This was my first time

That day I had got out of the house rather early and after a hasty breakfast and quick shower, I needed to catch a subway train and reach the new college in the city. It was roughly an hour’s journey by the subway train. There I would have to submit my admission forms and start a new semester.
I had no time to lose so I had even decided to tie my hair up in a bun even though it was still a little wet. The other days would have been different. I am proud of my waist length hair. I prefer a braid or as simple pony tail and many a times I just let it down but rarely a bun.
While I was walking down the road towards the subway station I enjoyed men turning their heads towards me I was dressed decently a white sleeveless blouse and snugly fitting leggings and but at times I felt a little awkward when their hollow eyes cast a stare at my throbbing breasts though I was wearing my bra. They seemed to rebel against my brisk walk from within blouse as no bras could hold the breasts in peace ever and I took no offense because I knew men would always be men and girls would always be girls, enjoying the attention, especially when it a nineteen year old like me.
Little did I know that I was going to attract an impetuous suitor far different from the ones that I would have expected.
When I reached the subway station, I was a little surprised when I learned that trains were running late. Somewhere down the train lines there was some problem with the tracks as a result trains had to be moving very slow. Thus no wonder the station was jam packed!
I saw there were two seats empty on a bench at the platform where I stood. I quickly grabbed it. I did not mean to stand till the time the train came and who knows when it might arrive?
A thought flashed by me, I started to wonder who might sit beside me at the bench? Another nice guy with a lovely smile? I guess some God listening to my thoughts granted my wish but it was in a manner I did not expect at all.
I saw a well built man in his mid forties approach and take the seat. He smiled at me in a way as if he had known me for a while.
“So the trains are running late… oh my God”, He said.
“Yes…”, I could not help but reply.
“So where are you going?”, he asked. I realized he wanted to start a conversation. I did not mind at all.
“I am going to the city, what about you?”
“Me too”
After that an awkward silence came over both of us, we could not figure out what to talk about. Just then the sub way train rumbled in. People rushed to get in me and then someone pushed me from behind, I almost lost my balance and fell when he grabbed me in his arms and hurled threat towards the person who had pushed me. He kept his arm around me till the time I boarded the train. There was too much rush on the train and there was hardly any place to keep both feet. So with his arm still warmly wrapped around me I faced him. I saw I had nothing else to hold on to; so I gently and sheepishly touched his waist. Holding on to his belt. The train started to move with a jerk and slammed on him due to the motion. He liked it. His smile said it though I stammered an apology amidst an embarrassing smile.
He looked at me, I too did the same. This was the first time I realized He was quite tall may be almost six feet. I was tall too but my forehead would only come up to his chin. By that time he realized that he still had arm around me and at the same time I seem to confess that I too was holding him. Nobody else seemed to care. Why should they? A man in a business suit and a girl with wet look hair, wearing a white sleeveless blouse both holding each other is a common sight. Far at the other corner I could even see a couple in the middle of a passionate kiss. We looked at each other. The train stopped at an intermediate station. More people got in than ones getting down. The rush increased, it was too crowded. People were shoving and my body was being completely pressing against his. I could smell his masculine perfume. Our upper torsos were being pressed harder and harder by the crowd. I did not mean to close the distance between our faces but it was it was getting increasingly difficult.
Suddenly I realized my inner thigh was pressing something uncanny. My heart skipped a beat when I realized he was having an erection. My intimacy with him was now too much for him to resist. I started getting wet too and that was it, I adjusted my position so that now my vagina though underneath my legging and panties, pressed against his erection. He gently placed his left palm on my head, intently touching my hair in a bun and eased my head closer, till his lips touched my forehead and he kissed me. I felt an electrifying tingle; I tightened my grip around his waist and pulled his waist towards me while I pressed mine towards him. With his left hand on my shoulders and right hand around the small of my back he squeezed me in him.
I was thinking in other circumstances I would have laid down beside him hungry to satisfy my most crude desires, I was big enough, I am grown up. He is a man and I am a woman… I needed him very badly now. I knew it from within I did. I cannot resist any more.
He was careful enough to avoid curious eyes and he caressed my back and my arms then he precisely stole a moment to squeeze my breasts.
The train stopped. Our destination had arrived. Why do good things end so soon?
We de-boarded the train and he asked me, “Where are you going?”
I said, “To the college… I need to submit these forms…”
He looked away, he was thinking something. I started to wonder, ‘Do you have to go to work? Why don’t you take the day off? I will not say no if you have sex in mind… promise!’. I had made up my mind.
“Wait here.”, he said and bought me a coffee. While I sipped, he walked a few paces away with his cellular phone drawn and I am sure he called his office. There was too much noise; I could not comprehend what he was saying. But I caught his words that ended the call, “See you all tomorrow guys, I will take my leave.”
He came up to me, “Well, let me take you there”, he said and kissed me on my cheek. No one gave us a second look.
I walked with him hand in hand with my heart throbbing with anticipation. He hailed a cab. We got in. As the cab sped towards the college, he gently pulled me towards him and this time he kissed my lips. While we smooched, he slid his tongue in. I shuddered as soon as I tasted it he loosened my bun and started to run fingers through my hair.
He broke his face away from me, only to say, “I love that long hair of yours”.
