Sugar Daddy Roll Call: 5 Essential Sugar Daddies

Essential Sugar Daddies

Essential Sugar Daddies

Is anyone else tired of the drier topics lately? Let’s chat about the juicy details of your arrangement.

Roll call! How many Sugar Daddies do you have? Now before you go naming Wall Street, Juicer, Mr. Clean, or Chicago, know that it’s about quality not quantity. Every girl needs five kinds of men in her life, but every smart Sugar Baby has these Sugar Daddies…

Mr. Provider

Just like there are women who love to turn men into their “projects”. Mr. Provider is the type of Sugar Daddy who wants his baby to have all the necessities: a car, proper lodging, and the latest fashion.

Globe Trotter

More hotel attendants or concierge know his name than that of his own housekeepers. He has just as many passport inserts stashed as checkbooks. For the novice traveler, a Globe Trotter SD is a literal first class ticket to worldly exposure.

Daddy Warbucks

The mentor. Daddy Warbucks not only provides, but can help advance his Sugar Baby’s professional career. You can always count on him not only in a time of need, but to be brutally honest.

Virtual Lover

Every woman loves attention. There’s an allure to being with a man, but being limited to seeing him on a screen or hearing his voice. It’s a stage to perform. It makes us feel wanted. It makes any Sugar Daddy feel special.

Mr. Spoiler

A smile is as strong as any other aphrodisiac. And Mr. Spoiler wants nothing else but to see his Babies smile. Lavish parties, trips, and spending escapades—almost to a vulgar level. But what girl doesn’t love to be spoiled rotten.

Check your Boston Sugar Daddy Roster every few months to make sure that you have all your basics.