The Mile-High Club

November 12 Today was a warm, November day and I was standing in line, waiting to board my plane. I had been standing there for over half an hour and was beginning to wonder what was wrong; I looked at my watch and fidgeted with my carry-on bag. ‘Probably just took longer than they expected to get things ready’ I thought to myself. I looked around at the people waiting in line, not that many for an International flight, this should be good.

As you know, I had won the trip in a raffle a few weeks back: A one-week paid trip to Hawaii, and first class at that. I was pretty jazzed about the prospects. There was a commotion at the front of the line and I saw a stewardess opening the gate and checking tickets… I was on my way, at last. As I walked down the isle to the plane, I noticed our aircraft was rather large- especially considering the amount of people boarding. Must not be flying season. I boarded the plane and took my seat. I’d never taken first class before, but i was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. It was definitely a step up. I took my seat and looked around… I was one of the only people in my section, a bit odd, I must say. Oh well, all for the best… I never liked flying with a lot of people anyway.

About an hour or so after the plane had taken off, a stewardess came by to check if I needed anything. When I looked up my mouth almost dropped open… standing before me was a little hottie. She was average height, pretty face, eyes to die for. I must’ve been staring because she cracked a naughty smile and asked ‘will that be all?’ I quickly snapped out of my revere and ordered a drink. We engaged in small talk about her job, the weather, and sports… i found out that i was one of 5 passengers in the first class section… and there were 3 stewardesses waiting on us… ‘Not bad’ I thought, as some wicked thoughts passed through my mind.

Lunch came and went, and the in-flight movie was horrid, so I decided to take a nap. I couldn’t have been sleeping for more than 20 minutes when I felt a moist pair of lips press against mine. My eyes shot open, to find the hottie stewardess leaning over and kissing me…. this trip was getting awesome…

She pulled away and whispered in my ear… ‘I saw the way you were looking at me. I’m free for a while if you’re interested.’ I needed no further prodding. i pulled her onto my lap and kissed her again. Her hands roamed my body; sending electric shocks through me… the prospect of getting caught also heightened the experience. My hands gently massaged her back and sides and shoulders, she placed her hands under my shirt and pinched my nipples. I drew in a deep breath, not expecting that. She smiled and kissed me again. Then she stood up and directed me to do the same.

‘Follow me’ she said in a whisper.

She led me to the front of the craft and through a small door that lead to stewardess rest quarters and locked the door.

‘We should be fine here for a while.’ she said.

I pulled her close to me and wrapped my arms around her.

‘There’s a zipper in the back’ she whispered in my ear.

I found it and pulled it down slowly. She climbed out of her dress and sat me down on the fold out chair in the closet-sized room, straddling me. She pulled my shirt over my head and licked and kissed my chest. My cock was hard as a rock by now and was pushing against my pants she smiled and went to her knees. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock out. She toyed with it for a minute or so before sliding it into her mouth. She sucked hard and her tongue worked like a piston. It was fucking awesome.

She continued sucking me for a while; then she stood up and removed her bra. Her small, round breasts fell out. She walked over to me and placed a nipple in my mouth; I sucked and nibbled on it happily. I pinched her other nipple, causing a moan to escape her lips.

‘Harder, please’ she begged.

I pinched her harder. Her breathing quickened as she let out a small squeal. I started kissing down her chest to her stomach. She had the cutest navel ring I’d ever seen – a blue and silver dragonfly.

I slid off the bed and knelt down before her. She was wearing a red T-back thong, blackish stockings, and black heels. I liked the heels, and the stockings were fine, but the panties definitely had to go. I brushed my lips against the moist patch of fabric covering her snatch, it tasted delightful. I gently tugged at her panties; they easily gave way and slid down her legs. She looked stunning, completely nude except for stockings and heels, small perky nipples, and smooth pussy – just how I like it.

I instructed her to sit on the bed and spread her legs; then I scooted as close as I could. My hands massaged her inner thighs while my tongue played with her belly ring; I was trying to excite her, and I could tell it was working. Her pussy was dripping furiously and the aroma filled the room.

I slowly dragged my tongue down from her navel to her pussy, my hands still caressing her inner thighs. I lightly kissed around her pussy, being careful not to come in contact with her labia. I could hear her breathing becoming shallow.

‘JUST FUCKING EAT ME!’ she gasped, completely exasperated.

I responded by parting her labia with my fingers and running my tongue along the inner folds of her lips. I then drove my tongue as deep into her as I could. She tasted heavenly, and I was becoming giddy from the juices she was producing in great abundance. She started bucking her hips and kicking her legs, I had to grab onto her ass to steady her. My strokes were slow and steady as I slowly brought her to an orgasm. vTill now I had completely ignored her clit, but now my fingers sought it out and gently flicked it. A groan escaped her lips and she began humping my face with total abandon. I could barely breathe, but I continued working her slit. Then my lips broke contact with her pussy and my fingers took over. my tongue quickly moved to her clit. I pressed down on it, furiously licking and sucking on it. I sucked it into my mouth and blew with all my might. The extra pressure immediately pushed her over the edge as she came hard into my mouth.

I held onto her clit as she rode my face, I looked up to see tears streaming down her face. This was obviously an experience she wouldn’t easily forget. When I was sure she was done I stood up and drew her into my arms. Her warm breasts pressed against my bare chest, sending tingles down my spine, and reminding me that I wasn’t quite finished. She licked her cum off of my face and kissed me long and hard, our tongues swirled while our hands roamed each other’s bodies.

‘Thank you’ she whispered at long last.

I smiled, but I was far from done.

‘Turn around and hold onto the bed’ I instructed her.

She obeyed and I stood behind her holding my erection in my hand. I stroked her pussy lovingly before asking ‘are you ready.’

She nodded and I proceeded to slide my cock into her. It was a tight fit, and it took a few moments of adjusting before we were ready.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled that naughty smile of hers ‘fuck me hard’.

I was more than happy to oblige. I grabbed her hips and rammed into her with all the force I could muster. She squealed and pushed back into me. I fucked her hard for no less than five minutes. She returned every thrust with a thrust of her own. It was electric and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. She seemed to sense that to, because she turned around and between thrusts said ‘don’t cum in my pussy; I want you in my mouth.’

I pulled out of her and she got off the bed, and on her knees. She grabbed my cock and shoved into her waiting mouth. She sucked me hard, and God, was it amazing. I came so hard, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life.

She continued to suck me even after I was all spent, she just couldn’t get enough.

She finally stood up and kissed me. ‘that was very unprofessional of me, but thank you; I’ll never forget it.’

I smiled and kissed her again. We then got dressed again and went back to our own lives, me a passenger, and her a stewardess – you know Diary, it’s a funny thing – I never asked her name.

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