Come again

When I saw you for the first time at a gala party, your eyes wereb aflame like that of a vampire bat. Lust was constantly pulsing in
your veins and its wall smoldering your youth in its climax. The party was almost over and the guests started parting, as I walked towards the gateway where you merely accompanied me, saying silly things.

I felt your intention in a deep, profound way and encouraged your ravenous ecstasy to surface and it did.

The second get-together of ours was at a swimming pool where I was in a swim suit that provoked your lusty eyes, ready to burn the entire universe, again I encouraged you; you followed me everywhere.

At last you knocked at my door in search of a partner
who would satiate your lust in its entirety. The game was not yet over, it was only beginning.

I pampered your hands, waking up your hidden serpent and the cobra of a male in you that never satisfied its lust. My fingers moved across your
skin and your muscles started getting tenser, ready to storm on me. You turned into a storm, no, a new tornado that would crash upon any woman and lick every drop of lust on her.

Every second was a memorable moment for you, the lava of lust flowing across your veins, heating up every organ in you. I never saw any man as lusty as you.

Come again, I have enough to satisfy you more.

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