Why are white men so attracted to Asian girl?

home girl1. I don’t know about all this. Although I’m married to an Asian woman, lately I’ve seen quite a few white women coming here as tourists and many of them are really hot. Anyway, Asian women definitely aren’t any better than white women.

2. Not always, but citizenship rights are definitely a fringe benefit that is included in the package. Obviously Asian women will much more likely marry a guy if his package includes this fringe benefit.

3.I think its because of just general attraction and the fact that the majority of Asian women are actively seeking out white men. Its pretty common knowledge at this point and white guys are taking advantage (not in a bad way). From people I’ve asked the most common answer is “the exoticism” of Asian girls are the most attractive feature. And most of these said women are Asian American and they just simply don’t find their male counterparts attractive. Also status is important to them and Asian men don’t fit in at all within mainstream youth culture. One can superficially see what type of person a white guy is based on the context of pop culture. I know this is more than you asked for but basically my point is that its an assumed mutual attraction between white guys and Asian girls that is now part of our cultural fabric. Well I wouldn’t worry about “losing”  white guys to all the asian girls. Its like the white girl black guy phenomenon.

4.I live in Los Angeles, Ca and the volume of straight white males with Asian women is truly amazing. It is almost an epidemic. Almost all day everyday, all I see is white male / Asian female couples. If it is a straight white male over the age of 16, an Asian female is usually attached. I think that Asian women have an obsession about and with whiteness and to a lesser extent view themselves and Asian men as inferior. I think white men go for Asian women because of the sexy girlish appeal that Asian women have. Asian women tend to have a stronger family and social values than some non-Asian women. Asian women don’t have an attitude problem like some non-Asian women. It just seems very odd to see one group not date and marry their own in such larger numbers. However, I think that Asian women are smarter and more logical than non-Asian women.

5. You could call that the “Media Hype” phenomenon. It is obvious that interracial mixing is being encourage and promoted- especially in the US and a handful of other Western countries. I’ve also noticed that during TV programmes where their is a large audience, the cameramen will often search throughout the audience to try to find an interracial couple to target because that, evidently, is the “in” (or PC) thing to do- despite the fact that throughout the audience of perhaps 500 people there might be 4 or 5 interracial couples. The reality is that interracial relationships aren’t really that common, and the interracial relationships that you claim to be so popular in the US aren’t all that. In fact, what few their are there seem to be faddish, and like all fads, will eventually fizzle out.

6.I am sex Asian guy..I do find is great that white guys couple with Asian girls.. they all loom happy with each other, especially the girls…i found some quite avg looking Asians girls so lucky to be with some handsome white guys its great that there is these coupling of gene white/Asian, is the best..it give beautiful babies ;)) best of both world.

7.Asian ladies are not submissive, but respectful of their mates in public. They can and often do disagree with their men behind closed doors. Also, Asian women tend to get just as much as their white counterparts, perhaps more. They just learned thousands of years ago that one can get more with honey than with vinegar! I have been married to an Asian lady for more than 10 years now and couldn’t be happier. Truth is that I don’t see her as Asian, but my wife that I love.

8.I’m an Asian woman with a white man and we have 2 kids together. I asked him why is he attracted to Asian women? He has dated all types of women and ends up in relationships with Asian women. He said that (1)most non Asian women are easy (2) they gossip way too much (3) they are materialistic.