What the doctor order

This is the first time I have written an article of this type, so I hope you like it. To give you a bit of a back ground to this true story, let me explain that I am 40 years old a marine engineer working for a ship design company working out of the south west of England. I travel with my job to contractors and private yacht builders in the Plymouth Exeter region. Recently my boss was taken ill and I was asked to present at a seminar in London, all the arrangements had been made all I had to do was turn up.
I set out on the Monday morning travelling first class from Bristol to London Kings Cross, my presentation was not until 1 o’clock on Tuesday, so it would give me lots of time to enjoy the 5 star hotel facilities, travel to the venue and get set up for the presentation. The journey was very relaxing with no incidents arriving just before midday, there was a taxi rank just outside the station I jumped in the first taxi available and gave the driver the hotel name during the journey we made small talk about the weather (it was very hot) and the local sites around my hotel.
The taxi arrived at the hotel just after 1 o’clock, I paid stepped out the taxi and was helped with my bags by the concierge the front of the hotel was grand with pillars either side of the entrance which was glass and automatically slide back on approach, I was directed to the reception by the concierge.
I passed though the second set of doors to find myself in a wide corridor with a glass door leading to a wine bar on the left hand side a bank of four lifts on the right just past the bar on the left was the reception, I was greeted by a friendly well dressed women of a similar age to myself, I was asked my reservation number, and if I required to make a reservation for dinner tonight, the dinner reservation was made for seven thirty, the receptionist indicated that the hotel was full of German bankers who had a state dinner in the main restaurant, she suggested that I make a reservation for the hotels newly opened lounge bar which was on the first floor.
The receptionist took a copy of my credit card for incidentals and passed me my room card telling the concierge the room number, I followed the concierge to the lifts and we went to the third floor and on to the room, the concierge left the room after I had tipped him. The room was a standard room with all the usual amenities, it was hot so the first thing was switch on the air conditioning, the cool breeze was just what I was looking for, unfortunately it was situated above the wall mounted television, after a few minutes it started to drip water onto the television.
I turned the air conditioning off and went back to the reception to complain, I was met by a young receptionist showing an ample amount of breast with a large name badge which indicated that her name was Mandy, I told her of the problem asking for a different room, Mandy smiled at me leaned forward to operate the terminal in front of me and showing even more of her cleavage indicated that the hotel was full, at this point the manager came out from behind a screen at the back of the reception, and asked if there was a problem. Mandy explained the problem to the manager who in turn pressed a few buttons on the computer terminal, apologising for the wait and asking if I would accept a meal voucher and he would get an engineer to look at the AC tomorrow.
I replied that as I was leaving tomorrow that was no good to me (all my meal cost are paid by my firm), after a discussion with Mandy the manager indicated that the there was only one room available the penthouse, he was willing on this one occasion to allow me to use it, would that be ok, my replied came before he had time to finish his sentence. The concierge was informed of the room change and I was on my way to the tenth floor.
After tipping the concierge I was left in the Penthouse suite, a bedroom with on suite facilities a living area looking over Canary Wharf with a Jacuzzi, a large television, a couch, a drinks cabinet and a coffee table with flowers and fruit, I thought to myself life couldn’t get better. I opened a bottle of wine and sat looking over the docklands railway, watching the coming and going of the business man and women from the high rise tower buildings.
Around seven o’clock I showered and dressed for dinner, as I was not eating at the main restaurant I dressed casual, I set out for the restaurant on leaving the lift on the first floor I read the direction notice on the wall directly in front of the lift door, it indicated that the Gym, Sauna, hair dresser and therapy areas are to the right the members bar was to the left, I went left up two steps into the bar area I was met by a young man who asked my room number, and directed me to a table. There was only one other dinner in the bar a lady of about 30 years old waiting for her meal, she was dressed in a short skirt a white blouse showing her ample breasts which I estimated to be about a D Cup, she acknowledged me with a smile as I walked passed her. My table faced the side of the young lady I notice she had a bottle of Australian Merlot on her table with a glass poured in her hand, I requested the same wine, and ordered the Prawn cocktail, fillet steak with peppered sauce from the menu.
