The storage room

I’ve been working at Sally’s restaurant for six months now and I was used to the long hours and the annoying customers, but I always smiled and looked at things in a positive way. Some of my customers are very lewd and would touch my ass and some even grab my boobs, i was always professional as my boss told me not to kick the customer’s asses like i really wanted to do, because the money is all that’s important.

the restaurant has been picking up lately and the boss mans decided its time to hire some new help. He asked me to help out in the hiring process and so I did. All the choices we saw in the beginning have been pretty sorry, until this hunk came in and took my breath away. He was smooth talker this one and I know that I was going to have to keep my walls up. His name was mike and he was a college graduate, and damn as the boss talked I couldn’t look at anything besides those lips and how they moved. He had the nicest ass I’ve ever seen in a man, and I thought there was nothing wrong with looking, just as long as I kept my distance.

After weeks of training, Mike was getting the hang of things and was actually a big help, I also spent those few weeks checking him out, and it got me wet every time he walked in the door or even looked my way. It was a late Friday night and the rustle was dying down, finally it was closing time, and he usually stayed to help me clean up. We got all the chairs up and all the tables wiped. I started to pack things into the storage room, and I was so consumed by my work I didn’t notice when mike came in and closed the door behind him. “Marcy” he said I turned around and found him close to me, i looked up at him and said “yeah” he took my hands and started to lick my fingers, I tried to pull away in outrage, but he held on ” I’ve seen you check me out Marcy I know you want me, all you have to do is take it.”
“I dont know what you’re talking about mike, let me go” But my pussy started to tingle, he was just so damn close and he smelled so good. I realize that I wanted him to touch and kiss and fuck me right here, right now, but I know that I shouldn’t. His lips touched mines and I shivered, and gasped he slipped his tongue into my mouth, he started to kiss my neck and I reached and held on to his shoulders as my knees were getting weaker and weaker. after a couple minutes of this , I felt my his hand lifting my shirt up and finally pushed him away.

” I cant do this mike, please lets just go.”

“why are you acting like you don’t like it.” I saw the bulge in his pant and felt my pussy getting hotter, gosh I wanted him to fuck me, why not marcy you only live once.

this time I started to kiss him, my shirt came off and was swiftly followed by my bra, he pushed me away and stared at my full c cup breasts he glazed his thumb over my hardened nipples, i gasped and arched closer to him, he lips descended on my nipples and I screamed out in pleasure, oh gosh! this made me wild my breasts were very sensitive.
he went on his knees and unbuttoned my pants, then my panties, I was stark naked and he looked his fill, I wanted to see his glorious body so i undressed him like he had done me, damn he was hot, he obviously worked out, and his dick looked to be about 8 inches, i got down on my knees and took his thick dick in my mouth, I liked the precum off the head and put as much of it as i could into my mouth, I heard him groan ” I’ve been waiting g for this” I took his balls in my mouth one at a time, den I squeezed his ass and he started to face fuck me, he finally pulled me up pushed me against the wall, lifted my legs on his shoulder and started to lick my pussy ” oh my god!!” I screamed this is the first time I have ever been eaten and damn it felt good, he suckled on my clit and tongue fucked me. ” please mike I want that dick in me.” i heard my self say, i have never been a wild girl but i felt no shame as mike turned me face first in the wall pulled my hips toward him. my ass was sticking up at him like a feast, he glided his dick into my wet pussy slowly and i moaned, oh this felt to damn good, he pulled his dick all the way out and put it back in faster i gasped and he started to fuck me harder than I have ever been fucked before, i was screaming, this was a surprise because sex has always been a duty for me, this part was never pleasurable but now oh my gosh how did i live all this time without a good dick, he fucked me harder and i came more time time than i could count, finally he groaned ” im gonna cum” he grunted and i felt his warm cum splash into my womb,

We got dressed quickly and left the storage room, he gave me a kiss told me he’d see me tomorrow and we got into our separate cars and went on our way, I think im gonna enjoy my job a lot more from now on.

more to come!

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