The time of my life

It all started in a club, I was the midnight bartender who takes shifts at midnight until A man waled in, towards the bar and sat down. I walked up to him with a sexy movement in my hips. He had dirty blonde short hair, Green eyes and looked like he had gone to the gym 6 times a day. Perfect. “What will it be for you?” I said lifting a glass and bopping to the song playing.
“Suprise me…” He said, chukling to my dancing. “Wanna’ dance, brown eyes?” He said, as I passed him his drink.
“Why not.” I said, telling my friend Dana to keep control of the bar. I walked round the edge of the table and grabbed his hand to pull him to the dance floor. “Whats your name then?” I said, shaking my hips.
“Charlie, Yours?” He replied, trying to join in.
“Im Cammio” I said smiling and moving forward. “Do you want to come back to my place for some.. fun?” I whispered. He nodded. I pulled him to the bar, gave Dana a thumbs up and walked to my car. We got in and I put the key in, Charlie moved over and kissed my neck.
“Not now, Charlie.” I turned the key and drove quickly to my house. We burst through the door and immediatly laid on the sofa, kissing and feeling around. When I broke from our kiss, I lap danced and striped for him. I could tell he was enjoying it from his facial expressions. Then I pulled his top off and un-done his pants button. He grabbed my boobs and started to play before letting me pull them down. Eventually, he stood up and let me whip them off. He dropped to his knees first, his head was a perfect hight for my pussy. He lent forward and stuck his tounge into my pussy hole, licking and sucking on my clit. I loved it. Then he made me suck his cock, of course I teased him first, then sucked. Then we got to the chase, He climbed on top of me and slid his cock slowly into my pussy. He thrusted in, out, in, out. He was amazing at this. I felt an orgasm coming to. Soon I was yeling in pleasure and he was smiling. It was a one night stand, I guess.

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