New York Vampire

Lucy was an 18 year old girl. And by christ was she hot, light blonde hair, bright blue eyes, full plump breasts, round ass and eyesthat could kill with a single blue glance. Every boy she knew wanted to fuck, but she never lost her virginity or even kissed a boy, she wanted pussy.

Mia was an 19 year old goth, she wore black leather trouders. black leather jacket and a black ripped vest everyday to school. The most colouful part of mia was her hair. It was jet black but laced with bright and eccentric colours.

During PE/gym class lucy hurt her ankle and went back into the changing rooms, she heard a faint buzzing coming from the showers. When she got there her pussy went damp her body froze as she saw Mia naked, her well curved body glistening in the shower water pumping herself with a big black vibrator. Mia looked up to see Lucy. Mia didn’t look emberessed or scared instead she calmly removed the dildo, turned it off and sucked her own juices off it, all the while her big black eyes were staring at lucys bright blue ones. After what seemed an eternity Mia walked over to lucy and whispered in her ear “I know you want me, come back to mine at 10”

At 10.15 lucy was naked and strapped to a bed as Mia walked round her teasing her young firm body with a whip. Mia then barked at the gagged lucy “squeal piggy squeal” Mia then stabbed lucys pussy with her toung. Her sweet nectar running down mias face, mia then flipped lucy round on to her stomach but tied her into a doggy style position she coudnt wriggle free of. Lucy quivered under mias touch. Mia then brought out a brutal straop on and without warning plunged deep into lucy. Lucy screamed with pain and orgasmic pleasure. Mia then leant other lucys hot sweaty body and bit hard, her fangs diving through lucys neck and releasing her hot blood. “That’s a good bitch” whispered mia “now go get fucked” mia kicked open the door to reveal 13 girls all gothic, all hungry for blood, for pussy, for lucy.