Army Officer Wife, Roger That?

Hi There,
Narrating down the true first experience in my teen age. When I was in class 12th, staying away from home and relocated to an Army Col. house which was one of best constructed house in the colony.
I use to see a smart lady walking on top floor with her 14-15 years older son. As I had to vacant my current room hence got chance to relocate.

Little background – I was 18 years,5.10,little mustache and beard, healthy as red cheeks being fair. I carry myself very well and was pretty social in the area. She was 42, 5.8 38size cups and beautiful looking lady. Had seen he youth time pic, she was just model like gurl.

Anyway I moved to the new house on same 1st floor in the servant quarter with common open roof. I used this place for my early morning warm up exercise and 2 hours study. She uses to take morning tea standing on rallying. 6months passed and developed good repo with them, I use to watch Ramayana with them. When she was alone I use to freak in their home, listing to music of my choice, was in love in their record player.

I understood during these days the there were some issue between the coupe but never had any wrong intensions. One day while studying she came in my room and kissed my cheeks and said study well. Her upper button of blouse was open which exposed 30% of her nice breast. In last 1 month due to head-ache I had given her few time oil head massage and once I got hardon while her head was resting on my lap but it continued as normal.

After 2 weeks time one day I bunked my class as was not well so she offered my nice lunch and asked to take rest at her room. It was normal after sometime TV got switched off and we were chitchatting.
She asked my how do I look like Abir.
I said ” you are one of best looking and smart lady I been interacting. You carry yours nicely and pretty attractive way.
You like me?”
I said ” anyone will like your personality.”
Then I went to fresh room and returned back. She was wearing nightie and lying on the bed. I thought might be thinking to take nap. But she asked me sleep beside me and let continue.
Enquired about my friends/female friends.anyway to cut short I said I had no gurl frirnd ever. To my surprise she asked ” would you fuck your aunty?
I said ” what? How can I?”
She said ” abuse me” and her face was shocked as I declined but she was scared what if I disclose it. After 20 min perusal I accepted and said ” it is my first time so I can be absolutely raw.”
I could see shine in her eyes. She pulled her nighie to her thighs and said come and signaled to take off my pajama n jockey, which she helped and I was naked down. Got hold of my manhood and admired it and carsed for a while. Then spread her legs and invited and directed my inside her. It went easy but was real warm inside. For a while my breathing got frozen, body got still, my eyes were closed to feel the new surprising experience. Anyway, she put her hands on my butts and exposed her breast and gave one in my mouth to lick.I tried doing all in best way as could. Asked me to give her deeper thrust. Also mentioned you have great stuff than I was expecting. Perhaps after 20 min she can as she body shivered, her legs locked me and hands got firm hold of my shoulders but I continued..continued and realized after another few minutes similar happened for 3 time and then I also exploded inside her which she said fuck harder.come baby, go deeper, you better than your uncle.
After exhausting fully we laid down, we both went to wash together and she washed me and then her. Prepared a nice tea for me.kissed me and said ” go and focus on study, do not tell anyone.
I returned to my room and after some time I slept but forgot to close room. She came show me full in sweat and took me to her room which was pretty cozy and cool. Again she was in mood, and did from back. She time I found her good ” as went little tight. She again came few time and I came very strong now. This was first fuck which I liked really.

Such episode kept running for 1.5 year until I left city. I went twice to meet her later and we again enjoyed.
I recall my memories and find that thought loosed my virginity to her but she groomed me how to please a lady to best need. So far I been with 3 ladies and 3 virgin gurls, which I will write about later to you. Now I am relocated to may send your feedback to [email protected] so that I can improve in next post.
Have a nice time.chao!!

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