The waiter poured my first glass of Merlot and I sat watching the other dinner drinking her second glass of wine, the view I had was more than. Our meals arrived at the same time we also finished around the same time. I asked the waiter for the bill on signing it I left, just as I got to the lift my phone rang, it was my boss phoning me from his sick bed wishing me good look for the presentation tomorrow, just as the phone call finished the young lady from the restaurant was leaving I pressed the button for the lift and turn and went to ask her if she want me to hold the lift, only to see her tripping on the top step as she came down I instinctively put my arms out to catch her and got a handle full of her left breast, she went down on to her knees in front of me.
I helped her up and apologised for what had happened with my hand, asking her if she wanted a drink to steady her nerves after the fall, she gratefully accepted so we turned around and I helped her back up the stairs into the bar, I order two more glasses of Merlot, and sat down across the table from her.
She told me her name was Fiona and she was a Doctor on a training course at a local hospital, we seemed to be getting on well with each other, I had told her the scenario with the rooms and that I had ended up with the penthouse suite, she asked if she could see what it was like I replied I had an open bottle of wine in the room and why don’t we continue our conversation in my room, expecting her to slap my face, but she was more than willing.
Fiona had twisted her ankle in the fall and needed help with walking, so being the total gentleman I put my arm around her waist resting my hand on her hip, her hand was on my shoulder for support, I helped her to the lift, I left my arm around her waist whilst the lift went up to the tenth floor, there was no objection from Fiona she continued telling me about her training course.
Fiona enjoyed the tour of the Penthouse suite I sat her down on the couch and poured two drinks and offered one to her. She took a sip from the wine and asked if I would mind rubbing he ankle to try and relive the pain, I agreed and told her to remove her shoes and tights, she just looked at me winked smiled and said when you had your arm around my waist you must of realised I am wearing stockings not tights, and proceeded to lift her leg and ask me to take off her shoe and stocking, she placed her foot in my lap just below my fast rising man member.
I started rubbing her ankle, after one or two light rubs I moved my hands up her leg to just below her knee I looked up into her face to see her eyes closed and a smile developing on her lips, I placed her foot back on the floor and proceeded to massage her upper leg until I reached the edge of her panties. There was no objection so I continued to remove her panties, Fiona helped by lifting her backside. I looked down at her nicely trimmed pussy, and inserting one figure a moan left her lips so I insert a second figure, her legs opened further to allow me access.
I lower my head and started to nibble her clit, the juices and the aroma coming from her women hood were getting stronger she was fidgeting on the couch so I continued finger fucking her and sucking and nibbling on her clit, after a couple of minutes I looked up to see Fiona’s blouse open and her right hand inside her bra playing with her left tit, a little moan was escaping from her lips and her eyes were looking straight down into mine.
I asked her if my massage was relieving the pain in her foot, she shouted at me to carry on she was so close to Cumming, I renewed my attention to her clit and within a few minutes Fiona was lifting her backside off the couch and her hand was pushing the back of my head into her pussy, removing my figures from her love hole I replaced them with my tongue just in time to receive a squirt of her juices down the back of my throat, I continued to lick up and down her slit from her pussy opening to her clit until Fiona finally spoke saying that was just what this doctor ordered, I moved up her body and let her taste her own juices from my tongue, I felt her hands on my belt removing my trousers and releasing my cock from my boxers. She pushed me onto the floor and proceeded to give me a blowjob. Within a few minutes I could feel myself getting harder and nearer to the Promised Land, and suggested to Fiona we continued though in the bedroom.
After removing her lips from around my member she shouted YES YES please, I was now aware that she had been rubbing her crutch up and down my right leg while she was had been sucking my cock and she seem to be having another orgasm, I let her orgasm subside and lifted her into the bedroom laid her on the king size bed, removing her remaining clothes she just lay there just looking at my 8 inch cock with the biggest grin I have ever seen on her face.
