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Charlie considered himself a very important person, so when he came to New York and found himself in search of an escort to show him a good time, he started his search in the VIP New York escorts section. In no time at all he found a gorgeous girl, with big round boobs and a happy looking smile, who was apparently one of the specialist VIP New York Escorts. She was coming to his hotel room in two hours; now all he had to do was make himself look as though he was the type of guy that booked VIP New York escorts and not just the standard variety. This was going to be tough!

He was staying in a nice enough hotel in the centre of the city, and it was certainly the type of place VIP New York escorts visited often enough, so he didn’t have any problems there, he just didn’t look much like a VIP! But what exactly did they look like anyway he asked himself quite reasonably? Would the girl really care when she arrived, he asked himself. It isn’t as though she’d turn up, tell him that he didn’t look like a VIP and that she wouldn’t spend any time with him as a result of this!

He needed to relax, he was just anxious about meeting one of these VIP New York escorts; he wanted to make a good impression. He poured himself a glass of wine and sat himself down at a nearby writing table. Oh my goodness! He thought to himself in an instant. What if the wine was cheap and nasty? He’d asked for something mid range, but perhaps it wouldn’t be up to scratch for VIP New York escorts?

Finally there was a knock on the door and Charlie simply had to stop worrying. When he answered the door there stood the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on in his entire life. He said nothing.

“Hello!” She said with a smile, “can I come in?”

Charlie gestured past himself and into the room, still unable to speak. This was so easy he couldn’t believe it; he thought that she would be worried and cagey around him.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked her, immediately forgetting the poor quality of the wine and cursing himself.

“Yes please, I’d love one,” she replied, “I’ll just make myself comfortable over here in the bed shall i?” She asked, without waiting for the answer. Charlie glance over and saw as she crossed her legs that she was wearing black, lacy topped stockings and suspenders; she made no attempt to hide the stocking tops, in fact she saw him looking and simply smiled at him. He passed her a glass and watched her drink it as though he expected VIP New York escorts to melt when they tasted inferior wine; ha, he thought, once she’d sipped it, no reaction!

He was just beginning to think to himself that perhaps she might not be a VIP New York escort if she couldn’t tell the difference in the wine, when he was grabbed by her and pushed onto the bed. Within seconds this girl had his trousers off and thrown into the corner of the room, and his cock in the back of her throat! She sucked on him like it was the last thing she was every likely to get in her mouth as long as she lived.

Within minutes he felt as though he wanted to explode, and he pushed her off him as though she were trying to attack. Sheeez! He thought, these VIP New York escorts really do know how to treat a guy!

She stood up and stripped off her clothes in front of him. She never broke eye contact with him until she was standing in nothing but her stockings and suspenders. She approached him again, and that’s when the fun really started. Charlie’s last logical thought that evening was that he was very pleased he went for a VIP New York escort and no other.

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