Doing Search Engine Optimization for Escort Service

SEO for escorts isn’t easy, for lots of reasons. Every escort website wants to rank highly on Google, because top rankings bring huge traffic and a lot of business. So the competition is fierce, and when that happens, things can sometimes get ugly. Many escort websites use what are known as “black hat SEO” tactics – sneaky tricks to get quick, short term rankings on Google. They eventually get punished by the search engines, so you will always see new websites come and go into the Google rankings.

The other major reason why Search Engine Optimization for escorts is difficult is links. Inbound links are the lifeblood of top rankings, and for websites related to the adult industry, good quality links are hard to come by. Many SEO companies don’t understand this – but at NY ESCORT, our team are constantly finding new link sources to use just for escort websites. Our results speak for themselves.

Google Maps (also known as Google Places) is also important for any escort website. Your customers want to know where your girls are available, and the Google Map shows up strongly in the search results for most escort-related searches. Again, our results speak for themselves – ask us and we’ll be happy to show you top rankings on Google Places.

One thing is for sure – unless you have a lot of SEO experience, ranking an escort website just isn’t something you can do on your own. Top rankings equal big business, so this is something you need to get the experts in for! Request a free, no obligation quote from NY Escort and then start putting some advertisements up, because you’re going to need more girls to handle the calls!