His lips returned to mine, this time I slid my tongue in his mouth. He started to suck it and slowly he opened up two buttons of my blouse and put his hand inside and started to enjoy the feel of my breasts cupped in my bra. Too bad, I decided to wear a bra today. I have spent braless days, why did I wear it today.
The driver said, “We are approaching the Square…”
We broke away. I buttoned up my blouse and looked at the driver while arranging my hair in a bun again. He was a foreigner he had been enjoying all this while, viewing everything in his rear view mirror. Especially when my friends say I look sexy with my hair down.
I walked the college compound hand in hand with him I was glancing down every now and then lest my leggings were wet too, I guess I was over conscious; I was afraid a wet legging would seal the fact that I was in heat and my creative juices never stopped wetting my panties.
I do not exactly remember, how I submitted the forms and paid the fees through my credit card however I was assured I did not make any mistakes or leave anything out as he always stood beside me.
“So how do you plan to spend the day,” he said, something had assured him I wanted to stay with him.
“What do you have in mind?”, I asked.
He smiled at me. I let my hair down and let the wind caress it.
I called home and stated I wanted to spend the day at a friend’s house and headed towards a motel. Light snacks were all that comprised our lunch and we headed towards our room that was booked for six hours only. He had already wrapped his arm around me, I kept brushing the sides my body against his with each step.
We entered the room and he closed the door and locked it. He now eagerly started to undress me. First the blouse then the bra. He stopped to admire my breasts and gently held them in his palms. I looked at him, he kissed me I kissed him and I started to undress him. We never stopped kissing or licking each other. I slid his underwear down his penis sprang out like a hungry tiger. This seemed too much for him he lifted me in his arms and gently laid me down on the bed.
Now he took off my leggings and my panties with wet patches were visible to both of us. He kissed me again and took it off. I was shaved and the sight of my wet pussy seemed to have triggered an instinct in him. He dove down to eat me.
I started to moan now, no man had ever done this to me, and I had never known the pleasure of men until now. I could sense my vaginal lips drawing apart and he was smooching me all over. He stopped again to admire my breasts and started to suck them. This was an electrifying sensation. I kept on enjoying and the more I enjoyed the more he aroused me. I could feel his rock hard penis brushing against my thighs and at time my stomach. I was dying for a penetration. I could not control my own emotions, all I found myself doing was rubbing the bed cover with the soles of my feet.
He sensed it or he was no longer to wait he grabbed my calves and spread my legs apart.
This was the first time during the encounter I started to get scared, but my feeling of anticipation and my body fully aroused seemed overcome my fear . I was dying with desire and then it happened. He thrust his penis into my vagina.
I felt like I was slowly being impaled by a knife and the jolts of pain numbed my body for a moment. When I regained, I found the pain to be too much, I started writhing. He held me down with what seemed like a demonic force. I could hardly move.
He lay still over me for sometime. He knew what he was doing. I could feel the pain subside a bit and bearing his weight seemed to fire my desire again. I felt my pelvis heaving up. It was a complete involuntary option. My inner desires seemed to have taken over my body. He got the hint and he then performed and he did it vigorously. With each thrust he mad, I found my waist heaving up to meet the motion, this rhythm continued for a while, seem to die in pain but I could not afford to let him stop. I wanted more and even more. I was approaching the climax, when at the right anticipated moment my body shuddered and I came to an exploding orgasm.
But he continued. The pleasure was becoming unbearable for me, I moaned twisted beneath him. His body weight was yet another arousing factor. He finally obtained an orgasm. I could sense his warm semen filling me up. He lay still over me catching his breath for a while. I felt his penis going soft for while. But soon it regained its hardness. He continued to rock in me again with the same vigour. I was on the verge with pleasure of screaming but I controlled it. After all it was the day time. People in other rooms were awake and we did not want any unwanted voyeurs.
This time he seemed to continue a bit longer. I was being torn between the desires to breaking free as I was unable to decide between pleasure and pain and at the same time, I did not want to break away because I was still unable to decide between pleasure and pain. He finally filled me up again.
We both were gasping for breath after another exploding orgasm. He continued to cuddle and caress my naked body. I do not know when we drifted to sleep.
The wake up time seems to come sooner than expected. It always does when one is having a sweet sleep. The intercom rang and the motel manager was wondering if we wanted to extend our stay.
We got up and got dressed and I saw there were patches of my blood on the bed sheet.
He looked at me with a surprised look, “Did you not do this before?”
I said, “No!”
He seemed to feel a little guilty. He had assumed I was not a virgin. I sensed that and just to break the ice I said, “I know what pills to take… my friends have been doing it all time.”
“I did not know,” He said, “Let me know if you need any help…”
“What for? Another date with you? … I told you I will be okay… I know what to do “.
He finally seemed to be relived.
He paid a handsome tip to the room attendant, because the blood stains were the first thing she noticed. Something in her look told me she had seen such stains many times. Couples always frequented this motel for its service and privacy.
We checked out.
While on our way back to the subway station we hardly spoke to each other. He kept his arms wrapped around me, I had kept my head on his shoulders. We both had a very gratifying time.
Too bad, we could not make the journey together as he had to go in a different direction and so take another train. I had to return home.
We kissed each other good bye. I asked him, “What is your name?”
“John”, he said.
“I am Maya. Thanks for ride in heaven, John”, I kissed him again.
And we went our ways.


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