With Priya that Evening

It was a figure slander, straight, fair, and with a mystic meaningful smile on her thin lips. Her smiles reserved closely at one corner of lips forming a dimple on either side of her cheeks. Spreading to other corner her smiling lips revealed streamlined row of her pearl white teeth. On every occasion we met, her beautiful eyes always played and conversed with my eyes in a language far beyond the reach of language. She was Priya. Even if she passed by my work-cabin Priya’s eyes captured me with glimpses that were quite calculated.
It was a queer coincidence in that evening when she was summoned by our boss , and while I was sitting in-front there. Priya was an efficient assistant with her skills of steno-typing. She had worked as an office secretary to former boss of our office. It was since a plumb black beauty had impressed the new boss that Priya was displaced by her.
There should certainly be a bit-biting by her rival black beauty that boss had called her, Priya thought.
Boss informed Priya of a phone call from higher authorities. A case which lay pending since long was to be put up urgently before them by the morning tomorrow. Most of the clerks were on leave that day. It was going to be 5-40 of evening, when remaining staff also had left the office.
Priya had a sigh of relief but she was still perplexed.
Sir I shall try my best to the job but It would help me if someone of the superiors is here to guide and assist me
Dont worry. Naming me the boss told He will be here until I come back may be by 9 PM after meeting the minister, the boss told her.
Priya was waiting her promotion and this could be an opportunity to prove her worth. I was also new to this office and similar was the case with me.
It was an evening of the winter and the darkness was hovering. Leaving us alone, the boss left for the ministers residence that was 15 kilometers away at other end of the city.
It is strange that when two hearts full of desire aspire to meet when they are apart, but when they are put to meet, an unknown fear grows out and makes them distant. For an hour Priya and I worked together although this togetherness, rather than smoothing, made the atmosphere tense with a strange silence filled with heavy breaths and a cry within palpating hearts. We talked, discussed, looked in each others eyes, but tension of an unknown kind existed there. The time gradually elapsed with anxieties in our hearts growing as to how and who should break the ice. In between we had ordered tea to relieve us. But absence of the peon in between us in the campus too failed to break the silence. The work was not so huge. Priya and I had accomplished it mostly to our satisfaction. As the time progressed we had started chit-chatting and teasing each other gradually in a personal way.
Priya was saying, After all I made your complaints off. Dont you feel it?
I peeped in to Priyas eyes and uttered, Aei Priya, ask yourself and tell me if it really is off.?
She smiled willfully and asked,Then?
I replied looking in to her eyes with my voice choked a bit in sentiments.
Priya, you avoided me too much. Work is done but we are undone still. Shall we remain incomplete at the hour of this completion?
Priya looked silently to my face with her eyes mesmerized. The phone-bell rang. Boss was there at the other end. Office peon attended the call and wanted me to talk to Sahib, who was demanding a certain file. I received the message. Boss enquired about progress of work of which I told that it was well in progress and shall be finally over by 11 PM. In obedience to his other instruction I search out the required file and made it over to the peon to deliver to Sahib.
Peon in turn said that the way was long off so he wont be able to return until after ten o clock. We asked him to bring some sort of snacks so that we wont have to die out of hunger. For our fear that we shall remain alone here busy in official work so who will protect the campus and the large office peon suggested that you bolt the main door from inside till he returns. As if we were tired and fad up Priya instructed the peon to return soon so that we may not have to wait for him to leave the office after the work is finished. I followed the peon cum watchman that night to the main door, which I bolted from inside no sooner he was out.
Coming back over the table I found that bending over the table Priya rested her head on her folded forearms with eyes half-closed.
Is he gone?She asked in a feeble tone.
Yes, he has. I replied.
I couldnt decide for a while what to do? Priya, turning her head had a glance at me. She peeped in to my eyes for a moment and then silently went back to the position she earlier had.
Priya, any problem? I asked her.
Tiresome a bit, a sort of heaviness, She replied with her head bent and eyes closed.
I leaned back over Priya, laid down my palm gently over her combed hair. Resting one my cheeks over Priyas had one..two..three..four..five kisses in a row and then chewed gently one of her soft earlobes grabbing within my lips.
ooh, you are killing me. Dont tease please. Priya murmured.
I whispered in to Priyas ear- Priya, wont you co-operate in finishing the job that awaits us? We have to proceed ahead the halfway we have reached by now.

