Julia and Brown

Julia was working in the Den when the door bell rang. It was the UPS guy with another delivery. This UPS driver was a substitute driver, he wasn ‘t the usual delivery guy that Julia has seen many times in the past. This driver was in his mid thirties, very handsome in his “UPS issued uniform”¬ù of brown shorts and shirt. He was lean, tall and muscular from what Julia saw at a distance as he walked up with his delivery. He rang the door bell and waited as he must have needed a signature. Julia wasn ‘t prepared to answer the door as she was still in her skimpy tank top/ short PJ outfit. Embarrassed, she went to the door, but hid behind it.
The ups driver didn ‘t seem to notice her outfit as she signed for the package. As Julia gave back the clipboard, she moved out a little from the door. The ups driver looked up and was staring right at her ample chest. Julia felt embarrassed but playful and moved so he had a full view of her in her PJ ‘s. He was a little dumbfounded and didn ‘t know what to say. Julia helped him out and said she thought he was new and had hoped to see him again. As she was talking, she noticed a tent growing in his pants. He was aware of it too and wasn ‘t shy. He started saying that he was a temporary DRIVER and wanted to know if she would like to take a RIDE on his “driver”¬ù. She was in a playful mood and pretended she didn ‘t know what he meant. So he let himself into the house, shut the door and took out his “driver”¬ù so she wouldn ‘t have any confusion. His “driver”¬ù was huge, raging and in need of some attention. She let him out of his shorts altogether and he stood there with his purple headed driver waiting for her next move. She obliged and started stroking him slowly, while she unbuttoned his shirt w/ her other hand. He was grabbing for her at the same time, taking out her ample breast into his hands, while he bent down and started sucking on them. She moved him into the family room and laid him down on the floor so she could suck on his driver and at the same time he could lick her wet, waiting pussy. she found his 7 inch driver inviting and slowly sucked his driver, caressed his sac and put her fingers all over his rear end, arousing him al the time. He was in heaven while she was having her way with him. He wasn ‘t about to be outdone as he was slowly licking her clit, fingering her hole and slowly probing her with his fingers, she was wet and juicy and her juices were starting to flow down his face. He stopped just as she was about to cum and moved her to the couch where she sat, spread wide open and he continued to eat her out while kneeling in front of her. She couldn ‘t hold back and longer and came all over his face with her juices flowing all over him. He smiled at her as she recovered and then it was her turn to make him come. She laid him on the floor and climbed on top of his raging hard on, first front and then she turned around and bounced on him up and down, while he grabbed her breasts fro behind. She turned around to face him again and slowly moved up and down on his 7 inches, going up and down slowly and deliberately. He was at his exploding point and grabbed her and pumped into her hard and fast with all 7 inches filling her up. He exploded inside her as he couldn ‘t hold back any longer. Spent and satisfied, they both got up and dressed. He said he had never had a signature take so long, but was so much fun getting. He then said that he was the temporary driver for the holidays and was looking forward to delivering her next package. After he left, she went to the computer and ordered a couple of items that were to be delivered UPS, as she hit the “complete sale”¬ù button with a mischievous grin…

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