Sex Package

He would be not much longer than 45 minutes he thought to himself as he neared the doorway at the end of the dimly lit hallway. This was his regular routine each morning, seven days a week, three of those days began differently, a hint of excitement was always in the air when he made his way downstairs on those days, today even more so.
He carried a small package in his hand with a simple note attached that read, put these on see you when you come upstairs at ten. He left the package in plain view near the open door of the women’s restroom and walked out the rear door. Today he walked with a spring in his step a purpose, listening to music he had recorded the previous evening. While recording the music he had cleaned the entire apartment, of course she would not know this and if all went as he hoped he would have an entire hour to enjoy her.
Turning the key on the deadbolt the clubhouse door opened, he made sure it was locked as the door closed behind him. A quick glance in the direction of where he had placed the package brought a wide grin to his face — it was gone.
He walked towards the foot of the stairway expecting to be interrupted by a morning greeting but none came. Puzzled, but anxious he bound up the stairs taking two at a time, unlocking the apartment door, he entered leaving it unlocked.
The jets of hot water felt great on his skin as he soaped up the washcloth. He scrubbed his face, shoulders, chest, and legs quickly rinsing the soap off his skin.
Taking the soap in his left hand he guided it slowly over his cock it began swelling as thoughts of her raced through his mind. Her touch never failed arouse him, he loved the way she fondled him, squeezed him, pulled his cock into the palm of her soft hands, tentative but with a heated passion.
He recognized her passion the first moment he said hello and asked if she would like to clean his apartment. When she had approached him her walk was confident, she carried herself with a hidden sexuality that many had either taken for granted or forgotten she possessed.

Yahoo became their playground, each sentence or quick note they wrote to each other had a hidden agenda, they both new that would eventually come to the surface. “Are you a voyeur”, she replied I like to watch and he knew that she was willing and excited about the possibilities as much as he was excited.
He rose to his feet as he heard the soft taping on the door, opening the door she entered, he held her hand as he closed and locked the door. I’ve already cleaned the apartment, I want you to trust me for the next hour, all will be fine nothing will take place that harms you trust me he said again continuing to look into her eyes. For a moment he thought she wanted to turn and leave, but then, “OK I will trust you,” escaped from between her lips.

Grasping her by her shoulders he turned her around her back to him he placed a blindfold on her. “I trust you” she repeated, I will not harm you he assured her. He reached around and unclasped her belt slowly he began lowering her jeans over her hips. He chucked to himself she had on the Red Satin, high cut panties he had placed in the bag. Against her skin they looked like a second Red skin, the fit was snug over her hips and ass. He turned her around to face him, the folds of her pussy were visible because of the high cut of the material, he could see a damp area on the material near the opening of her pussy.

He had to control himself, his cock swelled, began throbbing and seeping droplets of clear pre-cum. Making sure her feet were free of her jeans he guided her towards the bedroom, he kept saying to himself, if this is a dream, don’t wake up.
Reaching the bed he gently eased her down onto the bed, scooted her back placing her feet on the bed. He gazed down at her as he applied the unscented lotion to his hands. With the first contact of his hands on her feet her body tensed slightly, but as his fingers worked into her skin her breathing slowed she let herself enjoy the feeling of his hands. Nothing needed to be said in the quiet silence of the room. Upwards his hands moved over her caves, tight from her daily walks, welcoming his touch. Anticipating and enjoying his lingering fingertips she parted her thighs beckoning him to move upward.

Her mouth flew open, she could not control the groan that escaped her parted lips as she felt his tongue not his fingertips touch her inner thighs. His tongue flickered out teasing, making circles of a wet trail inching towards a scent of heat and dampness. He gazed up into a pussy swollen and aching engulfing the panties into it folds.
Feeling her legs tremble, he moved his mouth over her pussy, but he didn’t touch the swollen folds, instead he licked at the thin stretch of material that was covering her throbbing clit. His tongue danced over the clit, sucking it in, nibbling on it, but never touching directly because of the fabric of the panties. Her hips were moving to meet his tongue trying to capture his tongue trying to get the material to move to one side so she could feel direct contact with his tongue.

His face glistened from the juices of her pussy, he loved the scent the taste, he so badly wanted to remove the panty barrier, but controlled himself he had promised her that she could trust him. As if she could read his mind he felt her upper body move and then her fingers appeared, she pulled the panty barrier aside pushed her hips onto his lips and let out a groan as his face and tongue touched her exposed pussy. Buckling she arched her back upward seeking more lashes of his tongue against her pussy, she rubbed her pussy against his chin trying to devour all of his face.

Sensing that she was nearing a shattering climax he pushed his finger into her pussy curled it upward and began rubbing the rough surface area of her “G” Spot. She immediately had the wits about her to grab a pillow as she whaled into it muffling the sounds of her orgasm.
Three minutes passed before she moved the pillow for her face, he looked up still blindfolded she could not see the grin of his face. He told her to sit up and helped her scoot back off the bed, as she stood her legs still shaking he held her by her arms as we guided back into the front room.

He stopped her and told her to rest her hands on the back of the recliner as he moved her jeans near her feet. Spread your legs he told her it will make it easier for me to put your jeans back on you. Kneeling behind her on his knees he admired her ass, standing back up he whispered into her ear, “do you still trust me, of course she answered.

He moved closer and leaned forward so she could feel his cock pressed up against her. Throbbing he lowered his shorts and his cock sprung forward touching the back of her panty clad ass. He pushed her forward and asked her to bend at her waist, as she did his cock slid between her inner thighs. He eased forward and the head of his cock came to rest against her clit, she sucked in her breath. The folds of his pussy began grasping at his cock, the only thing stopping him from entering her were the panties wedged into the lips of her pussy.
His cock was throbbing and jumping, she moaned as each throb of his cock hit her clit sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. She began to rock her hips back and forth on his cock ridding it feeling the shaft stretch the lips of her pussy. He felt a familiar surge starting to rise, she felt it also he tried to pull away. She hissed “don’t move let me fuck your cock.” I want to feel cum shooting out the head of your cock.

He thought to himself, damn as he kicked away her jeans not wanting any cum to get on them if he blew his load. He could feel their juices mixing together she was soaking his cock — she began to tremble as she felt him tremble.

As he closed the door behind her she turned quickly and smiled as he held the Red Satin Panties to his face.