Opening her eyes Priya raised her head leaned back with her face beneath mines. Raising her hands back over my shoulder she encircled my head pulling it down to her lips. There remained no resistance from either side now. She had her palms on my cheeks. I too had her face grabbed within my palms. As if in hunger both of us were now engaged in a competition to swallow each other within our lips licking and dwindling tongues deep under the lips we tasted each others sweetness smooching heavily. My impatient strong little men was ventured upon tearing out my under garments to proceed ahead. Similarly Priya was jumping under her thighs to take hold of me. It was unbearable now. Our bodies were charged heavily with growing currents of carnal passions. I turned her with her chair towards me, made her stood, encircled her trim twenty inched waist and pressed tightly within my chest. Chewing gently one of her ear tips I whispered in Priyas ear.

Priya and Prem
Prem and Priya
None in-between

So let there be the cherished Play
Shredding all fear
At once now and here
My love, Priya my dear.

Priya weighed very light , was slim and thin. Such that I raised her body on my arms and hurried to lay it down over the carpet-floor. Without losing a moment I unbuttoned Priyas blouse and rolled her Saree and skirt up over the waist. With the same flow Priya had pulled out my shirt and had thrown it aside. As if mesmerized she had her eyes fixed over my man, who waived alluring and inviting her. While pulling me up towards her Priya enjoyed chewing her favorite like chewing a gum, I kept my fingers busy towing her thin and tight pussy-cat. Both of us were filled with the extreme joy that had by now started flowing out of our loved hidden hearts. The moment to step ahead was in now.
I took hold of her long thin legs. Widening them apart I jolted forward with my impatient weapon hitting hard at my priya’s nest. The ground around was trimmed and cleaned around. It pleased us both but to shoot further I had to take care. I wished her to feel in full my soothing presence at every corner of her Small cunt. Before I could move ahead Priya jumped over me with a jerk crying –
“Oooooh it is clung there . “Shall tear me apart…what should I do…uff…”
Ignoring Priya’s cry I heavily pushed my organ straight deep to her root this time so that there remains no gap between at our joints to stroke Priya’s soft pink cunt in full length and depth.
Priyarani went on moaning ” Aaaah, I was dreaming for it. Eat me..swallow me just now. Don’t let remain a corner of it…Come on….Come on..have me my sweet love..” , while I fucked her raising my hips
and hitting her hard up to down. Each of my fuck-stroke tore her lips to let in and then came out in full to enjoy the pleasing experience constantly.
“Ooooh.., slw..,slow..pleeeze. You are killing me.” She moaned enjoying me stroke by stroke. I had my palms resed over Priya’s shoulders pushing her down. With each ‘fuck’ of the stroke below my lips simultaneously fucked her lips at her tiny loving face . Together lips my tongue also made full way to Priya’s mouth producing a sound like the one that made noise below where we combated. Priya’s deep pathway inside her burning cave tightened its grip with juicy nerves dancing overwhelmed with joy. Each of the stroke went deep straight up to the button over my Priya’s belly shaking her trim waist. For a while I slowed and stared passionately at her face. I found her face so hot, charged with such a beauty, and such attractive as if she had turned a laying beauty of 16 years old only. Her eyes too were engrossed in my eyes in a manner alike. Her lips had a smile that revealed her trimmed shining pearl-white teeth at a corner.Priya’s cute smiling face with her dimpled cheeks had a charming look that I had never seen before. Smiling Priya now wrapped herself from tip to tow tightly with my body in a manner alike creeper wrapping a tree with all the branches encompassed within their hold. Dipped within each other in such a position we enjoyed our union rolling over the floor.
