did me, and she really went to town then, swallowing down as much as she could, before her head started bobbing up and down, starting slow, then getting faster, and stroking the rest of my throbbing shaft with her hand at the same time.

“Mmmmm, baby, you’re getting me close again, gonna blow soon….”

This time she didn’t let up, instead she deep throated as much as she could as fast as she could, and it wasn’t long before my cock exploded down her throat, flooding her mouth with warm cum. She swallowed every bit, and didn’t lose a drop.

Now we were both hot and horny, practically begging for a fuck. So I laid her back on the table, her legs wrapped around my waist as I slowly entered her tight wet pussy, sliding in every millimetre, hearing her gasp and moan as she took the entire length deep inside her.

Wave after wave of passion crashed down on us, my thrusts penetrating her pussy deep and hard, pushing to give her every last bit. I was leaning over her, kissing her hard and full, tongues intertwined, as I pounded her tight hot pussy as hard and as long as I could. I could tell she was getting close again, her pussy squeezed and tensed around my cock like a vice, which in turn got me close,
We came together, screaming, gasping, moaning… We collapsed together on the table, our hot, sweaty, naked bodies almost as one as I held her in my arms, perfectly comfortable and content on the hard wooden table.