The Stranger

I gripped the doorknob, heart beating, unsure if I could go on. I wet my lips and finally turned the cool, bronze metal silently. Behind the other side of the door was complete and utter darkness. I took a breath and closed the door behind me, sealing the black. I walked a few feet, my heels making too much noise on the wood floor. There was a click behind me. The door was now locked. “Nervous much?” the whisper came from the side, hot breath pouring sweetly over my left ear and neck. The hairs on my skin rose straight up. “Yes,” I admitted, my voice ringing too loudly in the swallowing pitch dark. “Relax!” Drawing out the word, the voice came from somewhere in front of me. I bent to undo the leather straps and silver buckles on my heels and I kicked them off. I slid off my jacket, letting it fall on top of the shoes. I undid a button on blouse and tugged the rubber band out of my hair, letting it cascade around my shoulders. “Anxious?” The voice was right in front of me and I flinched. The stranger took my hand. The hand was smooth and warm. I reached for the other button with my free hand but the he grasped my arm. “Let me.” His touch sent shivers all over my body as his hands slithered under my shirt and pulled it over my head swiftly. He must’ve walked around me because next his fingers worked under my bra straps until he threw that to the side as well. I couldn’t even see his face; it was so dark, so I wondered how he knew how to do this. “You’re so tense,” he whispered, massaging my shoulders. I tried to relax in his grip and finally did after he planted a few kisses on my neck. I reached around so I felt his head in my hands. I turned myself around and blindly reached for his mouth. I found it and nibbled on his bottom lip. “That’s better,” he muttered and his arms found their way around me. He pressed me closer to him and I ripped off his shirt so my breasts rested against his naked chest as we kissed. He pulled me across the room and collapsed onto something, pulling me on top of him. It was a bed, large by the feel and very soft. My tongue sniffed itself into his open mouth and touched his tongue. They rolled against each other and we kissed again and again. He flipped so I was on my back and planted a kiss right between my boobs. He kissed down my ribs and stomach, reaching my skirt. He shimmied it down my waist and onto the floor and then tore my panties away with his teeth. I stripped off his pants and stuffed my hands into his boxer shorts, feeling around. I squeezed his ass slightly and finally pulled away his underpants. We were both naked now. I felt slightly exposed as he slipped away from me. I heard a clinking and shuffling. I felt a weight on the other end of the bed again as he climbed over to me. He wordlessly handed me a smooth bottle which I knew was wine. I downed a gulp and handed it back to him. “Mmm, sexy,” I murmured as his hands caressed my cheeks and moved down to my breasts. My head swam from the light alcohol. He gripped my nipples tight and I gasped, feeling his teeth graze over each swelling round. His fingers moved down to my thighs, his touch leaving hot trail marks. I was on my knees, tracing patterns around his neck. His fingers fluttered over my cilt, fingers hunting for the right places. “Oh!” I let the word slip from my mouth in a whisper as he rubbed my cilt and stuck a finger inside gently. He fingered me deliciously while kissing me at the same time. His tongue ran over my teeth and my tongue slid over the roof of his mouth. “Yummy,” he breathed and I licked his lips playfully. His face disappeared for a moment and I felt his head between my legs. His lips were suddenly browsing around downstairs in my love nest. I felt his tongue reach inside my hole and I let out the smallest moan. I spread my legs wide as they could go and shoved toward him. His mouth latched onto my hole and he sucked like a leech. “Yes!” I said in a sharp intake of breath. “Yes, oh god!” I’d never been sucked before down there and it felt amazing. He did this for a few moments, fingering me and eating me up. Then, he pushed me over and was suddenly sitting on my abdomen in exactly the right place where I wouldn’t choke. His hands were on each of my breasts, cupping them gently. I felt something extremely hard brush over my jaw and I opened my mouth greedily. He chuckled to himself. “Well we know you aren’t a virgin,” he whispered. He said the last part in a growl before stuffing his hard cock in my mouth. I licked his mushroom tip and sucked hard. He let out a small groan. I sucked harder, rubbing the base of his cock. His hands tugged back the base of my hair and he made me throat it. I felt his hot juices already dripping into my mouth and I ate it. I could only take this a few minutes as he shoved in and out of my mouth, rubbing my tits all the while. He was groaning louder now and shoving into me rhythmically. He pulled out and his hands flitted over my vagina and he stuck two fingers in softly again. “Oh, you got a tight pussy don’t you?” he hissed. “You long bastard. Don’t tease me. Fuck me or else,” I snarled. “Or else?” He laughed and slapped his cock playfully over my cilt, rubbing me still. I shuddered, trying not to surrender so quickly. I lay on my back, knees up and spread. Finally, I felt the tip of his cock rub around the top and sides of my vagina and then penetrate the lips of my cilt. “Oohh,” I let out a soft moan. He went a tiny bit deeper. “Please,” I whimpered, wanting the full thrust and fuck sensation. “Tell me what you are,” he said. “Oh, I’m a dirty little whore. I’m your dirty whore.” He went slowly inside me further. “Oh, yes, oh yes I’m your slave your whore slave. Ah!” I felt his dick slide and wriggle of its own accord inside me. I rotated my hips, squirming as he went deeper. “Oh, god yes I am your dirty fucking slut. I’m a bad slut.” “Should I teach the bad slut a lesson?” He growled, thrusting hard and pulling almost all the way out. “Yes! Daddy, I’ve been so bad!” I grunted. I arched my back as he drove deep, deep all the way so our waists were connected. He pulled out slowly then drove fast in again. He repeated it until he was doing fast strokes in out in out. I moaned, at a loss for words. He was panting heavily but we weren’t even close to being done. “Fuck it, bitch!” he shouted, flipping so I was on top. I bounced hard, hands guiding his dick into me. We were fucking in rhythm now, my tits practically leaping off my chest. “OH! OH BABY YES!!! GOD YES FUCK IT!!” He was getting excited now, pounding again and again. I was doggy-styled now on all fours. He shoved hard inside my anal. “YES BITCH!!” He screamed. “OH OH OH YES FUCK ME HARDER FASTER BABY!!!” I screamed back at him. I felt the warm tingling spreading up my legs. I felt like I was going to explode. He started to spank melight, little taps at first and then harder, probably leaving red marks. “Spank me! I’ve been so bad!” I shouted. His cock was doing circles inside my ass. He slammed me again and again. His 11 inches was going all the way through. “OH YES YES IM GONNA CUM BABY!” He flipped yet again as I started to say this so he was rocking my pussy hard. “OH, RIDE ME! RIDE ME LIKE A HORSE!” He yelled. I wrapped my legs around him, fingers crawling inside his ass and I finger fucked him fast. “IM GONNA CUM!!! IM GONNA CUM IN YOUR TIGHT PUSSY YOUR TIGHT PUSSY!!!” He repeated and I knew I was coming the same time as him. We were shouting our heads off, taking longer than necessary to cum. His sperm was shooting into me and it blasted all over my breasts as he pulled out. He rubbed his cum all over me as he shot more into my vagina. I was coming to the end and we were kissing and rubbing again. The sensations were coming in hot, long waves. I was trembeling with intense pleasure as it came to an end. But now, it wasn’t an end, only a beginning. I knew I’d meet him again and again. We’d do more handcuffs, whips, bananas and I’d love it.
Sex is the best, doncha think?