Years ago I use to get a call from my belly dancer girlfriend to come over and video her new dancing outfits. She was sexy, black, 38DD, 22 inch waist amd love to fuck after she finished dancing on tape.
This evening I came over and was surprised to see she had a girl friend visiting from the East coast. Betty sat on the couch slowly sipping on her gin and tonic while Wysinger started dancing. I ran my camera but kept watching Betty as she little by little started taking off her clothes watching Wysing dancing to the music. Both girls were watching each other and vails and beads were starting to hit the ground along with bra’s and panties. I was getting quite an erection and finding it hard to hold my camera. Finally Betty was butt necked and and said,”I need some loving?”
Wysinger went over to her and starting kissing her pussy on camera. I couldn’t take anymore and put the camera down. Dropping my pants and joined them on the couch. Betty spread her legs as wide as she could as Wysinger sucked her tight little pussy. I eased my dick in Wysinger’s firm pussy as she backed up to let me have it all. We traded off and Wysinger got on the couch and Betty sucked her nipples while I foundled her ass.
We went into the bed room and the girls both took turns sucking my hard wet dick. It was the first time I had ever had a 3 somes without any idea the girls wanted to have one. They told me later that they had planned the whole evening and we all agreed it was nice…so we set up a date for the next week to do it again, but this time we were going to rent a hotel room with a spa and really get in on..What a great night that was for me.

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