The magic stick

The twins wanted more then to watch a movie

I walked over to the local swimming pool, I was going to meet Jake
Amy and Travis there.
I walked into the changeing area; changed into my black bikini
And checked myself out in the merrior.
Tanned skin, long wavy brown hair swung around my shoulders
Bright ocean blue eyes, skinny curved body and big breast that held firmly under
My bikini top. I smiled knowing that I was sure to attract
Someone attention.
I wrapped the white towl around my body pushed my stuff
In a locker; locked it. I looked around
And spotted the twins”
Both sitting on the layout chairs talking about the girls around them
It seemed.
I sat beside Jake he smiled and wrapped his arms around my body
Tightly pressing my breast aginst his chest
“hello Emily”
“hi” I smiled and pushed him off
“Wheres Amy”
“she had to work plus she had to do some essay for
Allendor collage” Jake laughed
“I thought she go into maddion like us” I winned
I signed loudly
” Im getting bored”
“yeah let’s go back to my place maybe rent a movie”
We walked in into the parking lot and got into jakes
2004 dark blue BMW he got for his highschool graduation
He pulled up to his house mints later it was.
His house was only 10 mints
Away from campus.
We got inside and i changed into my blue tank top
And white shorts, I slid onto his couch beside Travis
We started watching a few movies on the movie channel
Jake got up and went upstairs I looked at the flat screen
With amusement
“EMILY!” I heard my name being yelled from upstairs
I ran upstairs think he was hurt but to find him but naked
Sitting on a larger circler style Stool
“what Jake” I stood tall with anger and acted like his nakedness
Didn’t bother me
“come here” I walked quickly
And he sat me on his lap
“remember that favor I asked for”
“yes” Well this is it “Jake-”
“shhh” he placed a finger on my lips and pulled down my underwear
He stood up and sat me on the stool
And moved me to wear I was on my hands and knees he
He went behind me i could feel my juices sliding
Down my legs he stuck it in my vagina with one big push
I let out a load moan in pain
“8 inches” he smiled he began trusting deep holding on to my
Hips I moaned loudly and I watched Travis walked in he pulled
Down his jeans as if he was going to take turns with me
Jake was stuffing the inter thing deep inside of me Travis
Walked in front of me and stuck it into my mouth
He was 8inches also, not much difference in the twins.
Both 5’11 tanned skin bright green eyes white perfect teeth
And brown hair with a bite of natural blond highlights
The only way to tell them apart is that Jake
Had hair hair short and trimmed nicely and Travis’s
One longer and had the bieber type look that I begged
For him to cut.
He grabed my head and trusted deeply pushing it down my throte
The feeling was intense I tried to sit up but Travis pushed
my head down and Jake held my body low
“alright Travis switch” he flipped me on my back and Travis
slid his shaft into my vagina again
as Jake pushed his into my mouth Travis put my legs on his sholders
And rubbed my they’d and he start pounding hard
Soon enough I felt hot seem fill my mouth a vagina.
They stoped and put me back on my hands and knees
Both pounding me quicker then any sex I had before
Then they switched again.. They went on for about
Three out before they stoped they allowed my to stand up
But my body was still weak the pushed me over on to the bed
Twins layed down layed down and made me me stroke
Them and made me suck them each off one by one as I sucked Travis
I felt Jake get up and go into the shower then he walked out in sweats
And walked down stairs smiling Travis did the same and so did I
We sat down and watched another movie
We promise not to tell Amy not unless she wanted to join…

To be continued…?

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