Dinner best served for Escort Service

So it started out simple, I’d known him from the internet. Jave’s got a proper pretty well respected job. In his late 20’s, while I Emily is in my mid 20’s. I would say I looked pretty darn hot. With a d cup and a really slim figure plus clit piercing. I would say I get the stares from people on the street.
I was on the internet searching for a guy, someone who could please me and I could please at the same time. I knew what I wanted, to be a french maid. So I met Jave, I wasn’t a pain slut. No bondages, just costumes and maid stuff. So we met up for a drink and I was supposed to appear at his home 2 weeks later. Just bring myself along. He would provide the rest. And for a week i was supposed to stay at his place.
So 2 weeks flew passed, I stood outside his gate. A luxrious 4 levels home that looks pretty cozy. I rang the bell and he acted as if he didn’t knew me.
“So are you the new maid, Emily? Come in. I’ll show you to your room where a set of uniform awaits on the bed. Put it on, no underclothes allowed anywhere in the house.” I nodded shyly as I went into the room I was supposed to put up in for a week.
Jave gave me 20mins to get changed and read the rules he printed out on the bedside. The uniform I was supposed to wear was a really short skirt that show half my ass without me bending down. The top was a white translucent one that show my hard on nipples. I looked at myself in the mirror. I found myself sexy for the first time and it made me excited.
Next, the rules.
1. Never wear underclothes in this buiding.
2. Always report to my room at 7.30am and play with the vibraters provided on my bed.
3. Everything must be removed during 5-8pm.
4. Always call me ‘Sir’
5. Never leave before saying ‘Sir, would you like to use my pussy before I leave?”
6. When I am on the phone, suck my cock till I cum.
7. On tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays wear nothing but whipped cream for nipple covers and crotchless panties that you will be provided in your wadrobe.
8. When you need to do the laundry or tend the lawn outside, strip before going out.
9. Vibrater and dildo’s are to be used as much as possible (cooking, cleaning, whatever)
10. Finally, dinner must always be served in your pussy everynight by 7.30.

-part two will continue-