Accidently sent a pxt massage to my Mom

I’m in my early 30’s and jill in her early 60’s, she is attractive in a suzie-homemaker kind of way, I guess, around 5’5 innocent face nice big boobs and a nice butt, I’ve been with my partner 10yrs and got a new phone, I took a pic of my penis and sent it off, after around 10mins I checked my msgs and seen who I sent it too….i sent another txt saying sorry and to deletd it if she hadnt opened it yet, jill rang around 30mins later and told me she never received any of my msgs but I got delivery reports which means she did, ijill was very giggly and was saying things like, im sure it wasnt bad so dont worry neale, and I was asleep so if they come thru now il delete it ok…..jill came over that weekend and when she seen me she had this look on her face like” I want you to fuck my little wet pussy you bzd man” a few seconds later my tracksuitpants were bulging and she wanted her kiss and cuddle which we always do, for the next few months I think she was dripping wet knowing she could give me a serious chubby, she is so prim n proper and her hubby is 20yrs older than her so I gathered she was in dire need of a nice lenghth in her neglected pussy, she began bending over on all fours to play with our pet dog and letting me catch her perving on my bulge, she then walked in on me after my shower and seen my cock in full veiw and she said oh my god neale iI’m so sorry, after that I let her see my cock around 5times and she would hint that she thought I was too big for her unussed puss, my partner knew what was going on and didnt mind her mom having me make her feel younger, jill was helping us paint but I was asleep on our lounge, jill was waiting on my partner to shower and I woke up but didnt open my eyes, she was staring at my cock which I let hang out of my boxers for her, then she slid her right hand down to her pussy and I could hear her whispering fuck I want that big cock neale, her pussy was so wet I could hear it, my partner finished her shower and I pretended to wake up, I suggested she stay the night and they agreed, we drank a little and then my partner came to me and said her mom hadnt seen a penis in 8years and that shefeels old, she told me I could fuck her if she wanted me to but just once and not to hurtt her, we talked and then my partner just blurted out neale wants to feed your pussy mom, jill blushed and told me no way thet was going to happen, my partner pulled out my lenght and said why dont you want his cock mom?? Jill replies its fucking huge ……..but id love to suck it?? She grabbed my lenght and blew me while I lightly rubbed her gash, I eventually fingerer fucked her and I swear I couldnt get two fingers inside….my cock swelled up so much I needed to fuck so I told my partner to grab the ky, jill squirmed and sqealed until my head finnally worked her tight dripping pussy apart, she was moaning badly but when asked if I should stop she tried to force more of my throbbing member into herself, after around 5minutes I had her lips streched over my rock hard length, jill had such a tight hole but begged me for more so I did ,jill screamed my name and she loved my fucking huge penis, and to fuck her little pussy over and over until she creamed and then wanted me to fuck her like her daughter, I started giving her more of my lenghth until she took it all then I speeded up until she all she could scream was yes…..I couldnt hang on any longer so I pulled out and stuffed my johnson into her mouth and came so hard my partner said she hadnt seen so much come in her life…jill lay there rubbing her creamy muff shaking then I noticed my partner pull her fingers out of her dripping we t snatch, we went to bed soon after and my partner said that was a one off thing, I woke up the next morning with come all over my boxers and realised it was a wet dream………. 😉