Italian girl loses a bet with a foreign

Hi my name Is Francesca,I’m an italian girl of 26 years old, living in Milan. Since this bet I had never thought to have sex with foreign men,after this I turned my mind.
The story is related to June 2009 and it’s about a bet I made with a foreign man about a football match. It was an evening of June when Italy football team played for an international cup against Egypt. I met a tourist from UK in a bar,I was reading sport news when he told to me “come on, Italy will lose tonight, don’t waste time”. I laughed because Italy played against Egypt and we would win at least with 3 goals of difference,impossibile we will not win, and think about lose it makes me only laught because sounds like a joke. And he told “mmm..i think you will lose, you think you will win with 3 goals..are you so sure girl with nice lips? so sure to bet with me?” I thought and I told “yes why not? What do you want to bet?”
He answered “if Italy would win I will pay you 200 pounds, if Italy would win with at least 3 goals of differce I will pay you 1000pounds, but if Italy won’t win you will make me a blowjob and..if Italy loses you will not laught but tonight you will make me a blowjob and tomorrow anal sex. And you will write everything leaving our emails on a website of stories and you must answer to everybody write to you making questions about it”. I was a bit shocked from last thing because I was virgin in the ass but I thought 1000pounds were for sure too much, more than 1000EUR and Italy would never lose against Egypt and it would never tie too so I accepted.
Match finished 0-1 for Egypt, we watched match together in the bar and I felt to die when it finishes, he was smiling and told me at the end “so now come to laught with my cock Italian girl”.
We went in his hotel and I made him blowjob swallowing as agreement and next day I was fucked in the ass for my first time.
After this I turned my mind and I’m more”open” to foreigners