Dinner best served for Escort Service P2

The rules made my pussy wet, just thinking about it makes me want to pleasure sir. 20 mind has sure flew past, I was on my way down the flight of steps and was rather shy about my body. Sir spotted me, “come down Emily, let me take a look at those stuff.” I walk over slowly, self conscious. Sir took a good look at me and my boobs which we almost popping out since the uniform wasn’t supposed to be hidding them well. Sir told me to do my chores and I remembered how I was supposed to end off. “Sir, would you like to use my pussy?” It was embarrassing but I liked the idea of offering myself to him.
I went to do the chores. The first I did was to vacumm the floor and its either the vacumm shrinked or its meant for kids. I had to bend down to do the chore. It was revealing as I know sir is looking and my whole pussy is exposed. I had to even keep and vibrater in for the whole day.

Finally, it was time for dinner. I had a hard time stuffing those roasted beef in with salad. Sir seems pretty contented eating his dinner from my pussy, he even requested for dessert. I got ice cream with whipped cream which he made sure he lick every single drop of without any utensils. All that licking has got me so high.
Sir decided to use my cunt tonight. He carried me to his room, laid me on his bed. Got some vibraters and started fucking me with it. On his bedside were cherry, strawberry, chocolate, eggs, bananas and finally a card on the tray that says “edible sex toys”.
Sir took the cherry, sucked it hard and slip it easily into my already dripping wet pussy. He managed another 3 more. He decided some chocolate in there made no harm. Next, he left one of the cherries in there and started peeling the banana. He dipped it it the chocolate and fuck me with it. Melted chocolate was hot to the touch but intense to cum. Playing with the food, he inserted a virbrater into my ass. Causing me to shiver and spasm to delight, I had an orgasm.
Next he kept the vibrater in there and place another 3 in my pussy. I was literally filled and I camed every other 3 mins.
He removed his pants as he showed his godly 9 inch cock. I took it in my mouth, making sure to suck really hard. As I felt it pulsing, I moved my mouth in and out really fast as I held his cock in really tight and felt cum down my throat, it was heaven. With my knees wide apart and pussy almost in the air, anyone could tell I needed some hard cock in me now.
I was a virgin as I felt I wasn’t ready yet. Sir slowly entered me as the pleasure slowly overtakes the pain.
It got harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Till blood flowed out with the cum. Sir decides to keep the vibarters in and allow me to suck him off instead. The night ended of plain lovely.

-the is a part 3-