Priya was smiling. Whispered she in my ears- I am not going to leave you today unless I suck you to my thirst. I always had a desire to have you like this. I liked you instantly from the moment I met initially with your spakling eyes. At heart I had decided in that very moment that I have to have you in me at any cost . Ah now look that I have the desired moment in my arms. Aaaah.. have me..have me..Come on. Have me in full my love..I’m yours now.”
“Aaah, my darling,..my love.. ,my Priyarani..that was the dream I too had..I would like to be swallowed up to your throat my sweetie..have this..have this from me. I happen to be within your cunt. Have me as much as you like now..” I replied to Priya.
None of the two of us drawing back let loose our kamadev and Ratirani to have a grand combat that shall remain unforgettable ever. In between we kept teasing each-other in love.
“Aei Priyaa…We have been playing like this for a long. Suppose someone arrives, someone finds us in a position like this..then…?”
Priya jumping on her waist and swallowing my swelled heart that was beating her smilingly said with a loud open tone – “Let anybody and everybody look us. Let them see how our meeting, meting, and fighting goes on…Just fuck me my love….Keep fucking me on tiil my burning cunt looses its existense. I dont have fear for anyone.”
I remained astonished when Priya raising suddenly on her waist , dragged me down with a heavy jerk, and made a ride over me. Crushing me down she had my hard waiving dick in full within grip of her maddening pussy. Now she was in a mood to play without any obstruction from her mind and heart.
Priya while snatching her aspired love from between my thighs had a dazzling look at my swollen hard dick that was gazing as anxiously to dear Priya’s face as had been her eyes to it.
“Vow…! How strong and lovely it is. You have had enough of me dear. It’s my turn. Let me have you now.
You are only mine dear and let me hide you safely.” Grabbing my manhood in her fist with a fascinating look and pointing towards her little fucking whole Priya had uttered.
Peeping in to my eyes with her gleaming eyes priya screamed in a playful voice.
” My love, my dear..now have it. Have it from me too.”
Riding over she started fucking with such grand strokes as maddened her with pleasure and simultaneously sent me to heaven in an ecstatic mood.
“Ooooh..Aaaaaah..What a magestic experience..! It has turned me mad…I shall die like this..”
Priya’s moans in her husky voice mixed together with the recurring sounds of ‘khabba…khabba’ ..phakka…phakka”,created a music that flowed through our ears to hearts, which leaped high and higher with strokes up and down from me and my Priyarani.
“Aaaa…h, how nice it sounds. All my nerves demand more and more as it grows. Aaaa..h my love, I wish having it all within me.Keep on pounding my baby with all your strength till I die out of pleasure. My baby is thrilling with an unprecedented joy. Aaaah…,I can’t describe my pleasure” Priya continued muttering.
Yes my love, my weapon too grows more and more to beat your drum. Have it…take it from me.
Raising out and thumping over her cunt louder and louder”, I kept on fucking my Priya darling.
Stroking thus I caught hold of Priyas trim waist and pulled on her on my lap. WE happened to be in the sitting position now . She was on my lap on folded legs. My organ completely tucked to her baby she rode over my lap with her thin legs spreading beyond my back. Our bodies submersed tightly with our hands clasping from either side on each other’s back. Priya’s boobs were lost inside now within my crushing chest. Fully entangled with each other Priya and I were turned in twin-one by faces, lips, waists, buttocks, and those love-joints. Our souls intermingled with each other played with those sweet jerks at our thighs.

