Talking Fundraising

Julia was asked to help the BOYS team do a little fundraising for an upcoming tournament. So she called up her contact at the usual place where she gets her fundraising materials and asked for Sheila. Much to her dismay, Sheila was no longer working there, but, they said they could send her replacement, Dick. Reluctantly, Julia agreed to meet Dick at the restaurant to discuss the new fundraising event.

When she got to the restaurant, Dick was already seated, and Julia was lead to his table. Expecting to see a young 20 something, nerdy boy, she was quite surprised to find a 50ish man that was quite good looking. With her interest now peaked, she sat down for a conversation with Dick. They talked fundraising and Julia wanted to show him an item that she had – at her home. So they traveled to her house and she got the fundraising item out and they discussed it some more.

While they talked, Julia could see that Dick was eyeing her up quite a bit and not only was he talking fundraising, he was RAISING his own member UP just looking at her. Julia saw that his pants had a pup tent growing, so she went up to him and loosened his fly to let his dick expand even more. Eyeing him up Julia could see she was staring at about 6 inches of throbbing pleasure. Not quite what she was used to, but it would do for now. Dick didn’t seem to mind when she began caressing his member with first her fingers, then with her mouth. He stood there not knowing what hit him, and feeling like he had hit the jackpot! Julia led him to the couch and laid him down where she could do a more proper blow job for him – but not letting him CUM just yet. She sucked on the purple headed soldier and heard him moaning and brought him to the brink of cumming, when she would stop and tease him some more. She was caressing his nut sac and her fingers circled his bottom, finding there way into his bottom, which made him more even more excited. Feeling that she had better get in on the fun while she could, she quickly undressed and sat on top of his throbbing member, first front ways, then backwards – all the while bouncing up and down. His hands were all over her ample boobs as they were bouncing and he tried to suck them too, when they were facing him. She slowed down and dismounted him and laid back on the floor, while guiding his head into her pussy. He slowly ate her out, not as well as her husband, but a good eating out none the less. He probed all her holes with his fingers and slowly sucked on her clit and licked her until the came her juices flowing down his face. Barely able to contain himself, he quickly mounted her from the front and pumped only a few times before he exploded inside her. When they had both caught their breath, they got dressed and resumed their talk about fundRAISING, with a mischievous smile on their faces.

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