I stripped laid on the bed and said now what were we doing, she moved on to her side, I started to kiss her neck down her body to her right nipple which was hard and raised from her breast she looked down and said the other one is getting jealous, why don’t you fuck my tits and let me get a good look at that cock of yours.
I sat on her stomach she pushed her breast around my cock and I started fucking her tits, on the forward stroke she open her mouth but my cock was only just touching her lips so she used her tongue to lick the bell end, after five or six minutes I felt the spunk rising from my balls Fiona let go of her tits placed her hands on my ass and struck a finger up my ass, this was just too much for me I let go and a stream of cum hit Fiona right between the eyes she quickly put her mouth over my cock and received the second spurt of spunk into her mouth, she spent the next couple minutes cleaning my cock with her mouth, the first jet of cum was tricking down her nose she used her finger to guide it into her mouth, when she had finished she looked at me and said that was the starter what is for the main course.
Fiona walked though to the living area, I notice she was not limping from her fall now, after a couple of minutes of water running into the Jacuzzi, Fiona called for her lover to come and get the main course, I walked though to the living area the lights had been dimmed and she was lying in the Jacuzzi sipping wine the fruit bowl was sat on the rim the bubbles from the Jacuzzi pushing up between her legs, one of which was over the rim of the tube and the other open as far as she could get it, her eyes were closed and she was playing with pussy, I thought to myself what a fantastic sight, this sexy women lying in front of me playing with herself.
I stepped into the water Fiona opened her eyes looked up at me do you like what you see, how can I not like what you have I said, she replied so come over here give me what I want. I moved in close to her, Fiona started massaging my penis until I was hard again and placed her lips around the bell end massaging my shaft until I was fully hard sitting me down and manoeuvring me into a position so she could sit on my lap with my rod up inside her.
Fiona was using my dick to relieve her pleasures by bouncing up and down the water was splashing over the rim onto the guttering around the edge, the movement was causing me to slip down the tub, I managed to spread my legs and wedge myself between two seats. The closer Fiona got to her climax the more vigorous her movement became, and the harder I found it to stay afloat, she finally climaxed with a load scream, she rolled off me and slumped into the seating area on the opposite side me, saying sorry I just had to have your cock, give me a minute and we can go again.
The bubbles had automatically switch off after 30 minutes, so I just sat there masturbating looking at Fiona who had her eyes closed enjoying the moment, after a few minutes I moved over dropped to my knees position myself between her legs and started thrusting, her eyes opened and pressed her lips to mine and started to French kissing me, it was not long before I was nearing my own orgasm, one final thrust and my cock seemed to explode and a feeling to pure happiness came over me.
After our session you could see globes of our love juices floating about in the water, Fiona grabbed two towels passed on to me pulled the plug in the tub walked and into the bedroom area I followed and we showered together and went to bed.
I was woken the next morning by Fiona rushing around collecting her clothes saying I am going to be late by 9 o’clock she was gone only a memory of the best night of life remained. Until I noticed a business card on the bedside table which read ‘thanks lover ring me at 12:30 on (mobile number)’ , my heart jumped at the thought of seeing her again, I flipped the card over and read Ms F Dawson, Head of genetic research, Oxford University, the card give her office phone number and address.
I went down to breakfast in the bar on the first floor then on to the seminar, I excused myself at 12:30, went outside and rang the mobile number on the card Fiona answered on the second ring, greeting me with ‘last night was so good when can we do it again’ I answered anytime you want the reply that came was do you have to go back tonight I still have my room until tomorrow, see you in the bar at six o’clock I said, That is another story.
On returning to my office headquarters in Bristol on the Wednesday I was called into the director’s office to be told that a number of letters of interest had been faxed to the office after my presentation and he was very pleased, how do I fancy a trip to Monte Carlo to make another presentation, I asked if I could take a friend he replied yes as long as it doesn’t cost too much. Can you guess who I will ask?
I have enjoyed writing this account of my first night with Fiona; I am looking forward to telling you about the future nights, if you enjoyed reading about my night please e-mail