The world had disappeared between the playing desires of Priya and mine when sound of sudden thud alerted us awake. Hastily withdrawing out Priya turned back to approach her attires scattered there. Meanwhile I noticed a cat that hustled outside chasing a mouse. Binding Priya by her waist and within the clutches of my arms tightly I jumped again over her saying nothing but a cat.
Grabbing within my lips I chewed biting one of her ear tips gently. Priya tried to free her from my clutches saying Oooh..,you have ruptured every inch of my body and smashed me. No.please, leave me na.You have had enough of me fucking heavily..
I whispered in Priyas ear.
Aiii, my darling! You said you didnt fear being seen having fucked by me and now are withdrawing behind out of fears. Have me as much as to the appetite of your little baby darling else who knows when do we get a golden chance like this. Come on..let it be torn out in pieces today so that it is remembered forever.
I tightened my grip to her waist as such that made her feel my straight hardened soft tool nagging her thighs behind. Her waist wrapped within my arms and my hands crossed over there pumped her swollen boobs melting her down to earth.
Aaa..h, its pushing me.God I don know what to do with you. Priya, moving her hand back, grabbed my love-tool within her fist and moaned Uff..Naughty dear, you are out to crush my princess today.
Meanwhile I pushed Priya to kneel down by her stomach on hand of the sofa lying there. Her back upside, her thighs spread apart and her narrow waist within tight grip of my folded arms Priya moaned Ohh., what are you doing..oooh..leave me naa..
She struggled to free her reluctantly but failed. I leaned over her back with my hero, strait and ready within the hold of my fingers to push. I moved my ready tool to the doors of Priyas hidden sweet reddish cunt hole. Fixing that to shoot I thrashed myself in to her pink doll with a hard jolt.
She seemed to be overwhelmed with astonished joy. Almost jumping over there she cried Aaaahh, I am dying. You have made it up to my throat. So hard, so tight, wonderful! I never have had such an experience. Haaa.,you are putting me to test..Now come on..Have it and kill me.Kill me with all its strength. Enjoying our union ,as if we were at top of the Everest at the moment.
I started stroking my Priyas pussy with harder and harder hits. While my dick shuffled up and down intruding deep to her root my palms kept busy pumping her boobs simultaneously with each of my thrusting stroke.
Have.Have this.This too.Have more I uttered stroking her to full depth while Priya kept on moaning Aaaaahh.Aaaahh.Wonderful…Ooohh.Finish me.Tear me all..
Each of my stroke accompanied an utterance of magical AAAA..H coming from the throat of Priya. Fitted fully in my dimension of length, breadth and huge thickness I was running as fast as a piston runs in to its greased tunnel of a moving super express. Looking to myself drawing out and pushing in was a grand sight for me. With Priyas constant mumbling tones of Ooh how nice it is., Go on., Beat me hard.., AAaaah my love. Along Priyarani I too sang by my heart thumping with joy. Ooh Priya you are great..,what a nice pussy you are..Oooh,..my love how beautifully my heart is slipping with my dick.AAaaah,darling you will not let me remain today,.Have this now my queen..
It was a grand duet that was playing with the background music of fuckkk.fuckkk.fuckkk.being produced by our love-organs.
Music at our hearts and our combating love gradually rose to the unforgettable moments of ecstasy when showering tremors flowed and flooded in recurring sequences inside the ground where we played up to now. After climbing to the top of heaven we stared receding back to the earth. Remaining as such in the position we were, both of us regained our existence. Turning towards me Priya encompassed me tightly in her arms. While taking her by waist I kissed Priya ,losing herself in my chest, was mumbling What a nice thing your was! I will never forget it. No sooner I have the chance, shall be having more and more of it .
Collecting our attires that were spread over in the room both of us dressed up ready to turn to our tables. It was an hour and a half since the watchman had left us.
He might be returning now, I thought. Unbolting the main door I sat there watching him to come back and to be watched myself like a gentleman. He appeared after fifteen minutes of waiting and followed me to our chamber. Priya, posed nicely as a busy girl, looked to the watchman and complained in a pseudo anger Ufff, you are returning back so late! Look, its about to be 10-30 in my watch. Continuing after a pause she proceeded-We are so hungry and had nothing to eat here.
We shared the stuff watchman had fetched for us. After the watchman moved elsewhere Priya smiled.
Say, how was my acting. I am fresh again. She winked suggestively at me and asked smiling naughtily How if we repeat it once more?
We heard the car approaching outside. I replied to her I shall wait for your invitation to test how sincere your desire is.
Boss cursorily viewed papers of the case file which Priya and I had prepared. Remarked he, Good, two of you did an excellent job today. A good performance.
Looking further towards us he said, Labored much perhaps! You must have been exhausted.
While Priya and I, standing before looked to each other, the boss continued, Enjoy leave tomorrow from my side
Leaving the campus outside I winked Priya asking Now tell me that how it will be if we perform again the job for which our union was appreciated?
Priya slapped me on my back and replied smiling, Ssssaale.You have broken my bones just now. My nerves are aching deep to the root. Let me have rest tomorrow to get afresh and stand again to the test.

Characters, locations and incidences in the story are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead.

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